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Apple's new iPhone 5 finally hit store shelves and customers' hands late last week, and this morning the company has revealed how the device sold after its first weekend of availability. According to Apple, sales of the iPhone 5 have surpassed five million units. Apple CEO Tim Cook says that while Apple has sold out of its initial supply of iPhone 5s, the company's retail stores are receiving regular shipments of the device. Apple also revealed that over 100 million iOS devices have been updated to iOS 6 since the update's public release on September 19.

This latest iPhone 5 sales stat comes a week after Apple said that pre-orders of its new smartphone had hit 2 million units. It's also worth noting that the iPhone 5 has beaten out its predecessor when it comes to post-opening weekend sales, as Apple revealed last year that the iPhone 4S had topped 4 million units sold in its first weekend of availability. Apple's full press release for today's announcement is available at the bottom of this post. So, how many of you were part of the 5 million iPhone 5s that've been sold so far? If you are, what do you think of Apple's new handset?


iPhone 5 First Weekend Sales Top Five Million

CUPERTINO, California—September 24, 2012—Apple® today announced it has sold over five million of its new iPhone® 5, just three days after its launch on September 21, and more than 100 million iOS devices have been updated with iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iPhone 5 is available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the UK, and will be available in 22 more countries on September 28 and more than 100 countries by the end of the year. Demand for iPhone 5 exceeded the initial supply and while the majority of pre-orders have been shipped to customers, many are scheduled to be shipped in October.

“Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “While we have sold out of our initial supply, stores continue to receive iPhone 5 shipments regularly and customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough iPhone 5s for everyone.”

iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, completely redesigned to feature a stunning new 4-inch Retina™ display; an Apple-designed A6 chip for blazing fast performance; and ultrafast wireless technology*—all while delivering even better battery life.**

Pricing & Availability

iPhone 5 comes in either white & silver or black & slate, and is available in the US for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 16GB model and $299 (US) for the 32GB model and $399 (US) for the 64GB model. iPhone 5 is available from the Apple Online Store (, Apple’s retail stores, and through AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, select Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Walmart stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. iPhone 4S is also available for just $99 (US) and iPhone 4 is available for free with a two-year contract.***

iPhone 5 will be available on September 28 in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

* LTE is available through select carriers. Network speeds are dependent on carrier networks, check with your carrier for details.

** Battery life depends on device settings, usage and other factors. Actual results vary.

*** Qualified customers only. Requires a new two year rate plan, sold separately.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

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"Why is the iPhone the most successful smartphone series?"

