The iPhone 5 is a device we have been talking and writing about for the better part of two years. The fact that I can finally talk about it in the present tense is strange and a relief. It may not have brought all the changes we were hoping for, like a major redesign, holographic images or projection keyboards, but rest assured it is a solid entry from Apple.

On paper, the iPhone 5 touts a larger display, a faster processor, faster graphics, a more trim profile, an aluminum back, 4G LTE, an improved camera and better battery life over its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. It comes in either black or white, in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB variants and on Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. It also carries the typical pricing starting at $199 with a two year agreement, ranging to $399 on contract.

Is this iPhone worth trading in your old iPhone or even your larger Android handset? Mine arrived via FedEx around 10:30 AM and I have been playing with it steadily ever since. Here are some notable discoveries I've made thus far:

  • The iPhone 5 bears resemblance to the iPhone 4 and 4S, but with noteworthy refinements in quality. Apple scrapped the glass back panel for a two-tone panel made of aluminum and glass. It is 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S, and it is approximately .38-inches longer than the 4S. The 3.5mm headphone jack has been moved from the top to the bottom edge, the 30-pin dock connector was replaced with the much smaller Lightning port and the speaker and microphone grills have been improved upon. The overall impression that I get from the new design is positive, although the form factor is taking time to get used to. It's lighter and the length makes it appear to be smaller in width than the 4S.
  • I will say I love the changes Apple made to the ports on the iPhone 5. I have always been a fan of the headphone jack being on the bottom of a smartphone, it keeps the cord out of the way when using the device. And I already love the Lightning port and its reversibility. I will, however, need to pick up a few extra Lightning cables so I can charge the phone in my car or at my desk.

  • While the design itself is growing on me, there is one tidbit I can't ignore. Upon taking the plastic off the iPhone 5, I immediately noticed what I thought was dust on the back and antenna. I wiped at them a few  times before I realized they were actually dings in the paint. Upon closer inspection, there are little nicks all the way around the antenna that are barely discernible. (Click the image above for a high-res look.) But make no mistake, they are there, and they were definitely not put there by me. It was shipped like this from the factory. I will be contacting Verizon when I get the chance …
  • The iPhone 5 hosts the much-anticipated larger display, although it wasn't the larger display many were hoping for. It is 4-inches diagonally, but it has only been stretched vertically. It is exactly the same width as the iPhone 4S display with 176 additional vertical pixels, making the resolution 1136 by 640 pixels. Luckily, the stretching of the display did not result in a loss of clarity. It still has a Retina Display and the same pixels per inch. However, the colors appear to be more vibrant and it is slightly brighter with a warmer undertone. Some have said it's the best smartphone display on the market, but I will hold my final opinion until I have more extensive time with it and can compare it with the stiff competition, such as the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III.
  • iPhone 5 also comes with the latest mobile software from Apple, iOS 6. Due to the taller display, though, the iPhone 5 carries an extra row of icons on the home screen. The new update features Apple's controversial Maps (which replaces inbuilt Google Maps), Siri enhancements, native Panorama mode in the Camera app, Passbook and many less notable improvements. I've been using iOS 6 since the developer beta dropped in July. It's a nice improvement from Apple, but iOS is seriously beginning to show its age.

  • I haven't had enough time to give a serious analysis on the iPhone 5 battery. Apple claims they have improved the stamina, despite making the device thinner and adding LTE, a known battery muncher. From what I can tell, battery life seems at least on par with the iPhone 4S, but I spent a lot of my time playing with the device while it was charging. During that time, I did notice something peculiar. It may just be a trick of the brain or one of the quirky things lithium-ion cells do for the first couple charges, but the iPhone 5 seems to charge very rapidly. It took less than 30 minutes to charge from 49 percent to full.
  • One of the most anticipated features of the iPhone 5 is the addition of 4G LTE. The iPhone 5 I purchased is from Verizon, and in the Charlotte Metro area, their LTE has been fairly strong in my testing, with downlink speeds ranging from 12Mbps to 20Mbps. Uploads tend to hover around to 10Mbps mark. The first test I ran from my apartment yielded 10.22Mbps down and 0.85Mbps up. The iPhone fared better in a test from the local coffee shop: 11.04Mbps down and 18.01Mbps up. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this over the next few days.
