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It's that time of year again, pumpkin flavored everything, cool weather, leaves turning and the pre-holiday rumors abounding. We're at the point where we've seen dozens of rumored smartphones become official, and we're still waiting on many of them to reach shelves. We have a pretty good idea what hands all the major players are holding, and it's time we yet again look to what's on the horizon.

Lucky for us, the rumor mill is as active as ever. And many of those rumors are pointing to something I predicted back in July: a new version of Android and another Nexus.

A staple in the Android community, the topic of the next Nexus is always an interesting one. Back in April, I asked which manufacturer should be handed the torch for the 2012 Nexus. Samsung has now had two rounds with the honor, and they've done a decent job. But there's a part of me that feels Samsung purposefully downplayed the Nexus line to boost the appearances of their own Galaxy S series. (Compare the cameras on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus with those on the Galaxy S II and S III. Or compare the Super AMOLED displays between the four. You will definitely notice a major, positive difference in the Galaxy S devices.)

Crackpot theories aside, I feel its time another manufacturer has a go at the Nexus line. Samsung has proven its dominance in the industry, especially amongst the Android crowd. It's time someone else – who may not fear cannibalizing their own brand – takes a crack at it.

Fortunately, it appears as if 2012 will be the year Google gives another competitor a shot. But which company?

The most recent rumors are back and forth between HTC and LG being the chosen manufacturer. One week ago, GSM Arena reported that the 5-inch HTC phablet we've been spotting left and right – the DROID Incredible X or HTC One X 5 – will be the Nexus 5. And several different sources are pointing to the LG Optimus G being the base for the LG-made Nexus. Android and Me's Taylor Wimberly also reported another rumor stating LG would make a phablet-sized Nexus.

According to Android and Me, we may know sooner rather than later. The Android site reported just yesterday that a new Nexus device and version of Android will arrive within the "next 30 days," along with a new Nexus smartphone. The site's Taylor Wimberly reports that the version of Android will be a minor point update – 4.2 – instead of the major update to Android 5.0 many were hoping for. And his sources tell him the next Nexus is a device that has already leaked on Android sites around the Web.

Despite all the conflicting information, the good news is all of these are just rumors – nothing more. Each should be taken with its own dosage of salt. The bad news is that if yesterday's rumor is true, the next Nexus will not be a surprise and we need to keep expectations relatively tame.

But again, I'm curious. Who do you want to see make the upcoming Nexus handset? HTC or LG?

As much as I would love to see LG have a go, the HTC Nexus phablet rumor has me salivating already. The LG Optimus G seems like a nice device, I like the design and the specs are nothing to scoff at. But in light of the LG phablet rumor, I can't help but think of the LG Optimus Vu and how atrocious a 5-inch 4:3 smartphone really is.

As for HTC, the Nexus One is still one of my all-time favorite phones. I would love nothing more than for HTC to recreate that on a larger scale with modern specs. As unlikely as that may be, the HTC phablet will do.

However, a 5-inch Nexus with a 1080p display wouldn't be without its faults either. Two weeks ago, I wrote about how smartphone technology needs improvements to flash storage space and battery technology before we make the leap to 1080p displays. And the 5-inch HTC phone is rumored to ship with Sharp's 5-inch 1080p panel that was announced in May. For a smarpthone 1080p is overkill. At 441 pixels per inch, will be ultra clear. But it will also use an unnecessary amount of power and require larger resource files for graphics.

Unless the HTC Nexus comes with a 3,000mAh battery and 64GB of storage (or more), I'm not sure it'd be a worthwhile choice.

Luckily, other rumors from earlier in the year allude that all of these Nexus rumors could be true, that HTC, LG and other manufacturers will make Nexus phones this year. Some believe Google is allowing more than one partner to make a Nexus so they can build their own (with Motorola) without being scrutized. Either way, it seems we'll find out by the end of the month.

Guys and gals, which manufacturer do you want to make the next Nexus, LG or HTC? Another? And if there is more than one, which rumored device(s) do you hope makes the cut?

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"Who should make the next Nexus?"

