Considering the vast majority of smartphones look a lot alike, manufacturers are digging deep for that key differentiating feature that makes consumers want their devices. Some of these features, however, are noticeably more viable than others.

Nokia, for example, is making leaps and bounds in the mobile image sensing department with PureView. The Nokia 808 PureView featured a 41-megapixel camera which boasted optical zoom and effective 38-megapixel shots. Then with the Nokia Lumia 920, the Finnish firm introduced a smartphone with optical image stabilization (OIS) and unparalleled low-light performance in the smartphone sector.

Motorola has sought to differentiate itself by utilizing batteries of extra large capacities. Where most competitors choose cells smaller than 2,000mAh to power their flagships, the last four smartphones Motorola announced all carry 2,000mAh batteries or larger. The DROID RAZR M and RAZR i feature 2,000mAh batteries – not to mention what Intel's Atom processor does for battery life. The DROID RAZR HD touts a 2,530mAh battery. And the DROID RAZR MAXX HD has a 3,300mAh cell.

Both HTC and Samsung, however, are differentiating themselves through various means, such as design, software and size. Last year, Samsung decided to introduce a smartphone with a 5.3-inch display, the Galaxy Note, to surprising success. Nearly one year later, HTC, LG and a few others (I'm sure) are readying their phablet guns. We caught wind of more details on the HTC phablet over the weekend. Allegedly, the giant HTC-made device will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipset, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage and, most importantly, a 5-inch 1080p display.

Last week, Oppo, the Chinese company responsible for the world's thinnest smartphone at 6.65mm thick (no, Apple doesn't actually hold that title … gasp!), revealed it would also create the world's first 1080p smartphone. CNET's Steven Musil reports that Oppo Mobile CEO Chen Mingyong told CNMO.com that the Oppo Find 5 will feature a 5-inch 1080p display.

For those keeping count, that calculates to 441 pixels per inch, a far cry from the 326ppi rating of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 or the 331ppi rating on the Nokia Lumia 920.

The real question is: why? Because they can? I assume both HTC and Oppo would be using the 5-inch 1080p display announced by LG in May. Back then I expressed why 1080p displays in smartphones – even at 5-inches – is absurd. And today, the exact same points stand.

First and foremost, the pixel density is far beyond what the human eye can distinguish. There is no single magic number that makes a display "Retina" status as Apple likes to call it. That number is actually based on the average distance and angle the device (or display) will be held from the user's eyes. That said, at 441ppi, both of these 5-inch behemoths would feature displays far above and beyond anything discernible to the human eye.

Next you have to worry about memory – or storage space. Most phones these days come with either 16GB or 32GB of built-in storage. For most users, those numbers work just fine in today's phones. However, with a display at 1080p resolution, graphics for games and applications will have to be updated. As we saw with the new iPad from Apple, which featured a whopping 2,048 by 1,536 pixel resolution (that's one million more pixels than your giant 1080p HD TV at home), file sizes for applications and games updated to support the new iPad resolution saw an increase of up to five times. Jumping to 1080p won't be that severe, but there will most definitely be an increase in file sizes … for just about everything.

If these manufacturers can nab Samsung's new LPDDR3 memory and 128GB flash storage chips, 1080p might be okay. At least users would be able to install more than one or two games and a handful of apps before getting a low memory warning. Still, that doesn't account for the most important problem of all: battery.

With the new iPad, Apple very nearly doubled the battery from the second-generation iPad. The iPad 2 featured a 6,944mAh (25W) battery, whereas the new iPad touts a 11,666mAh (42W) battery. Unlike tablets, though, battery life has always been fairly poor with pocket-sized smartphones. Bumping the display to 1080p would warrant a nice bump in battery, too. But even with, say, the 3,300mAh battery from the DROID RAZR MAXX, users still might struggle to make it an entire day.