  • Lastly, and most definitely not least, the camera. The camera in the iPhone 5 is actually 25 percent smaller that the previous camera, which you would expect a respective decrease in quality. Maintaining the same five-element lens with f/2.4 aperture and keeping an 8-megapixel sensor, the iPhone 5 camera has actually been improved. From the shots I took this afternoon, I have to agree. (Here's a high-res sample of my dog.) The biggest improvement with the camera is its low-light performance. That said, I do find it odd that Apple kept photos in the same 4:3 aspect ratio as before.

Keep an eye out for the full review next week!

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Matin Raj
Matin Raj Nothing cause apple likes to put new ideas but at the end of the day it is actually lame and outdated. Few years back we were stuck with tat 3.5 screen but finally after hundreds of phone came in giant sizes apple updated it to +0.5 = 4.0 in iphone 5. I think we are gonna suffer again with the dual core processor. We can do nothing but watch the world going faster with quad core
Jesse Cuevas
Jesse Cuevas Lameness
Anonymous Still terrible in comparison to most flagship Android phones!
Jakarri Jacobs
Jakarri Jacobs Nothing spectacular but not terrible.
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz They should have kept Google maps
James Matthews
James Matthews The Lumia 920 is far better.
Jason Westrupp
Jason Westrupp Love what apple did (or more to the point didn't) do with the iPhone 5 - it's given Nokia and Windows Phone their biggest opening in the market yet :) now people will actually start looking at Android vs Windows Phone because apple has shown a complete lack of ability to truelly innovate between sequential releases of phones compared to Android and Windows Phones where the makers try and cram as many new features as possible into each successive release
Steve Jay
Steve Jay Had a chance to check one out today and compare with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I think despite being kind of underwhelmed with the specs and hardware, as well as listening to everyone's comments about how the S3 still has a leg up on the iPhone, I now believe it is a very worthy competitor. It really depends on what a person is looking for in a phone and the OS. I'll be eligible for an upgrade in just over a month so my choice is between these two phones.
Sparkel Travis Hendricks
Sparkel Travis Hendricks Don't waste your money when something better is right around the corner you will go broke trying to get the latest and greatest. Don't be fooled like I was. It's just a stretched 4s
Joanna Enrique Ramos
Joanna Enrique Ramos Same to me as thr iphone4s only difference is the screen is alil bigger but galaxy3 is much bigger and my galaxy3!!
Tan Chong Ling
Tan Chong Ling I love it. It is the fastest smarphone in the market now! The iphone 5 is also durable and the screen doesnt crack easily. I saw this video about the drop test of the iphone 5 against the s3 being dropped 5 foot and guess what? The s3 suffered damages on the screen and the iphone 5 didnt have any scratch at all. .
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson I have the phone...the only apple product I own...and yes I like it...but every phone has its pros and cons..and everyone will like what they's like everything's impossible to have the best of anything now with technology changing as fast as it does
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Galaxy s3 all the way #1 top dog
Sheren Rajeh
Sheren Rajeh I like my ip5 but husbamd hates it. No back button, screen too small, maps are weak and lacking.......
Eric J. Powers
Eric J. Powers already had 1 iphone, wont have another.
Aries Bautista
Aries Bautista You can suck iphone coz its longer ...
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj Iphone is a pure waste..
Tyler Vieira
Tyler Vieira Wow talk about overreacting, Jesus calm down you fucks
Lenny Macaruso Jr.
Lenny Macaruso Jr. Ur an idiot;
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes gay ass android hatters can suck on it! Ihone 5 was just posted as the fastest phone in the land!
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes Amazing. Best phone I've ever owned.
Jae Streets
Jae Streets Llz so I STILL can say my galaxy nexus is better ....won't be switching until the next nexus comes out
Lawrence Williams
Lawrence Williams Apple and Apple fans make it a feeling of "prestige" or "royalty" to own and use outdated equipment......most SHEPPLE are blinded by a marketing ploy that is rivaled by the likes of AOL and MySpace......SMH
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella horrible phone. ugly. lumia 920 is better
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders Not worth the paper the user guide is printed on
Jeffrey Brito
Jeffrey Brito The I phone 5 is wack
Adam Halfpenny
Adam Halfpenny I bought it and personally love it. Previous android fan an Ditched my laggy shitty android phone for it, and no regrets so far. Sure it's not a revolutionary upgrade, but what do people expect them to do?