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Fady Ghaly HTC for sure!!
SmithsLane haha let apple do it! at least you know it would be done right.
Niall Barr Samsung
John Anthony Htc by far!!
Pratik K Doshi For SURE HTC
Kevin McQuade Samsung or Apple
Goku Supersayan Samsung but if that doesn't work htc
SmithsLane shouldn't Motorola since Google owns them now.....?
Abdul Eltawil Neither, Samsung should continue making the nexus phones. Samsung has the best, fastest phones to date. Why go to two companies who make terrible hardware?
Cory David Baxter if lg makes it with a retina display then im in
Christopher Dysart motorola or LG best android build quality!
Matt Bennett Seeing as how I work in tech care at T-Mobile, I will chose HTC. Every LG phone that has come out has been crap. Motorola would be good too as long as it doesn't have the Blur crap on it.
Jose Rodrigues Rim should make next nexus
Shahul Hameed Oppo 1080p 12mp camera quadcore
Andreas Emanuel Berg Maybe Samsung!
Piotr Stefanski Apple.... lol.... htpple one 5 nexus s
Junaid Nagori Samsung should continue to make Nexus as hardly anyone buys phones made by HTC and LG
Amir Khamesy Samsung
Jerry Tan KL HTC quality sucks
Andrew Stivelman HTC phones have serious battery problems.
Gibby Garcia HTC for me since they made the first Nexus phone, the G1
Fernando Diaz Maybe SE?
Jason Croyle Anybody but Motorola if M does it then it will never get updates.
Pablo Emmanuel Evo LTE retarded spell correction -.-
Pablo Emmanuel HTC Hardware is way better than plastic Samsungs, HTC definetely needs to make a new nexus device with beats audio and a body with a design rooted off the One X or Eco LTE, Samsung just keeps putting shitty cameras in their nexus phones, give someone else a chance, HTC deserves it more than anyone else.
Justin Cartier Samsung. HTC tends to use batteries that are far too small, and radios of less than stellar quality. (Signal is crap) LG has a hard time making an Android device with quality materials. Their phones feel cheap. My Galaxy Nexus on the other hand feels, and looks solid. It's a very nice high end Android phone. It has an excellent radio, and a battery that I can make it through the day.
Gabriel Freeman HTC for life.
Nathan Sheaffer Motorola might be fine choice though.
Nathan Sheaffer HTC of course, LG might single handily destroy the Nexus line. I will never let them live down the terrible support they gave us G2X owners. They have no concept of support or care for the customer.
PR Rosemberg NEITHER! Google should stick to Samsung and be harder on them to make sure they don't get slapped with another lawsuit!
Tyler Hell HTC allege way!
Vicente Trevino Decently HTC
Jordan Lai Htc nexus one w beatsaudio would be killer!!!!
Ron Smith HTC! Quietly Brilliant
John Elizondo LG do sent deserve to make a nexus device because LG is really horrible at open source
Humza Ahmed The Nexus One was bloody awesome, I haven't sold mine yet since I like it so much
Noriel Dacer HTC ofc = BEATS by d. dre thats awesome!!
Shiv Vachhani idk samsung
Marcelo Suriel lg would be better
Max Larrieux HTC Nexus Two would be nice.
Samuel Dustin Serio HTC for sure. LG will just screw it up and put a crappy 5mp camera or single core processor or 3d on it or some crap.
Willie Lucero None,.. Nokia should, look what they did with the lumia 920,I think if they created a nexus device along with possibly a new Android version would redefine android phones completely
Luis Robles Figueroa HTC like the first one... "Nexus One"
Mathew Duhamel motorola
Ezekiel Carsella HTC has waaaay better quality
Matt Carey Nokia.
Michael Garrett Motorola all the way..
Joseph Cotaj HTC. Better build quality.
Zach Cline Samsung . My second choice would be HTC since LG is just garbage
Don FatMan Parker Sr. Motorola!!! Photon Nexus
Lamar Sarracino keep it Samsung!!
Vicente Reyes Motorola
Jose Angel Santiago neither...samsung did a great job!!! They only gave to better the build quality!!!
Ej Lee Morris Samsung. I'm comfortable with their build qualities
Timothy Klerkx Samsung please
Lanh Nguyen LG hasn't made anything worth the money since the g2x and their phones typically look ugly. I'd like HTC build quality but I prefer Samsungs internals.
Sebastian Gomes HTC hands down. LG is slacking. (Can't wait to get rid of this LG Revolution)
Tony Hocson Nokia! :)