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Dinesh Nadar User friendly iOS + Apple has it's own standard.
John Anthony Because is apple made!
Edmund Labz Benaojanovic Because Apple only releases only one phone every year and if all Android phones will count the iphone is just only a dot in the the paper.
SmithsLane i had to make an account just to get you people to shut the fuck up. for real, you android faggots insist to go all the iPhone post to talk about it. you dont even put up good arguments. your just a bunch of losers with plastic samshit phones
Jesse Cuevas Because sheep follow the herd
Jet Tuñgul Idiots all over the world.
Liam Emrich Because it is simple to use and it is designed by a trusted company that has been around for a pretty long time.
Kadir Ali Apple target audience are idiots. They disguise old features with new catch phrases and idiots fall for it. It's rather clever what they are doing. If everyone was a genius they and knew anything about how hardware and software goes together apple will not make any money on that Icrap.
Dakola Moon im going to have to agree with half the people on here its not all that great of a phone i mean wow its a lil bit bigger and the apps look better well the android already had great looking apps and apple is finally catching up i mean i think they should have done that a long time ago and a lot more because they was the first for almost everything in the smartphone biz but now they are falling behind and even WINDOWS is catching up with their phones are starting to out do the iphone
Jennifer A. Cox When we were at the mall yesterday, the Apple store was the most crowded one. That's good, because it meant they weren't crowding up the stores we actually wanted to go to :)
Darnell D. Johnson Simplicity! With iPhone, you don't have think about it. Android, not so much.
Jason Wilde because morons like shiny things
Still Dre Dane They stretched the screen, cool,
Anthony Andrade People are crazy!
Anthony Andrade To get it
Nivla Ual Eegn Nix because of mindless fan boys that why
Ian Baylon Since when did iPhones suddenly blow out Android out of the water? IPhones lack the ability of customization without having to void your warranty and then they sue google for stealing their ideas (iOS has a notification bar now when android already had one) not to mention people use their iPhones to take pictures of food…
Joel Gomez First the fan boys are always there who will buy apple products no matter what. Then marketing. The design is good but fragile but people likes the design and just buys a case. People just like good looking stuff.
Joe Yarger Oh come on, even the Iphone fans had to find humor in that.
Joe Yarger Because the IPhone is a cult. It uses top secret subliminal messages, every time you look or listen to it with the "SPECIAL" ear buds. The message says you will buy the next version immediately or you will have great pain, to ignore the command of the worm, King of the Rotten Apple, Is to cause ones self to DIE!, Well, its a theory!
Angel Miguel Peguero The gs3 sold 9 million pre order this is not even close hahaha
David DiPilla Both android and iPhone have their advantages and disadvantages
David DiPilla Why do people talk down on someone for what they like
David DiPilla It's what people like
David DiPilla iPhone is a beautiful phone
Mendez Roy because there are many stupid people
James Everette Edwards People do not care to have anything better. Simple phones for simple people.
Zach Cline And of course the android puppets are all over this
Liz Boyd Wow on 49 on the smartphone rankings 5 million what ? Lol. Galaxy s3 360 and number 1 haha.
Dee Nazario sheeps.
Jacob Robert Poor apple saps......when will they realize that buying outdated tech is what your suppose to try and avoid.....oh well....keep drinking your koolaid.
Alberto Garcia Flores Because the Apple logo and because ppl are stupid!
Alfonso Manuel Avalos If the s3 was the only phone selling with android i see no competition ios is a good platform and friendly, but like everyone says even long time iPhone users its the same bs layout, if the iPhone5 and s3 where the only two phones available i would see fair market, comparing an os to a phone is dumb, if all android based phones where put together iPhone has nothing on it . To each their own i prefer android cuz i was an iPhone user and i know what suits me,
Joseph Thelmas If apple made female care products then the idouche would sell worldwide!!!
Gerardo Ortega If Apple makes pencils, they will sell out too.
Shardizzle Alford The iPhone does everything you tell it do. My iPhone 4 is my very FRIST iPhone Ever and I love this phone I really never cared for the iPhone 's intel I got one
Jason King The reason the iPhone sells so well is because its actually a good product. Forget the drawbacks. All phones have drawbacks.
Kay Yon The answer is because they've done the best job brainwashing the fools of the world.
David DiPilla I won't use my iPhone 5 out untill I get a case for it lol
Erick Ramirez It doesn't take a genius to see the difference between the iPhone and a top notch smartphone.
John Resch Because isheep will follow..I have sold iPhones to people that have very poor reception with the iPhone providers and they are willing to put up with dropped calls just to have an iPhone..
Jeff Adams Hmm sounds like having a phone that big seems like your trying to make up for something.
