Featured user review Samsung Galaxy S III 9-24-12

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| September 24, 2012

As PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™ rolls on, the Samsung Galaxy S III tops the People's Choice chart by over 250 votes.  Featured on this Monday is a user review from PhoneDog fan Chris Reese. 

"Best phone I've ever used." By Chris W. Reese on September 22, 2012

Well, I really like my S3. The display is fantastic, it's crystal clear. I download and watch High def movies on my S3 periodically, and it performs awesome, I find it very crisp. The phone has lots of RAM, and the processor keeps everything tickity boo and fast. I can run soooo many programs and unlimited browsers, and not see any slow down, or degradation of the performance. The device handles media flawlessly; be it music, or youtube. I love the full equalizer that is in the music player. I like the technology that is in the operating system; for example the fact that the screen won't shut off, when you are looking at it. This is great because one of my biggest pet peeves while using my previous phones (Note, and blackberry), is the screen always shut off on me, when I was reading or whatever. The device comes with AMPLE amount of storage, especially since you can put a 32GB miniSD card in there too, plenty of storage. I wish manufacturers would stick to one size sim card, because the sim card from my note wouldn't fit in the S3, which I wasn't happy about, but that's just minor stuff. The graphics on the device is very smooth, in terms of games. I can go from browsing, to playing a game, to txting, to email, back to the game, back to browsing, if I want to, and not see any degridation of performance. The call quality is awesome. It's very clear, and crisp. The reception is good aswell, but I find in places I'm getting bad reception, but that could also be because of my provider. The phone fits great in my hand, I have small hands, and the phone is very comfortable while I'm holding it. I can txt on it pretty fast. I wasn't a huge supporter of the keyboards that came on it, and I tried ti ICS donation keyboard which is good, but I downloaded and paid for swift key which is a huge improvment... why wouldn't they put a keyboard like swiftkey in the operating system to begin with? I really like the glass, I like the design of the phone, the curves, and I like the glass. My only dispute about the design / form factor is that the phone is very slippery. It was almost mandatory to have a case. I purhcased a casemate case, that has a brushed metal back to it, and it compliments the phone superbly. I wish the battery life was better, just a little bit bigger battery. If I am using the phone heavily for media or browsing, I'm finding that the battery is dieing on me, and I hate that, allthough I'm finding recharge time is lightning fast. One of my favorite design aspects about the device is the back and menu buttons, how you cannot see them, untill you touch them, I love that, and the home button works perfectly every time, and I'm loving how they designed the ear peice, aswell. In conclusion, I find the phone to be damn near perfect. It's a great size, not big like the note, but not small like the iPhone, fits in the pocket great. I am very happy with this phone, and I KNOW you well be as well. 

Display 5/5
Battery Life 3/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 4/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.4

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