Like last year, anyone who pre-ordered Apple's latest iPhone was probably compulsively checking their tracking number today in hopes that by some miracle (or mix-up, just the same), their iPhone 5 would arrive early. Unfortunately, it seems Apple nipped that snafu in the bud. No more early arrivals, not this year at least.

My iPhone 5, pre-ordered through Verizon, left Memphis, Tennessee at 4:18 PM this afternoon. It landed in Charlotte at 6:35. And it is set to hit my doorstep sometime before 3:00 PM tomorrow.

As with any product, the closer it gets, the greater the anticipation. That anticipation, though, is different for this particular device. I've been writing about it for the better part of two years. Now that it's almost here, I'm excited to get my hands on Apple's answer to the successes of Android. I don't expect to be blown away by the iPhone 5 – I have my own opinion on how Apple could have made it even better.

No less, there are some things I'm definitely looking forward to:


Larger display

Not everyone was excited to hear that Apple bumped the display size of the iPhone 5 to 4-inches, but I most certainly was. In the same respect, I see the 4-inch display as a bit of a cop-out from the Cupertino-based firm. Instead of increasing the width and height of the display, Apple simply stretched its height and added just enough vertical pixels to keep the Retina Display title – 326 pixels per inch.

For starters, the 16:9 aspect ratio looks goofy on the iPhone 5. The HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III share similar ratios, yet they don't look so … gaunt. It bears a strange resemblance to the shape of a television remote, more so than a smartphone. The other issue is that I have always had a difficult time typing (without error) on the iPhone 4 and 4S, mainly due to the width of the display. Without stretching the width of the display at all, that's an issue unresolved.

I'm still happy to see a larger display on the iPhone, even though I would have preferred a 4.3-inch at 720p. If nothing else, video playback will be much better this time around.



I have been using an iPhone on my Verizon line since the iPhone 4 hit Big Red last year. Once the iPhone 4S launched, I upgraded to it and never looked back. Since February of 2011, I have been missing out on one of Verizon's most notable services, 4G LTE. The iPhone 4 and 4S have been good to me. But after getting a taste of LTE with the HTC ThunderBolt, 3G speeds simply don't cut it.

LTE is a feature Apple arguably should have implemented last year in the iPhone 4S, but technology at the time would have called for a redesign resulting in a chunkier phone.

Thankfully, LTE found its way in the iPhone 5, albeit without simultaneous voice and data on CDMA models. After my iPhone 5 arrives tomorrow, I will be gladly swearing off non-4G phones for good.


Less glass

Through my 18 or so months of using iPhones, one thing I cold never quite come to grips with was Apple's choice in material. With both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, Apple sandwiched all the internal components between two chemically hardened pieces of glass. In the hand, they feel quite sturdy. And as I've explained in the past, somehow, my iPhones survived countless gut-wrenching falls – both with and without cases. Even today, I dropped my naked 4S on asphalt as I got out of my car and it only suffered a few light scuffs.

Deep down, tough, I was never comfortable with the device. I always felt it was one hard drop on a table from completely shattering. The iPhone 5 touts a metal backing, and from the early reviews, I hear it feels far more sturdy and durable than the iPhones before it. If you're one to take John Gruber's word with credence, he says it feels as if it was meant to be carried without a case, though I've seen some pictures of nasty gashes on the back of the iPhone 5 from some Twitter users.

I'll hold my personal opinion until I get mine tomorrow, and only time will tell how well it survives a run in with concrete or asphalt … or keys. Either way … so long, glass backing!


Better low-light camera performance

One of the renowned features of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were their image sensors. The iPhone 4 made its way to the most popular camera used to take pictures that were uploaded to Flickr. The iPhone 4S was the perfect follow-up to the 4 with significantly better optics and a larger sensor.

Although the iPhone 5 features a more compact image sensor, it boasts comparable quality in most shots and features the same five-element lens with f/2.4 aperture. It also features backside illumination and a hybrid IR filter.

With smartphone cameras, one of the sore points is always low-light performance. Apple claims to have improved this with the iPhone 5 using a dynamic low-light mode, which should yield up to two f-stops greater low-light performance. It's definitely something to look forward to from a guy to takes entirely too many photos. That said, the OIS in the Nokia Lumia 920's PureView camera looks like it might outgun the iPhone this time around.



When word spread that Apple was switching their age-old 30-pin dock connector to something a little more … modern, you could say there was a bit of turbulence. When Apple took the stage last week and made it official, few people were happy to learn they would need a $30 adapter to continue using their old iPhone accessories with the new model.

I, on the other hand, welcome the new plug. Who wouldn't? Sure, it will be an inconvenience for the first few months, especially having to wait for and buy new accessories. But after the initial pain, life will be much better.

Why is that? Lightning is reversible. No matter how tiny or insignificant that feature may seem, it receives a warm welcome from me. I can't tell you how frustrating it is trying to flip micro USB or the 30-pin dock connector cables over and over trying to remember which way is up in the dark. (If you use various Android devices, you should know my pain.)

Not to mention, the 30-pin connector is really starting to show its age. It really is unnecessarily large.


