Eric Schmidt talks Google Maps for iOS, says the company hasn't "done anything yet"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 25, 2012

Eric Schmidt Google

Last week, some reports claimed that Google is prepping a dedicated Maps application for iOS, which would give iOS 6 users access to a Google Maps app even though Apple introduced its own Maps app in its latest OS. Now Eric Schmidt has chimed in on the issue, with Reuters quoting him as saying that Google hasn't "done anything yet with Google Maps," adding that Apple would need to approve any app that it may submit. Schmidt, an executive chairman at Google, declined to comment on whether or not his company has submitted an app, says Bloomberg. However, Schmidt did mention that Google and Apple are communicating "at all kinds of levels." The exec also said that Google thinks that "it would it would have been better if they had kept" its Maps offering.

Apple's new Maps app in hasn't been sitting well with all of the folks that've updated to iOS 6, with some users complaining of venues that are incorrectly labeled or sometimes not even present in Apple's Maps. These issues have caused many iOS 6 users to wish for a dedicated Google Maps app for iOS 6. Whether or not we'll ever see such an app on iOS remains up in the air for now, but with the availability of several other Google apps on iOS and the unhappiness that many iOS users are expressing with Apple's Maps, it's certainly a possibility. How many of you iOS users would switch to Google Maps if such an app were released on Apple's platform?

Via MacRumors, Reuters, Bloomberg