Don't get me wrong, 1080p displays sound very cool. Drool-worthy, even. I'm a pixel junkie just like the rest of you, and I hate nothing more than fuzzy letters and pixelation. But 1080p in a pocket-sized device is over the top, above and beyond what anyone needs. For now, a 720p 5-inch display at 294ppi should suffice, at least while manufacturers try to improve other smartphone sore points like: battery life, camera technology, storage space, RAM, lag, software updates, etc.

I don't know about you, but I prefer not carrying around an external HDD and car battery to keep my phone ticking. What say you, folks? Is a 5-inch phone with 1080p on your wish list? Or would you prefer one with a 720p display for now while other technologies catch-up? Is a 1080p display in a smartphone too much?

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"How's the battery life on your phone?"

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Jose Rodrigues not bad some android good some bad battery but is ok
Anonymous im on us cellular my lg optimus u has 2 batterys (1) 1350 (1) 1500 and they both suck
Anonymous poor so technically it sucks beacuse i have had to replace my battery in my phone 5 times! (i have a kg optimus u
Dennis Heggenstaller 365 days on solar power
Jannis Anderson 1 1/2 days on unlocked nexus
Shawn Poling A full day on my iPhone 4s
Teron Facey The DHD Battery is garbage I might just go and get the Razr MAXX or S3 since they have a longer battery life per charge
Eugene Yap My xperia sola cant last 3 days, only 2 days at heavy usage (playing online games and hd games)
Eugene Yap It would be very legendary if htc one X and razr maxx battery life, its becuz of tegra 3's ULP(ultra. Low power)
George Isenhart On my Epic 4G Touch I've been able to get through a day and half way into the next day effortlessly with moderate use, My ZTE Optik with moderate use will get me 7 hours consistently but on standby will be close to full 10 hours later however for the most part I keep both devices plugged in whenever possible.
Ricardo Contreras Jr. It's pretty good but som
Ian Baylon My Evo 3D stock rom with a 1730 mAh battery $W@qqEd out your moms 1500 mAh battery like a boss.
Sambath Say The life on my battery is good/fair, gets me through my day at work (9 hours of music) -HTC ONE X-
JD Thayn Heavy usage: half a day or less. Medium/moderate usage: > half a day to a day. Mild/little usage: All day Little to no usage: a day to a day & a half.
Angel Hernandez 3-15hrs on my s3 for at&t,lte is a major battery drain but its worth it. :)
Nikolas Manuelides 14 to 22hs on my HTC One X, with 8hs non stop of music playing, some Facebook, sms and little web navigation
Devin Martinez I've hit 16hrs stnby with 5hrs of use on my 4s. I work 12hrs so I'm very happy with it. Hope the iPhone 5 battery life is the same or better
Willie Lucero Barley 3 hours with normal use on htc evo 3d..ALL ANDROID phones need to come with a 3300 mah battery, even low end phones with small displays and small processors battery suck
Ravin Schmidt I have a galaxy s3. Not too bad. And last as long as I need it to so can't complain.
Robby Olko All high end phones need RAZR Maxx battery life
Erik Lee Morales My razr lasts all day with normal usage.
Eduardo Ordaz My HTC Vivid lasts me all day. From when I leave to school at 9am and come back from school its at 79% but my phones battery life is good.
Jared Dore One s get almost 2 days pretty damn good
Jose Hernandez Easy 2 days with RAZR Maxx...
Murhaf Abd Al Kader Pretty good actually, I can do 12-14 hours with normal use and over 20 hours with the power saver on.
Luis Robles Figueroa HTC One S - it's garbage 200%. Enough said you get the point. Other then that it is good phone.
Giemuel Uy mine lasts 365 days, when it's on Chuck Norris Mode...
Derek Owens Excellent-gallaxy s3-8hrs heavy usage. 20-24hrs moderate usage. This is with power save mode off. I'm happy
Tim Miyashiro Decent enough to last a day. As long as if doesn't die in the middle of the day I'm good. Just plug it in when you sleep, not that hard