Steven Pereira
Steven Pereira I am an android fan. Nothing apple has offered me is anything special. I adore the speed, coolness and endless adaptability of my Galaxy Note. I respect apple but they bore me.
C Bryan Thomas
C Bryan Thomas I honestly love both Android and Apple Os. The Iphone 5 is certainly nothing revolutionary. Because it has a bigger screen and Lte doesn't make it better as stated by some readers. Remember a 4 inch screen is small by today'smart phone standards and Lte has been around on the Android Os for how long?
Matthew Hess
Matthew Hess I am still using my iPhone 3G on T-Mobile but very soon I will be getting a new phone. I can say I am kinda amazed that after inventing the mold for a smart phone Apple has lagged behind year after year. My guess is there is all the android phones and then there is the iPhone. It seems to be working from a money point of very for apple but I care more about me and what works for me and my needs. I will be taking a very close look at the GS3 and GNote2 here in the coming months because I am on the T-Mobile network and I do not want to change and I am not dropping $650 on a iPhone5.
Jose Rodrigues
Jose Rodrigues nothing new! next year apple launch iphone 5s with 1.5 dual core 2 ghz ram and everybody happy lol
Nicholas Etrick
Nicholas Etrick I'm fine with my 4s for another year.. I mean, this looks cool and all, but not anything REVOLUTIONARY... Such as the shift from the 3GS - 4.
Shawn Poling
Shawn Poling I canceled my iPhone 5 preorder and ordered a Samsung galaxy s3 on AT&T.
Jake Su
Jake Su The new iPhone and iPod is mostly the same xcept for calling and camera and A5 chip
Junior Otanez
Junior Otanez It should be called the iPhone 4S XL.
Sameer Biala
Sameer Biala Ads aside, this is the first time ever that I have seen my iphone crazy friends criticize the tactics deployed by Apple. Connector, sim etc. Had a few tell me that it genuinely didn't look so cool either (as compared the pre-launch pics) . For me, my note rocks!!!!
Nick Truskowski
Nick Truskowski Three iPhone is literally, mentally retarded
Ryan McNeil
Ryan McNeil Digging it.
Garry Magat
Garry Magat
Eric King
Eric King I just got it yesterday and I'm lovin it Sorry to android fans out there But it's personal preference
Susan Hugus
Susan Hugus Just read the paint is already coming off of the back of the new iPhone. My Galaxy Nexus may may have a lot of plastic, but I have never had the paint come off. Is this a hazard for the children in your house?
Ryan Meyer
Ryan Meyer I like the looks of my black 4S better!
Andres Escobar
Andres Escobar Galaxy 3 better phone by far
Travis Oleson
Travis Oleson Iphone # is so sucked & so bored!! :-p
Tyler Baile
Tyler Baile I thinks it's awesome if I could afford one!
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Bigger screen and 4g. Wow how revolutionary!!! Lmao
Tommy Christiansen
Tommy Christiansen Crap like all other apple phones!!!
Maciej Janik
Maciej Janik Hmmm... Crap as always.
George Cruz
George Cruz Galaxy s3 is the "BESTEST" phone ever, but no one cares. Lol
Marlo Maddox Boone
Marlo Maddox Boone I think its funny much people talk about android phones lagging and freezes. My Galaxy Nexus hasn't done either on Ice Cream sandwich. It gets better with Jellybean and project butter. Apple is behind the curve and I don't think they can wow me again like they did with the introduction of the iPhone 4.
Jim Mccoy
Jim Mccoy All of you haters on both sides make me giggle. Seriously its just a phone.
Anas Al-Hosni
Anas Al-Hosni It's nice. But nothing's special about it.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez I want one already have an android GS2 on sprint to be exact
Dimitri Gharam
Dimitri Gharam I think iPhone 5 has a better chance than the GS3 in terms of power and stamina. It's different from people who is using the 5 and GS3. But the upcoming updates will make the iPhone 5 much better and more capable than the GS3
Ashwin Kannoth
Ashwin Kannoth failure.
