The weekly Mobile Tech Expert Spotlight segment

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: September 25, 2012

During it's first week on the charts, the Apple iPhone 5 won with a three point victory over the Galaxy S III on the Expert's side of the Official Smartphone Rankings. We are so excited to see the movement on the charts in the coming weeks as the people and our experts have many great smartphones to select from.  Enjoy this round-up of three of our Mobile Tech experts in this segment of the Expert Spotlight. 

Aaron Baker - Editor-in-Chief for Follow him on twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron.

Despite the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 - one of the most talked about products in recent years - Samsung's Galaxy S III remains on top for me. Apple has taken great steps forward in the latest iteration of iPhone, including bringing 4G LTE to a device that's 18 percent thinner and 20 percent thinner. But despite fantastic fluidity, the Galaxy S III still offers more from a software feature standpoint. The HTC EVO 4G LTE comes in fourth due to great specs and a fantastic build quality, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (global) offers stock Jelly Bean. Stay tuned for more, as the season is expected to get crazy!





Julie Hatfield- Sales Lead for BestBuyMobileFollow her on twitter @JulieMHatfield.


This week, I was honestly hoping to have to eat my highly cynical opinion of Apple products by the innovation and creativity with which they once cornered the market. Alas, I'm starting to think the other cell phone manufacturers have actually achieved the impossible - they've closed the gap. I mean seriously - the GS III was bigger, brighter, and had far more tricks up its sleeve before we were ever allowed the 'privilege' of being graced with the You-Know-What 5's presence. I had the chance to play with the LG Intuition this week and I applaud LG's bold, (if risky), decision on a very square shape for an attempt at a Galaxy Note of their own. I would recommend this one to my Mom for sure! The HTCs remain on the list for their amazing camera features and rather decent screen displays. And as always, the RAZR MAXX rounds out my selection for having a battery that can actually last longer than your typical workday plus commute (now let's just work on that price!)





Cam Buton - Managing Editor for  Follow him on twitter @TiP_Cam.


Apple's new iPhone is nothing short of incredible. The attention to detail in design and manufacturing alone makes it the best made phone on the market. Switched off, the black version just looks class. Like black onyx. The A6 processor makes extremely light work of iOS 6, and the camera is better than its predecessor. There's nothing on the market right now that I would swap it for. 

One X beats the SIII in my mind for its quality display and unibody design. It's quick, solid and feels good in hand. Plus, I much prefer the new design of Sense UI to Samsung's TouchWiz. 

4th and 5th go to the 5th generation iPhone, and the current Windows Phone flagship. The 4S is still a great phone, and after being dropped down to a lower price, is incredibly good value for money.