Bill Thomas Android fan bitches whining and crying because big bad apples only phone out sells any android
Dounutz Sesar The galaxy note still beats the iphone 5
Ben Isai IPhone 5>G3 sales prove it.
Edkens Alexandre Its just because we have a lot of iTarded people
David DiPilla Ya I heard that on the news
Justin Cartier Because the world has many iTards that love to throw their money at Apple.
Nam Nguyen Wat happen when Apple hav sex with android? Lol :P Appledroid? :P
David DiPilla So how many peeps here have case for their phone
Murad Nazi Apple iPhone....shame shame shame.
David DiPilla iPhone prices are the same everyyear
James Norwood Because 1 half of iPhone owners are lemmings and the other half are snobs
Eddie Shu @Carmen R ..The fact that you compare iphone with android is bit non-sense to me cause one is phone, and one is OS...but i do agree with you about iphone being like a porsche .....but with cover on top of it...
James Daniels Maybe one day Apple will decide to open the floor up to full customization on the user end. Then add a variety of screen sizes and colors. Then offer different ram and core choices. If they did this I can't see them being touched by any other phone manufacturer. It just seems like they want to dictate the standards and the user experience which in the eyes of the average android consumer is their biggest flaw and biggest reason not to convert to the iPhone. Maybe they don't want to feel like they are being led and instead want to feel like they are leading but those days are long gone. As of now they are barely catching up....
Jonathan Onuluk It just goes to show how the IQ of the average person is dropping over the years.
David DiPilla Here we go again lol
Jeff Griffith Aren't you missing English class? Better get in there before the teacher notices you're gone and gives you a detention!
Jeff Griffith And saying "people IS stupid enough" says a lot about you........
Jeff Griffith Luis, higher price? What are you smoking dude?
Phil Ofthefuture I would love to have an iphone. Because i know i could sell it to somebody stupid enough to pay me $1000 for it, and then i could buy a S3.
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino because people is stupid enought to buy 6 generations of the same chasis phone, but each time with a higher price!
Michael Alvarado Castellano Can't wait to get mine
David DiPilla Thats what I said lol
Jeff Griffith @ James Daniels, couldn't agree more with you, very well said!
David DiPilla Both are great
Charles Datdude Knight Boy the iPhone is like the cowboys. No matter what ppl still gonna talk bad bout em. What's the next question why is sweet potatoes fries being sold in Burger King! This is a dumb ass question. Who da hell really knows, and who cares!!! Spend yo money the way u wanna spend it. Y'all selling everybody phone with all the boojawah!
David DiPilla Very well said the iPhone Is behind it needs more open sources and more customized stuff
Jeff Griffith My Android has a bigger screen, faster processor, and a Geeek geek geek geek geek geek geek! Go get laid or something.
Jeff Griffith I like android, but don't wish to be an "Android snob"
James Daniels I've said this time and time again Apple makes sound products there's no denying that and their marketing is great in every aspect! Simplicity, design, and reliability are their strong points and that's why they are number 1 but they are behind the curve when it comes to features and with companies like Samsung finally producing reliable phones along with Google refining their OS which is ahead of the curve its only a matter of time before Apple takes a serious nose dive because they refuse to change with the times at an acceptable rate. The only thing Samsung needs to do now is come out with better hardware design and it's game over.....
David DiPilla Ya that's what people need to do buy what they want but others talk bad on both android and iPhone you should see other post how crazy they get
David DiPilla 3d stuff
David DiPilla Not dumb I fix computers and make 3G stuff on computers
Alfonso Manuel Avalos That david guy is a dumb ass hahaha, buy what u like end of story
David DiPilla Ya people do need to stop hating its not bad on here but other post wow it's crazy
David DiPilla You tell Em I like both android and phone lol
Nathan Ross Attention to detail using high quality materials. And this whole war between android and iOS is so dumb and childish. Grow up people. Who cares what phone is better get what you like and stop hating on the next guy
Aaron Early Let's give the iOS source code to 20 different manufacturers and let them add their own customer UI on top of it and see how awesome it is. Lets see how stable and fragmented iOS becomes when it's running on 400 different handsets.
Jose Pablo Islas Because Apple knows how to make people think they are getting something they aren't...for example, the argument that android is always reality, my outdated android has more features than your new iPhone...and the fact that android is constantly seeing new and better is that a down side?? Damn, i have the opportunity to buy a phone that uses brand new technology but still allows me to do everything i could before and adds makes me wish i had an iPhone, since i know it won't see new hardware for a few years and when it does it will be hardware that i could have gotten months or even years ago in android
Joernie Berrios Lol..yeah right