Thomas Shaw I have 3 for my Galaxy Vibrant. It wouldn't be so bad if Cyanogen Mod didn't show 0% to 100% withing 5 minutes of charging. I can't trust it. haha
Chris Northcutt Love the battery on the GS3 compared to other android devices I have had in the past.
Itzel Jeronimo RAZR Maxx!!! <3 love my baby. Charging it once a day or once every day and a half is lovely. :) lol.
Robaire Henderson About two and a half times on my Gs3 than it was on n my rezound
Richie Soares Nothing beats the Razr maxx
Jinsang Dragneel Wel my xperia ion goez on pretty well with out chargin a day
Paul Kirincic Barely enough to last from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. I'd much rather have a Razr Maxx sized device that can last a full day of heavy use than a 7.8 mm iphone that needs to be charged multiple times and with a charging cord that doesn't work with anything but (new) crApple products.
Anonymous pretty good on my XPERIA arc (android 4.0.4 :P )
Jason Vargas @ Josh that happens to me ALL THE TIME Its ANNOYING
Jason Vargas we need a campaign going. We need to let the companies know we want better battery life. Not stupid things like Beats Audio ( not saying Beats Audio Sucks)
Josh Velasoraptor Velas I wanted view the article on my phone, but I couldn't because of dumb ads on your site that I couldn't click off of. Good job.
Tony Abiama Terrible on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus... So bad it hardly makes sense sometimes
Debra Spruell-Christian 12-16 hours Gs3 heavy text calls and facebook
Justin Fitzgerald 1080p should be just in Tablets. Why do you need it on a 4-5 " screen. Does not make any sense
Tibor Henczl It sucs on my galaxy note!
Leroy Langston They've gotta use the kernels developers use for great battery life. Its the only way
Joanna Enrique Ramos On my galaxy3 the battery ain't too bad but could be better
Ridvan Ongun My phone can't last 1 day :(
Mohammad Mustafa Galaxy note lasts a day with normal usage
Johnathan Si Htc rezound with extended battery, 4000mAh, feels like i haven't charged it for days :D
Chris Hagood With normal usage and a few customizations, I get about a day out of my HTC Rezound.
Travis Robinson I own the gs3 how do u think my battery life is.
Mi Dios Mi Vida mY nOkIa 808 BaTtErY LasT 28hours uNdeR HeaVy uSaGe.... WhiLe mY nokIa E73 lasT 32hOUrs uNdeR hEaVy UsaGe aS weLl.... NOkIa RoCkS ** coNnEctInG pEoPlE <3
Gordon Christie mines ok i switch off data when im not using it lasts 2 days on my galaxy ace 2
Vicente Reyes Razr m 20hrs usage, razr HD 24hrs usage, razr maxx HD 32hrs usage. And the newest one that hasn't been outed completely yet is the razr I witch comes with a 2000 mah battery and the 2.0ghz Intel processor.
Robert McGraw Sr. I love my samsung galaxy S3, but the battery drains fast.
Rick Sievers Nothing better than the razr maxx. The battery on it can go 3 days sometimes. Before the maxx, I couldn't leave home with less than 50% battery. Now I am safe with as low as 25%.
Ivan Woods How is the battery life on my phone .. well let say I can wait til my upgrade next month so I can finally get rid of my HTC thunderbolt for a Drioid razr maxx
Scott Werling Blackberry Torch and it isn't very good.
Donald Cerda Storage space is overrated now with cloud storage.... but I do completely agree with the battery life.. a whole day is nice but more is always welcomed (VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus)
Juwon Donte The battery life on the s3 could be better
Rock Roche Galaxy Nexus gets about 4hrs, since I listen to music and IM on it. If just for calls 8hrs at best.
Tautvydas Lagunavicius 2 days long. not far
Guillermo Vega How about both?
Bo Stokes Love my Droid Razrr Maxxx
Anthony Evans Jr skyrocket usually one battery will last me from 6am to about midnight. if i use it all day I get about 8 hours give or take but on average I still have 30% when I go to bed.
Johnny Wheeler Razr MAXX here ;D
Luis Jp Perez On my GS3? More than a day. :)
Jonas Daugis Can't wait for the Oppo FInd 5, hope some other brands make displays like that. If even possible, maybe 4.7"?

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