Nick Catelli
Nick Catelli And honestly, comparing specs doesn't make a difference if the OS's aren't the same. It's not like the iPhone runs Jelly Bean and the SGSIII runs iOS 6. Saying that the iPhone "only has 1GB of RAM and the SGSIII has 2GB so it's faster" is a joke. If the iPhone ran Android, it'd be slower, but it doesn't. It's like saying "well, that Shelby GT500 has 650 horsepower and that Nissan GTR only has 545, so it's definitely slower" and then being angry and confused when the GTR stomps the GT500 around a track. I don't understand why people just look at numbers and make calls like that... it's as if all these techy fanboys want to make a call but then forget the most basic of things like architectures and chip design. You're comparing apples to oranges. Unless you wanna boot an iPhone 5 with Android and then talk about benchmarks, you're points about clock speeds, RAM numbers, GPU architectures, etc., are moot and, honestly, just look and sound foolish... just saying.
Jacky On
Jacky On Good phone for most people, but nothing special about it.
Diego Akd Aranda
Diego Akd Aranda U right George thats why Samsung sale more than Iphone, Apple trying to stop Samsung on the Court law , but Samsung cant be wont be Stop!!!!
Naser Al-jummah
Naser Al-jummah Chris Grillo you are stupid
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun @nick lol @ your bitching
Steve LeBoeuf
Steve LeBoeuf So u android groupies I guess 10 million people must be wrong wanting the iPhone 5 just this month alone. Why do u always bash the iPhone? If u don't like it stick to your inferior android.
John Elisha Jensen Hirro
John Elisha Jensen Hirro @joe: well that's the marketing of apple. XD
George Cruz
George Cruz Why do I see a lot of angry android lovers trying talking sht about Apple to convince others that android is better?? Whoever is better will sell more!!!
Diego Akd Aranda
Diego Akd Aranda Iphone is a joke!!! Check this video!!!
Mendez Roy
Mendez Roy another tv remote//////////
Keith UnCool Nicholson
Keith UnCool Nicholson evo4glte
Jeremy Strain
Jeremy Strain
John Elisha Jensen Hirro
John Elisha Jensen Hirro android vs. android iphone vs. windows. :D real competition now is only between android phone manufacturers. iphone is in a different bracket now. :D
Monica Wei Horan
Monica Wei Horan Not much of a difference at all.. love my s3
Joe Yarger
Joe Yarger Seen it lseen it, played with it used it, hated it. Its the same ole IPhone, just bigger. Oh yeah, except for one thing. All the accessories that people spent their hard earned money on, Alarm Clock, Speaker box, Stereo with dock, home dock, car dock, CARS WITH THE IPHONE DOCK BUILT IN, Are useless. They changed from the regular plug that everything uses, to a lightning plug, and now the phone fits in NOTHING!!! Good going Apple, what are pwople supposed to do with all this crap now???
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal Great phone
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes It's just a longer 4s. I've messed with the 5 for a good hour. There's nothing great about it. My Android phone I got back in June '11 allows me to do more than the iPhone ever will, especially since I'm on Verizon.
Muhammad Shakeel
Muhammad Shakeel Sony ion best. IPhone is useless android always best
Nick Catelli
Nick Catelli Lol at the bickering between the SGSIII crowd and the iPhone 5 crowd. Who the hell are you trying to persuade? Anyone intent to but the iPhone 5 wouldn't even consider an SGSIII and vice versa. It's like me trying to convince a potential Mustang GT buyer that he could have a heavily tuned Honda Civic that has the same performance numbers... there's no way in hell he'd be swayed. It's a totally different option. That's why Samsung's anti iPhone ads are so stupid. They're attacking iPhone owners and potential buyers to get them to go to the SGSIII when in reality, their biggest competition for consumers is other android handsets. Nobody intent on buying an iPhone 5 is going to consider any android phone, let alone an SGSIII, and vice versa. It's like the Windows vs. Mac debate. The lines were drawn by the buyer, no need to bicker like children, but I see you've all done that here... so I guess the ads have been working on you people pretty well...
Jason King
Jason King By the way ... It still amazes me the anger that Apple products produce. There is nothing wrong liking what you like but why does another person loving a product bring hate. Some of you guys on here need to relax.