Itzel Jeronimo Only one new apple phone vs a lot Android phones that's why. If there were only one android device it would sell a lot too. Depends on preference.
David DiPilla Wow never new my droid 3 was glass but the iPhone glass feels much better
Rodger Samiie Myers The thing with the iPhone that most people don't understand is that it does not compete with androids not because it doesn't want to however it doesn't need to Androida competes within itself within the companies trying to one up each other with processors and bigger screens and everything else however with iPhone what they tried to do is make it more user-friendly so that any person could use it despite how technological they are that's what makes the iPhone really a very good device
David DiPilla It beat it by 50 points
Joernie Berrios Did it go against GS3?..
Jeff Griffith 1st, only stupid people will say "because dumb people buy the iPhone", those people are inbreeds. It was so successful because it has always been a reliable ad secure platform. Good marketing helps a lot too. I like my 4s very much, but the whole OS is feeling outdated, iOS 6 has lost a couple key features from Google..... I don't like voiding my warranty to jailbreak to regain a couple battery saving features that apple removed in the 4s, after paying 700 bucks I feel kinda ripped off. Going to Android for my next upgrade.
David DiPilla Imm the iPhone barley lagged for me nothing compare to android and android gets really slow after when the phone is 70 percent full
David DiPilla Well I got all my songs for free
James Daniels @David if Apple came out with more custom stuff and widgets it would be Android! And you don't seem to know the difference between glass and plastic.... every phone you named has glass screens! This is exactly what's wrong with society..... smh
Robert Centennial iPhone is a Porsche and android is a corvette. Just as fast but built by monkeys and no resale value.
Antonio Horn @david dipilla.....funny man i tell ya. Iphone doesn't lag?
David DiPilla Ya I just ordered 2 cases off of eBay for my iPhone 5 I am afraid that I will drop it
Joernie Berrios Glass brakes are right
David DiPilla It was a bench mark test
Antonio Horn Because people have invested a lot into itunes. Don't wanna lose "their" "purchases". Anyways. I love the fact that people state the looks of the iphone. They all have bulky,silly cases. So it really doesn't matter what it looks like if u have to slap a silly case on it.
Joernie Berrios What test?...any quadrant scores...
Robert Centennial Because it lasts a whole day, it get updated on day one, and its not outdated 2 weeks after you buy it.
David DiPilla I'm going to get the s4 next year
David DiPilla But I do Like android phones to
David DiPilla It is the fastest processor they did a test and a glass screen feels Better
Shin Wolf 5million=stupid
Roger Ohlsson because its a chick phone
Joernie Berrios He said fastest processor...lmaoo
Jesse Robert Bochek It's easy to use for anyone, it has connectivity with iTunes, and last but not least, a f***load of cases and accessories.
Robert Ortega And of course I'm always right Apple products sell no matter what android has to say and all their little fans have to hate on a good product.
Tim Moore Who cares if it's plastic or not? I have a plastic Nexus and it doesn't mean it's bad. The iPhone was the first and got it's niche way early. They do a hell of a job marketing. Doesn't mean it's the best phone. In fact most high end Android ones are pretty close to the iPhone now. One person wanted to use the sales as proof it wasn't a disappointing upgrade. Ask all the people who bought it if they bought it cause it was such a great upgrade and I'm guessing the numbers are small. More people bought it cause it was an iPhone than people who wanted the upgrade. It's still a great phone but it didn't add anything that was omg wow though. It added things that Android already had. Some of those things they've had for years.
Oscar Martinez Herrera Sgs3 Israel Theron best suck
Joernie Berrios Because is so simple to use.....its target like always,girls and old people
David DiPilla Ya both have advantages and disadvantages
Arturo Atherly Honestly???.....ppl are vain as fukkk!!!! and only want tht stupid Apple logo that shows on the back of the phone. Most folks who have an iPhone dont evn use 30% of the apps on the stinkn device. Thats the REAL truth!!!
Michale Murray It's all personal preference. Ones not better then the other.
David DiPilla Yes apple apps are the best if apple came out with a iOS with more custom stuff and widgets it would be um matched
Matt Cain Apple did a lot of things right. You can't beat iTunes, there are endless apps for pretty much any interest you have, and anyone can operate the phone. I think now I am starting to understand Android users when they talk about their OS. They have so much freedom with it. It changes and becomes better with each new version. The best thing iOS has done in it's lifetime is make messages and notifications non intrusive. Yes, I know they borrowed that from Android, but show me a company who did something right that didn't have their idea copied.
David DiPilla I had 2 of them phones and oh droid 3 they really sucked bad laggy to the point I wanted to destroy them
David DiPilla I can name more cause I play around with laggy android phones lol
David DiPilla S3 htc rezound htc thunder bolt
