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When Apple introduced the iPhone 5 a week ago, it said that iOS 6 would be released to the public on September 19, a couple of days ahead of the retail debut of its new handset. My page-a-day calendar has confirmed that today is indeed September 19, and as expected, Apple has indeed made iOS 6 available for download. The update is can be installed on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad and the fourth-generation iPod touch by plugging into iTunes and hitting "Check for Update" or by heading into Settings > General > Software Update on your iDevice of choice.

iOS 6 brings with it several new features for iOS fans to check out. One of the biggest changes involves Maps, which is now Apple's own app rather than the Google-based version found in previous versions of iOS. Also included is Apple's Passbook app for storing things like loyalty cards and boarding passes, Facebook integration, Siri improvements and the ability to make FaceTime calls over a cellular connection. Not all of the features found in iOS 6 will be available to all devices. For example, flyover and turn-by-turn navigation in the Maps app can only be used on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, new iPad and fifth-generation iPod touch. Even without every new whizbang feature, though, iOS 6 is likely worth installing, if only for the sake of app compatibility. If you've got one of the iOS 6-capable devices, be sure to give us a shout once you get the update installed!

Via MacRumors

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John Anthony
John Anthony yes! but it sucks
Bolly JOe
Bolly JOe Apple maps sucks
Sloan Gary
Sloan Gary iOS 6 Unlock 3G/3GS/4/4S AT&T iPhone 24-48 hour service $99.99
Ed Seitzinger
Ed Seitzinger @Juan Carlos thank you for providing further proof that android is the better os and a better class of people.
Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens check to see if you lose google maps. if you do.. and you use it for navigation you get royally screwed!
Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens DONT DO IT!!!!\
Warwick Defoe
Warwick Defoe And not to mention it lags just flicking thought the App Store I found it stutters
Warwick Defoe
Warwick Defoe Not like the new feature on my iPad 2 No YouTube app App Store looks funny No Siri (disappointing) A clock app that I won't use and can't get ride of And probably much more
Abraham Quintana
Abraham Quintana If you don't have nothing nice to said don't said it
Stephanie J Bartley
Stephanie J Bartley I can't get mine to download for some reason
Adam Cuong Tran
Adam Cuong Tran LOL its funny that people still throwing the "IOS have more apps" flag lol you tell me what apps that IOS have that android does not.
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez @michael & the fact that the iPhone 5 already bent the s3 over in a bench test, by a lot, the quadcore version to be exact
Nathan Klade
Nathan Klade I'm updating my Ipod
Anthony So
Anthony So Updating right now
Richie Barrett Jr
Richie Barrett Jr pain in the butt use wifi keep bouncing time count down up and down
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés iOS is garbage.
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels Jellybean!!
Ian Baylon
Ian Baylon iOS sucks Jelly Bean's big Ice Cream Sandwich update.
Michael Franzone
Michael Franzone Lol, the fact that? iPhone owners are excited about a 4 inch screen just amuses the hell out of me. love android and Samsung gs3 :)
Delance Fortson
Delance Fortson Will iPhone 4 get Siri.....we want Siri...
Alex Barnhart
Alex Barnhart I haven't got the update yet :( it says my iPhone 4 is up to date at 5.1.1 :(
Phillip McGriff
Phillip McGriff IOS6 goes HARD!!! I'm enjoying the little tweaks here & there...
Walter Perez
Walter Perez Scott download the free YouTube app its better than native iOS YouTube one
Scott Hulbert
Scott Hulbert no youtube is a deal breaker for me
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz has
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz Once again. who had more apps and gets them first. Ios mother fuckers!
Jonathan Onuluk
Jonathan Onuluk Ifags have of course
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Tried to update my iPod touch (which is compatible with the iOS 6 update) and it bricked my iPod! Got some bullshit error code 1603. So now I'm in the process of restoring my iPod. Bullshit Apple... continuing it's slide down the crapper. I've NEVER had an Android update brick my device.
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell Yes I updated my iPod touch 4th generation.
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz All you Android loving Faggots are idiots. Abby developer will tell u that ios is their first priority. You only have to make 1
Ronelo Frias
Ronelo Frias Yup! Can't get the passbook figured out though
Vlad Valentine McBride
Vlad Valentine McBride It's great I love it, not tempted to buy Iphone5 now
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Android 4.1 Jelly bean<3
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Sorry, i'm not a part of this sect.
Adam Cuong Tran
Adam Cuong Tran Let me guess...does it look exactly like iOS 5?
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Huh android trolls are posting. That's unusual
Enrique Berrios
Enrique Berrios More of the same
Marcus Börjesson
Marcus Börjesson Build (10A403) that is
Marcus Börjesson
Marcus Börjesson Since last Tuesday
Marlo Maddox Boone
Marlo Maddox Boone No. I don't have an iPhone.
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos That's true Daniel ios always got the same old feature not like android it has more features and widgets bigger screen too
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I have android and apple ipod touch but don't know if I should trade my galaxy3 for the iphone 5
Daniel Ayala
Daniel Ayala IOS is for old people! its solid but borig and dated! android is now gettjng better and better every year the iphone is the same ol boring OS
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I went to settings then to software update it doesn't wanna update it keeps saying unable to check for update that an error occurred while checking for a software update
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I'm trying to update my ipod but it says unable to check for uodate
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio I'll wait for a jailbreak to update to iOS 6
Steven M. Lynch
Steven M. Lynch Downloading it now!!!
Sasuke Wang
Sasuke Wang Hehe got it last week :P
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Almost done updating. :) yay
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I have galaxy3 and ipod touch 4 but I did had the iphone 4s before it was ok but like android more
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I think android has more features than ios
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Oh and all because iOS may be a little bit boring doesn't mean it's crap.
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed My iPod says preparing update. Almost there:) and passbook sounds kinda dumb. >.<
Daniel Ayala
Daniel Ayala people still use iphones? Wow lol why would you use such a boring OS! nexus running jelly bean is way better :D