I definitely wouldn't say I'm dying with anticipation. The Note II and Lumia 920 pretty much have my heart right now. But I'm definitely excited to receive my iPhone 5 tomorrow morning. There's plenty to be excited for, disappointment or not. What say you, ladies and gents? What about the iPhone 5 makes you excited?

Images via AnandTech, Apple

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Matin Raj The weight and thickness of the phone is truly amazing. Hands off 2 apple
Anonymous Facetime over cellular is what i am excited about !
Aaron Hostutler iPhone 5s already has leaked photos. http://www.oaktreevintage.com/web_photos/Telephones/Motorola_Cellular-One_Cell-Phone_web.jpg
Milton Gfl Williams I'm an honest galaxy s 3, user but I love to build quality of the iPhone 5.
Edward Gonse The top feature about the iPhone 5 that I'm most excited about is the fact that the phone isn't indestructible. That way people will further realize what a huge mistake they made by signing another 2 year contract without understanding how much more fun and customizable Android is.
Jonathan Kramer the new maps.. can't wait to see how it works :)
Tyler Vieira They didn't "steal" Bigger screen. Thats fuckin ridiculous. And to think someone actually thumbed you up
Mohammed Kanan The fact that its stolen multiple features from android like lte and bigger screen
Brandon Little-spoon Levesque THE HEADPHONE JACK IS ON THE BOTTOM thats so amazing ;)
Nick Koval Ppl in line for days hahahaha that's my favorite feature hahaha
David Usrey NFC! Oh, wait...
Jerry Tan KL Yo! The next Big thing is already here.
Carl Wiest No, wait! Out dated, over priced, and what I like the most is that every case I have ever seen for this phone has a little round cut out, so all the narcissistic sheep can show all the world what brand their phone is. That is what I love about the yphone.
Carl Wiest That I have an HTC EVO 4G LTE! Love that feature!
Daniel Cuadrado Hardware!
Anthony Bailey Self-Destruct Feature
Jazer B Rn Same old, same old. O wait, I guess it's price have increased because of the 0.5inch add on its screen size.
Yeo Salolin Its a iPhone 4S with Esteroids!! Thats it!
Adrian Sergio Flores iphone its not what it used to be.... nothing new or excited anymore guess they run out of good ideas they will end up like black berry just wait and see!!!!!!
Carlos Javier Nuñez mmmm panorama pic ? naaaaa thats old and no one uses it .. gs3 and note 2
Al Tenaglia None, have the HTC One X and love it. Use to have an iPhone and although Apple was an innovator, not anymore.
Zach Cline And there android trolls are all over this. Go figure
Chris Hanley Patrick give it a week, the same amount of time some of these fools waited in line for one;)
Jason King LTE is super fast.
Aries Bautista I thought it was a remote...coz it looks like one...
Patrick Matteson How long before we here crying over the battery life with 4G?
Chris Hanley Devin we aren't butthurt, we just have a brain.
Huner Mathias Nothing everything about it sucks
Warren Saunders I like the live widgets and the NFC capabilities not to mention the huge customization features that you can literally do what you want with it.this phones gonna be awesome...........oh wait...wrong device :-p
Shahul Hameed ios map big joke
Weylin Skjöld Iphone 5 looks almost the same as 4s
Chetan Samra panorma....and low-light performance of the cam
Devin Martinez All s3 users are butthurt that's why they're here lol may the s3 R.I.P The King has returned !!! Back to the Mac
David R. Mitchell II Nothing! #GalaxySIII
Mark Bessey Its ability to separate those that can think for themselves and those that follow the crowd.
Maciej Janik Maps:) http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/20/3363592/ios-6-maps-fails#3835861
Anonymous Wow, finally iOS is up to par with eclair.
Chris Hanley Ian is mad bc he waited on line since monday with a tent and a cooler. Have fun with a 4 inch screen ;) let me know when you wanna get a real phone, samsung galaxy s3!
Kizito Nestor may be new features for iphone guys...bigger...no wait longer screen...i need to laugh...just a beautiful, longer,taller phone with rounded edges... limited innovation and functionality
Jairo Mena wheres my Samsung Galaxy S3 owners at? WOOHOO! S3 !!
Jordan Hunnedspoke Smith Nothing.. Why? Cuz i own the best phone thats out, which is the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3!!DUH!!lol
Sebastian Gomes The iPhone 5 has a new feature?! That can't be true
Lewis Hachmeister I feel as though my profile pic is good enough. Also, in Minneapolis there's a GIANT line out the door and everyone is there waiting in the pouring rain...hilarious!!
Eric J. Powers IAN, I've had apple and android, the iPhone can't do half as much as android, the only thing you can customize on your iPhone is the wall paper, not to mention my HTC lasts me all day.
Hector Alvarado Passbook seems interesting just wish it had more support
Paul Davis i'm excited because when people drop it, it will still shatter the screen.
Gordon Christie Galaxy note 2 is bigger better more powerful and more desirable