Steven Osorio Forgot to add direct and timely Android updates from Google, UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER!, Can you hear me now Verizon!
Nam Nguyen Kyocera!!!
Steven Osorio Don't really care who makes it as long as it has good spec'ed hardware ( Exynos 5250, SnapDragon S4, Tegra 3 or any other ARM A15 1.5Ghz quad core processor variant, 2GB internal ram, 32GB user/application ram (expandable via SD card slot would be nice), 4.5 to 4.8 in. 16:9 aspect 720p (1080p would be nicer) IPS (NON-PENTILE) screen with 300+ ppi, 2100+ mAh removable battery with NFC, simultaneous talk & data 4G LTE), and an exterior fit and finish with the same quality of materials and workmanship that Apple puts into the IPhone... I can dream, can I?
Orosanu Bogdan I had an HTC, good phone, never had an LG smartphone so I must say HTC.
Howell Ruehl HTC!!!! LG is crap on a stick!
Izzuddin Helmi HTC better.Don't let LG please :(
Joernie Berrios Samsung...and Samsung only!!
Ventuniano Santito Lg for sure..got to give the opportunity to others too
Rani Hinnawi HTC builds the shell, Qualcomm makes the chip, Samsung the screen, HTC the cameras
Brandon Johnson Htc is stingy when it comes to batteries. How about... Sony?
Abdul Rahman but battery from LG
Marc Barbieri Motorola or Samsung. Definitely not LG
Jerald Lee Leonen Should be Samsung!
Ray Alvarado LG should make the Nexus not a fan of HTC
Ridha Fardian Motorola
Verlon L. Carroll Htc Definitely!
Jonathan Onuluk neither Samsung
Zulfiqar Butt Q mobile
Cesario Brito Jr. HTC over LG. Yeah I would like Asus to make a Nexus. They better continue the curve display.
Brian Edson HTC. LG doesn't have a good reputation with smartphones
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Samsung ...motorola or lg I love those companies....
Anonymous HTC is better let them build.
Lennes Shaw im tired of Htc they need to step outside the box, LG just sucks so moto or sony
Cory David Baxter Nokia should
Eddy Edd NONE, one lacks creativity the other too fuckin shy to step out of Korea.
Mihai Alex LG, I want to see if they're capable of producing quality hardware
Signore Mp HTC please- Samsung is a bit overrated and sadly not as good as I wish them to be
Amie Lee Greenway Neither of them! LG and HTC both suckkkkk
Chris Hagood Anyone but LG. ANYONE but that crappy phone manufacturer.
William Wadsworth Is that even a question? HTC, of course.
Devin Martinez Apple so it could finally sell
Hillwood Lam no one here likes sony?
TuCan Dan ......Apple
Perro Rosello Out of these two id say HTC. But id want ASUS to make the next Nexus. Hell, just rebrand the PadFone 2 and Done!
Tony Abiama I'd like it to be Motorola, but HTC if I had to choose
John Quisisem motorola
George Av NOOOOO NONE!!!!!
Mike Hooper Samsung
Andre Roberts The best nexus was the first one HTC all the way
Sameer Biala Moto team
Misal Patel Motorola FTW....
Noah Pettit HTC!!! :P«»«»«»
JerryandAudrey Smith Between HTC and LG. I would say HTC. LG sucks! But I would agree that google's own company should give it a shot.
Tyler Hodgson Would have said Motorola, but I got screwed over with the Atrix. LG Optimus G looks like a beast. I'd be nice to have a Nexus with top of the line specs like that
Andrew Bissel HTC! Motorola sounds good tho
Zabian Hankerson I got insider info people, Moto is making the Nexus 2
Daniel Ayala SAMSUNG!
??? HTC, still think they need OLED displays though
Ibnul Sharar LG - No Samsung- Noo HTC- Yes Apple- Yess. Hahah. ;)
Rene Robledo I'd prefer samsung, but from those two, htc
Burasu Ojrret how bout audiovox.....
Frank Zambrano HTC samsung is just full of legal issues
Randy B Hoopes They're both garbage
Miguel Marquez I think Samsung should make it. I love their Super Amoled Displays.
Ridvan Ongun htc's nexus would be great in my opinion :)
Mila Ardja HTC PLEASE! 8D
Ron Price neither. Motorola. has the best call reception in any area...city or rural
Daniel Rodriguez Since Google bought Motorola, shouldn't Motorola make the Nexus phones?
Javier Delgado alcatel? =D
Tautvydas Lagunavicius HTC :))!!!!!!!!
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson Samsung. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Donovan Fraser HTC cause of build quality and I want to see HTC make a good stock android device
Ross Silva NOKIA! ;D
Jesse Ling Neither,they both blow.as for huawei?yeah right;uawei is as bad as zte

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