Brandon Johnson Lol he's mistaking the material around the phone with the material used on the screen.
Kennii PrIv LeGu Kalonji Because sheep will always outnumber shepherds
Brandon Johnson Name those 3 android phones.
David DiPilla The s3 is plastic the iPhone screen feels diffrent
David DiPilla I had 3 android phones they are plastic
Brandon Johnson Lmao this dude said the iphone has a glass screen... Wtf do you think every other smartphone in the world uses for their screens...
Kenneth Li this just shows there are dumb people everywhere!
David DiPilla And android is laggy they get really laggy when you put stuff on them
Dayan Inclán Brand name and marketing.
Brandon Johnson It's a good phone, don't get me wrong (I owned the 3g, 3gs and now the 4S), but now the operating system is so far behind I'm bored with it.
Johannes Riitijoki Cause it works.
David DiPilla The iPhone Is the most popular Phone in the world its the most beautiful phone to very high class looking it's touch screen is way better then android and the iPhone has a glass screen which is the best no cheap plastic and the iPhone 5 has the fastest processor
Brandon Johnson The ecosystem is the main reasoning behind it, apple has been ensnaring people in the itunes ecosystem years before the iphone came out, some people have gotten in too deep to want to leave and others think having the iphone makes them a part of some special group of people.
Ayo Q Sipho Thats a lot of sleep
George Millhouse Tyler they don't have the best camera....the lumia phones do......they don't have the best screen. It's not even hd. Try again
Brian Walden I like my Windows Phone better. Looking forward to Windows Phone 8.
Curtis Ritter Galaxy S 3 all the way
Robert Wellington Clubine III iPhone is simple and easy, android is overloaded. I prefer simple and easy, I have my iPad and Mac for more adventurous things. I want a phone that can do just what I want, I am really not into gadgets just to show off my phone.
Kevin Lo because this is the only phone series equipped i
Tyler Tresenrider Because its the best build the best looking screen it's easy to use does everything u need a smartphone to do really fast and the best camera
Jody Warrick Because they are awesome phones that's why, with nearly a million useful apps to choose from. It's personal choice people and it's immature to degrade someone based on their phone choice.
Patrick George Jr. People by what they want and what's works for them....phones shouldn't be a religion, but it's fanboys that make it that way it's just sad
George Millhouse Justin you forget that iTunes music is not drm anymore
Juwon Donte Because of all the isheep in the world they just have to have the apple logo makes them feel special..but what they fail to realize is that they buy the same outdated device every year just with a slightly different name
Ronnie Cave @Justin, iTunes has nothing to do with it , the majority of iPhone users have an iPod of some kind to keep the music on, on top of that, if you are smart enough you can convert your music from the iTunes format to a standard format pretty easy
George Millhouse Why would you lose you music if you switched from iPhone to android? All my iTunes music is on my android. This is what's wrong with Apple people. They think they can't live without them. Apple..keeping phone people stupid since 2007
Tarek Halaby isn't DOGFIGHT TIME!!!!!!iphone 5 vs gsII and GsIII
Hhermon R. Martinez DeMontes Making Apple richer and us poorer. That'll really help the economy.
Brent Hewett Trends.
Nattawat Veerajintsiri No doubt, but still i'm going 4 android anyway
Anthony Evans Jr economy is broke because of stuff like the iphone
Ernest Purugganan The iPhone is the most famous smartphone but it certainly isn't the greatest. There are a lot of phones out there that destroy the iPhone like the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, The upcoming Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD.
Justin Edelman ITunes I believe to be the biggest contributors to this, no one wants to lose what they've payed for, so basically most of them are stuck
Nick Morgan Because people are dumb as stones.
Eric Jamal Green Androids for life :)
Joel Diaz Because of the name. I'll keep my HTC TB 4G thanks!!
Manuel Campas It's easy to use. I had 4 androids before I got an iPhone and I prefer how Apple makes it easy for people to use their phones. Their also very well built. They don't feel cheap at all. I wish we could customize them more tho.
Ronnie Cave @Mike Gaver, who says you have to pay for music or are restricted at all, I have never paid for music on my iPhone, and I sure as hell can do as I please with it
Mike Du Bose It' all in the marketing!
Daniel Quintero Nooby friendly
Stephen Wagner Because sheep
Devin Martinez
Chris Delgado Peppay oh yeah :)
Isaac Castillo Lol economy broke my ass
Mike A Graver Jr. Idk why people like paying money for music and being restricted on what they can do
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Because androids are buggy??
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Its the louis vuitton of smartphones, even if its boring and everyone has one, the little logo is a social status.
Lewis Hachmeister Does anyone actually care?
Anthony Evans Jr because apple makes low intelligent people think they will die without it
Jordan Brown 100 million is 1/4 of iOS devices.
David Barton iSheep?

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