Harkirat Singh Gill
Harkirat Singh Gill Really love the iPhone 5. I got the black one yesterday. Cool phone. They should tweak the iOS now, as although its very effective, it's getting a bit stale now.
Joseph Crossman
Joseph Crossman Anyway you look at it, the Iphone 5 is still lagging tremendously in technology. The Samsung Galaxy SIII blows this phone away in performance and features. What is all of the hype about? You get a little bit bigger screen and 4g capabilities? That's it! The screen is not even hi-definition like most of the android phones. Really? This phone is nothing but an overhyped joke. Not impressed at all. I would be willing to go with an iphone, however, it needs to be on par with features of android phones. The android operating system is very fragmented, and whenever an update comes out, not all phones get the update. This is where apple excels... everyone gets the update regarding IOS. Now, if android can figure this out. Otherwise, the iphone 5 is overrated and overpriced. Maybe by the iphone 18, it will be on par with android phones? Maybe not? Android phones are constantly evolving with technology and features....
George Cruz
George Cruz I like android but I prefer apple. It doesn't freeze that much and it is just simple to use. Apple covers all my needs period
Luke Buchanan
Luke Buchanan RAZR Maxx!!!!!
Rusty Schwab
Rusty Schwab I dont own one because I couldnt figure one out to be honest I dont even know what an I phone is what is it,,,I even hear people talk about GPC ok whats that a new rock group are they like the rock group AC/DC I dont listen to either,,,so what is a Iphone the same as a cell phone,,when I was growing up in the 70s a phone was a phone you picked it up and dialed the number NOW there are so many things on a phone which button do you push to watch the tv ,,I sospose the phones today are good if you want to watch tv and you dont want to miss a show,,,but personally I would rather watch tv on my tv from my lounge chair,,and not watch tv from my phone,,and whats all this texting stuff ,,,WOULDNT IT BE EASIER TO JUST CALL THE PERSON AND TALK TO THEM INSTEAD OF SPELLING EACH WORD OUT,,AND TRYIN TO TALK THAT WAY,,,I THINK IT WOULD BE EASIER JUST TO CALL THEM,,INSTEAD OF SPELLING EACH WORD OUT TRYIN TO TALK THAT WAY,,ITS LIKE TRYIN TO USE A MINUTER TYPE WRITTER THAT HAS NO PAPER,,AND THESE THINGS AND PHONES NOW ARE SO SMALL YOU NEED A MICROSCOPE TO SEE THE DAM THING,,,WHAT WILL BE NEXT A PHONE YOU WEAR AROUND YOUR NECK OR A PHONE FOR YOUR DOG,,A DOG CALAR THATS A PHONE WHEN IT RINGS THE DOG BARKS THEN THE PHONE IS AUTOMATICALLY IS PICKED UP AND THE DOG NOW HAS ELETRONIC SPEACH USING THE DOG CALARD PHONE,,PERSONALLY I WOULD LIKE TO OWN A ORINGAL CANDLESTICK PHONE,,MADE MORE SENSE YOU HAD THE EAR PIECE AND THE TALKING PIECE,ANY ONE HAVE.. ONE OF THOSE THEY DONT WANT AND CAN SEND ME,,A CANDLESTICK PHONE WITH A ROTARY DIAL,,SEND ME ONE,,
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial It's not made of the plastic you get in toy packaging means its tops in my book. It was also released with the current version of iOS, something android has no concept of.
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins @Raymond why would I need to touch an iphone 5 when I touched an iphone 4s. The new features seem cool but some of them seem unnecessary to everyday people. The key thing here is that iphone doesn't change enough year to year for us to feel as if it's any different from the last model. But if you look at the galaxy s3 there are some significant changes there especially the overall look. S3 is most talked about because it should get phone of the year. That's if glaxy note II doesn't beat it. (it can but most people thing it's too big so I doubt it) anyway. I left iphone for galaxy note and haven't regretted it. Have some iphone owners wanting one just like the commercials
Justin Plecko
Justin Plecko Epic fail. Apple is just playing catchup, nothing innovative about the iphone 5.
