T-Mobile stores now receiving nano-SIM cards for use with unlocked iPhone 5

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 6, 2012

T-Mobile nano-SIM card for iPhone 5

Last month, we learned that T-Mobile planned to begin stocking nano-SIM cards for use with unlocked iPhone 5s in October. We're now almost a week into October, and nano-SIMs have begun popping in in T-Mobile stores, just as promised. Some images sent to TmoNews show the T-Mobile-branded nano-SIMs in the wild, and a video posted by BigRicksChannel double-confirms the existence of the cards. The clip also shows a T-Mobile nano-SIM being loaded into an unlocked iPhone, and after a few moments, the device does indeed pick up a few bars of Magenta's signal.

While T-Mobile doesn't officially sell its own iPhone, the carrier has been heavily promoting itself to owners of unlocked iPhones as of late with its "Unlimited & Unlocked" campaign. Apple doesn't currently offer unlocked iPhone 5s to customers, but Verizon's version iPhone 5 comes unlocked out of the box and ready for use on T-Mobile's network. Of course, iPhone 5 users won't get LTE service on T-Mobile like they might with Verizon, but T-Mobile has been refarming its 1900MHz spectrum in several parts of the country, turning it into HSPA+ service that iPhone users can access. TmoNews reports that nano-SIM shipments only began arriving at T-Mobile stores this morning, so it's not clear how many stores actually have the cards stocked so far. However, if you're interested in taking your iPhone 5 onto Magenta's network, it may be worth your time to give your local T-Mobile store a ring.

Via TmoNews, BigRicksChannel

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