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes Yes love it except for passbook isn't doing anything?
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Almost 1/2 way downloaded. :) yay. But wish it wouldn't take so long
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Oh thanks @jeff Griffith. That was helpful info.
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Love my galaxy3 too it got more features than iphone tho
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith @ Athier Mohammed, GM is "Golden master" it is only available to developers, this update however is the successor to GM, the final build, released to the public.
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed K
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Nope haven't had an iPhone in years stop caring after the 3gs...happy with my s3 getting the note 2
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Victoria, it's going to take wag more than 7 mins unless the blue bars really far
Victoria Olson
Victoria Olson Downloading it now:) 7 minutes remaining:)
Eric King
Eric King the answer to your question is you'll get jelly bean this October
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I have the galaxy 3 when can I update it to jelly bean??
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Ikr.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama I may update my iPad 2 tonight ... very pissed that it won't include Siri tho
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed What is GM? This whole GM consent Is confusing me!
Neil Bakhru
Neil Bakhru I updated to GM a few days ago
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Maybe some astetic changes. Nothing major.
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed I don't think so
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Will the app store look different?
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Nope, My S3 told me it'll self destruct if anything IOS gets near it... I can't even keep my S3 and my iPad in the same room.
Jomar Lee Streeter
Jomar Lee Streeter I just did!
Gama Wibawa Lieputra
Gama Wibawa Lieputra updating now!!!!
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed But some icons will look different and the YouTube iPod app will be gone and no more google maps. It apple maps and google made a YouTube app that's free in the app store.
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed I don't think that it'll look that different the changes are more discreet in my opinion. I think one of the best ones is Facebook integration.
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos If u update it to ios6 will it look different?
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman The whole world is doing it today thats why its taking soo long so wait 24 hrs then try again because honestly its nothing special
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed A long time. I've been waiting about 30 minutes and it isn't half way loaded so a good while.
Francisco Zamarron Jr
Francisco Zamarron Jr last week
Nick Devine
Nick Devine How long does it take
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I really dont care for the jailbreak too much I wanna update it to ios6
Dalton Severns
Dalton Severns I am updating right now on my ipad 3 and its taking forever in a day but that is expected haha.
Gibby Garcia
Gibby Garcia it's just coming in now to my iPad....
Syafarul Azmi
Syafarul Azmi i will only update after there's a jailbrake for it...
Stephen Norton
Stephen Norton Check out all the innovative features. Like.......
Jennifer DeAlmeida
Jennifer DeAlmeida If you update you will loose your jailbreak.
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman 200 updates? They said that about ios 5 but that was bullshit
Nick Devine
Nick Devine Anyone know how long it will take?
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez agree with Eric, i have an Android phone and an iPad and iTouch, can't wait to see iOS improve
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos My ipod is jailbroken can I still update it to ios6?
Eric Sirkin
Eric Sirkin updating
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Updating my iPod. :)
Freecky FreeWag
Freecky FreeWag I don't, i don't want use apple device ! hahahaha
Athier Mohammed
Athier Mohammed Ya go to settings than software update. If its not there wait about 5 mins and try again
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I like both android and apple both nice
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Wow really??
Ken Scott
Ken Scott Yes
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos I have the ipod touch 4 can I still update it to ios6??
Eric King
Eric King people please stop with the fanboy war if you like Android that's great if you like ios that's great. Too they're both great in her own way either way there just smartphones nobody really cares what phone you have at the end of the day it's just a phone that you use to talk surf the internet and text
Alex Daniele
Alex Daniele I did it
Joe Czo
Joe Czo Updating my iPad. Soon my gs3 to jelly bean :D
Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards Updating....
Samir Barik
Samir Barik The new software is promised to have 200 new features,the fact that Siri has been updated with extra functionality at it best .
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman Until it has HALF the functionality of ICS or JB, I will be impressed. Meh!!!!
Guillermo Lene
Guillermo Lene i am about to update my iPod Touch 4G right now...
Freddy Rafael Hernandez
Freddy Rafael Hernandez updating right now
Zeke Russell Barber
Zeke Russell Barber Right Here. Right Now.
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith I guess I can update my iPad since its not jailbroken like my iPhone.
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith Can it be jailbroken yet?
Ryan Wade Breton
Ryan Wade Breton Been running the beta for months! ;)
Imran Se
Imran Se not in uk
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis Josh go to itunes , is available right now
Torrin Holland
Torrin Holland Will do once Google make a you tube app for the ipad
Didius Gerard Tampusari
Didius Gerard Tampusari Don't wanna lose my jailbreak
Ken Scott
Ken Scott On it the same build?
Chris Baham
Chris Baham I will be once I clear some stuff out. It says it requires 2.4gb of available storage!!!!
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis Haters
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis Right now baby......
Cristian Salazar
Cristian Salazar No
Anton Døssing
Anton Døssing In procces
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson ha, dont make me laugh, 4S- iOS 5.1.1 - your software is up to date. -_-
Steven Basso
Steven Basso wont ever catch up to android screw ios
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips doing it right now to one of the two iTouch 4th gen
Prasun Prakash
Prasun Prakash updatingggg... !!
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman Guess it will help ios users to get closer to catching up to android
Bambino Silva
Bambino Silva when i get home
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Updating now

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