Muhammad Syahmi
Muhammad Syahmi So far so nice ,
John Elisha Jensen Hirro
John Elisha Jensen Hirro and 4G LTE why only now for iphone? wow! android prevails once again. :) i suggest iphone release phones like iphone X iphone Y or iphone Z so that features will always be fresh. not just one phone every 2years. hahahahaha! 2years of wait focusing only to a single phone with only few new features? i dunno. other manufacturers release new phones everytime but still the phones are packed with new features.
Silver Diaz
Silver Diaz look at all the samsung sheep. biggest hypocrites on the tech planet
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III What is the differences between the black and white versions?
Mike Chiou
Mike Chiou One word: BORING
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III I think that Apples belief is not to jump on the bandwagon when new things come up, they let Android folks do the testing for them. LoL
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers next thing that should be reviewed is the a6 processor to see how it preforms with graphic games like black pegasus and infinity blade as well as the earpods and how they fair vs premium earbuds/phones...people can complain all they want but apple never needs to jump to the next best technology immediately...they do their things loves to boast about how they did dual cores or quad cores first but they do a half ass job to begin with and its until 4 phones later they pat it down
Ibnul Sharar
Ibnul Sharar Not bad at all. A6 processor is pretty fast and smooth. Didn't like the two-tone back. Confused about the touch response that @Aaron twitted.
Jason King
Jason King The LTE on VZW is outstanding. Super fast. The phone is super fast . Very smooth . The design is nice and it just works. Apple hit it out the park. Yes the maps app is not perfect but I trust Apple is working on it and it will get better no question.
John Mercado
John Mercado Ive seen and touched the iPhone 5 because I went to the apple store to take a look at the town center. I really think the Galaxy S3 is still better featyre wise. I mean im not a galaxy sheep or an isheep but most of these people commenting here *cough* Allen Drewe*cough* all they want to do is hate. Im not hating on Apple cuz people expected too much out of their phones cuz they used to be leading innovators of the smart phone market. Now they are falling behind and people just arent used to it. For the first time ever, Android High End phones take the lead!. I cant wait for Galaxy Note 2!!
Wesley A Meek
Wesley A Meek And all I can say now is.....I told you so! Android outshines and outsmarts again!
Ahnonny Nguyen
Ahnonny Nguyen Babe the pig ~ I think it's Baa Ram Meh kind of a phone but the isheep will flock to it as usual
John Elisha Jensen Hirro
John Elisha Jensen Hirro -since Apple only release the new iphone like every a year and half. the new features are also after that long span of time so the "new" features are more like outdated already. JAVA Samsung phones can do panorama like decades ago. so why just now iphone? Apple's MARKETING really. :D and the ad of iphone 5 "Physics". you get more from something smaller or thinner. i think Motorola defied the "laws of physics" 1st with its Motorola DROID RAZR. :) just thumbs up with the maps, design and IOS6.
Gregory Hess
Gregory Hess A peice of junk.
Joseph Salvagna
Joseph Salvagna i hate iphones they suck i like androids a whole lot better
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III Take it back since it came to damaged/scratched/nicked. My iPhone 4S came in pristine condition.
Devin Price
Devin Price Flame on folks.
Ivan Aleman
Ivan Aleman Disappointed
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Same boring iPhone nothing new with apple as usual...looks the same as the first iPhone new they have an 4 inch screen Android already did oh they have Lte now..oh wait Android already did that also in your can't say it never freezes of froze during Aaron's unboxing lol still doesn't have flash I don't see why all the sheep line up just to by the same device they bought last year of the year before that
Thomas Howlett
Thomas Howlett Spoone good except for auto corrects
Ian Baylon
Ian Baylon Windows phone.
Trishan Dinuka
Trishan Dinuka S3 is stile the 1st !!! Iphone 5 sucks :P
Raymond Knight
Raymond Knight All of you Android fans that are bitching about how the 5 sucks, are idiotic morons.. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess that none of you own, or have even touched the 5. Making your demented statements void.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos I like how everything posted here is about the s3 when the question was about the iPhone hahaha
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Andres Barroeta
Andres Barroeta Passbook is not working , my 1 iPhone 5 came with factory 2 scuffs and dings , battery is ok , apps needed to be updates for resolution screen . So what are you think ????
