Featured user review HTC One X 10-10-12

The PhoneDog
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Published: October 10, 2012

Up for grabs in the One-Paw Bandit game right now, the HTC One X has been a dominant device on the Official Smartphone Rankings this year.  Stay in third for another week, the HTC One X lands in the feature user review spot on this Wednesday.

"HTC One X: The best smart phone on the market!" By VIRGO SPHNIX on 9/28/12

I went to a local AT&T retail store to get a feel for the Samsung Galaxy S3 & The HTC One X. Initially, I held the S3 in my hand & didn't like how it fit in my hand, the lighting was dimmer. The pics are good but not great. When I got a hold of the One X, I fell instantly in love on how good & comfortable in my hand. The display is a lot crisper, the HD videos are beyond remarkable. The outer cover has a slick design. When in sunlight, unlike the Galaxy, with the One x, you can still see the screen good despite the sun beaming down on the screen. The only pet peeve I have with the One X is that the battery isn't replaceable. Never the less, this smart phone is beyond remarkable! # 1 on the market if you ask me! Best cellphone I ever had. HTC ONE X RULES...BAR-NONE!

Display 5/5

Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.8

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