Prdwayne Taylor Nadda , and besides whatever they have that we android users want the devs will get it so anything you can do I can do better s2
Steve C Trevino I'm glad ios6 finally got free Gps I have been enjoying it on Android since 2008 lol.
Bonnie Kettrick- DiCostanzo Youtube on IOS6! Oh wait.... lol S3 baby
Joernie Berrios I-Phone's are for girls and old people...is just that simple
Rick Sievers It already has issues..
Sean Watson Ian your phone can last a day cuz your phone doesnt do anything! And 3g doesn't exactly use up much battery now does it? Just wait now thay the 5 has lte, when your battery dies at 4pm, and Ur f'ed cuz you aren't near a charger And can't change your battery cuz its nonremoveable. Iphones are like a computer version of a tic tac toe game. Ya, no problems ever, but its not exactly hard for a computer to run that game without error, because of its simplicity. Oh, this analogy is even better because like ios, tic tac toe is extremely outdated lol
Mathieu Omoregie NOTHING..... Cosmetically they make premium looking phone there on the Apple side but my HTC One S and s3 out due and outperform feature to feature the iphone 5 on any day. Smh another gimmick
Eric J. Powers I had the 4s for a week and took the piece of junk back.
Joernie Berrios @Tan Chong Ling...lol....becareful,that maps application might lead you over a cliff...hahaha
Eric J. Powers Nothing about it impresses me
Ian Slade Always get the android fools chirping up on apple related status' ... Just admit it, apple is the best! Nothing works as seamlessly as an iPhone! What is force close again? Oh and my phone can last a day unlike most android phones.
Jeffrey Tran *cough*
Zach Cline Well seeing as how my iPhone 4S does everything the iPhone 5 can since the iOS 6 update I would say nothing lol. I will say that panorama mode is a freaking joke
Zach Brito All the "new" features on the iPhone 5 are already OLD news on my EVO LTE, plus my phone has features NOW that the iPhone won't put in till 5s, 6, 6s or 7. Apple fell off.
Richard Rios Hardware wise the iPhone 5 by far is one the best looking phones out there, but what makes this phone so shity and boring is iOS 6! Hey congrats facebook intergration is finnaly here!!! Oh wait, my old LG Optimus from 2010 already had that!
Jassim Marhoon headphone input
Tan Chong Ling passbook, the new siri, and of course the new apple designed maps application. i love the flyover and the 3D maps
Nelson Nieves The part where it feels like holding a remote control... I've always wanted a longer phone!!! LOL
Jordan Williams The added length. It's so revolutionary. Nobody has ever made a phone with a screen larger than 3.5 inches with LTE. wait, you mean its been done? But master Apple said it was revolutionary :(
Jim Walker Google maps Lol
Jacob Ryan Fortner Apple is playing catch up to Android. My EVO LTE is 10X better than that phone.
Adrian Jordan I might buy the iPhone 5 or just opt for the Galaxy S III.
Javier Sanchez Ojeda None!!!! what's the big deal
Sean D. Sherrill Its going to be to big for the hands of oompa loompas....... Chocolate factory won't make it......
Kilgore Trout Could it be the ungodly price? Or maybe all the new hardware that you're going to HAVE TO buy? - For me it's the new rectangle shape with the rounded edges!!!
Chris King i rather use my htc g1
Still Dre Dane It's just a stretched screen, big woooopa
Chan Siauhen Headphone.
Ara Boss Zakarian Mmmm this is a really good one-_______-
Joel Valladares What feature??? It only has a bigger screen, nothing more. What an epic fail of apple
Joanna Enrique Ramos I got the galaxy3 in white!
Jose Angel Santiago Yawn....same ole boring phone!!!
Jaime Escobedo Iphone 5 was a joke lol s3 all day!!
Ricardo Contreras Jr. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf5-Prx19ZM&feature=youtube_gdata_player
David John Balbin none. Samsung GS3 and Galaxy Note 2 are much better phones. iPhone 5 isn't really a good investment for advanced users anymore. :-)
Abraham Coimbre Nothing at all!
Christopher Gronde I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED for the black bar that will appear across the top of the new larger screen because none of the apps are configured for that screen size! OMG IT'S SO REVOLUTIONARY!!!
Ryan Berding The ones that Android has already had for 2 years.
Jim Messerfish Did anyone say 'none?' HAHAHA, COMEDY GOLD! LOLWTFBBQQ!
Corey Backhaus Its not the map feature lol should have kept google.
Joanna Enrique Ramos Love my galaxy3!
Ted Schoenling I am most excited about watching apple fans line up for a phone that isn't better than what I already have!
Daniel Ayala nexus <3
Darren Polak I'm looking forward to apple maps... oh wait, I'm lost, where am I?!?
Rasin Muhammad Sadooq I'll be honest, the phone looks great but that's it. I'm more than satisfied with the Galaxy Nexus.
Anthony Evans Jr umm it has the biggest screen of all phones and it has LTE!! no other phone has this!! .. (eye balls my skyrocket)
Hamza Khan that it's even easier for me to chose the lumia 920 :D
Jesse Ling nothing
Maciej Janik http://youtu.be/XNBP18nrRdw

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