Daniel Ayala
Daniel Ayala allen ur crazy even reviewers say feature for feature the s3 is better ios is dated
Francisco Alexander McCrea
Francisco Alexander McCrea I will rather get a Motorola razor
Patrick Tam
Patrick Tam I won't be getting one. Going to get a Lumia or nexus. Apple won't fool me again.
Vic Licas
Vic Licas Come on this phone has nothing special compare to the SG3 .. and the review is not complete so you should wait before posting this article
Andre Martian Frederick
Andre Martian Frederick People are just buying the iPhone 5 to turn a profit. How about a $399 iPhone 5 64GB that sold for $1375.00. All the iPhone 5 64GB are selling for $1000 or more. If you can get buy one at the regular price get it, flip the money then buy a Samsung Galaxy SIII or wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. check the link if you don't believe me. LOL
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey i think I'm tired of hearing about that POS that was outdated by 2010 standards. Galaxy Note > iCrap
Shin Wolf
Shin Wolf FAIL..! Terrible apple maps.. ANDROID FTW!
Allen Drewe
Allen Drewe Nope unfortunately not. The iPhone is a better phone feature for feature. Things work better on the 5 overall.
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins S3 is still in the lead..
Allen Drewe
Allen Drewe Oh yeah iPhone apps>>>>>>>than their android counterparts.
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr AWESOME PHONE.. for 2010
Chris Grillo
Chris Grillo A big screen means NOTHING when you don't want any other software to keep on it. What the hell do people see in Android? The only app worth keeping is the Kindle App... nothing else!
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner Reda, what is this galaxy 3s you speak of? I've heard of the galaxy sIII, is that what you mean? Also, sheep sheep sheep sheep
Valon Haliti
Valon Haliti hate it... :P Galaxy S3 still the best
Allen Drewe
Allen Drewe Very very fast. The phone is very slick but still knee capped by apples crap agenda. For example the browser still won't run jiffs right. I mean c'mon my gs2 did that just fine and this phone is far more powerful.
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister In one word...Meh. I just stopped by the Apple store today to have a look at it. Nothing special. It's still a small screen, though it does look brilliant. It's thin and light just as it's described but the edges felt really sharp in my hand and the aluminum back is just as fingerprint prone as the 4 and 4s glass backs. iOS 6 is boring as hell. It really looks no different as when the first iPhone was released. Apple seriously needs to do a software overhaul to be able to keep people interested and attract new ones because the look is extremely dated. The form factor is nice. Had they actually stepped outside the box and done something like a small tablet or even a 4"+ screen I would be much more apt to buy it. I does look good in black though. Almost every app I tried out had the black bars on top and bottom because they haven't been updated yet. Kinda annoying. Anyway, that's my two cents.
Reda Lakchiri
Reda Lakchiri fucking sweet so far. people need to stop getting butthurt over it only being bigger, thinner, lighter, faster, with a better screen, 4G capable and up to 64GB of storage. cuz guess what on top of having all of those advantages on the 4s, its tougher and more durable than that Galaxy 3S. easier to handle with one hand and the screen doesnt feel too large or the phone too light/clumsy. unlike the galaxy sIII the side buttons are very conveniently placed and you cant accidentally turn if off or change the volume. i ve never had iphone so this is the best phone i ever had (had the galaxy S for a while)
Steven Basso
Steven Basso junk my old nokia 3310 is better
Dounutz Sesar
Dounutz Sesar Wats an iphone???
Chuck Rico Taylor
Chuck Rico Taylor It's garbage unlike my gs3
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson Every IPhone will be a nice phone. But boring
Brian Dominguez
Brian Dominguez im actually in love with it, it looks fantastic. hands on is smoothe but the only flaw is the screen. i dont like the length. i think they couldve cut it down & made the Width bigger but its still perfect c:
EiDj Callejonrecords
EiDj Callejonrecords Bigger screen waoooo better speeds waooo heheh we been having that .... gs3
Chris Stec
Chris Stec Garbage
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez When is Aaron going to do a iphone 5 vs.. Samsung galaxy s3 dogfight?
Brian Dominguez
Brian Dominguez i had a hands on review yesterday, my great uncle has it
Jaroslaw Jan Kucharczyk
Jaroslaw Jan Kucharczyk Nice .. but nothing special
Michael Shane Wittner.
Michael Shane Wittner. Weres the review on youtube at

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