Purported Sony Nexus X device appears in leaked images [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 15, 2012

Sony Nexus X rear leak

There have been numerous Nexus leaks recently showing a device made by LG, but a new pair of images purports to show a new Nexus handset manufacturer by Sony. The two shots belong to an album called "Sony Nexus X" and were posted to Picasa on October 14. The phone has no branding on its face and then Google and Sony logos on its rear. Also around back is what appears to be a hump at the bottom. On the side we can see a microUSB port and a set of connector pins.

While we've already seen a device from LG that's thought to be a new member of the Nexus family, a report from earlier this year claimed that Google would be working with multiple manufacturers on a range of Nexus devices that'd be available later this year. These images certainly seem to support that claim, though there are some strange aspects of the shots (like the missing "Google Play" label on the app icon) that make them seem a tad iffy. For now, it's probably wise for prospective Nexus buyers to not get their hopes up for this Sony device too much. What do you all make of this device? If it's real, do you think you'd prefer it to LG's Nexus 4?

UPDATE: As some suspected, these images are fake. The creator of the shots has put together a Tumblr page and an infographic explaining the how and why of the matter, saying that he was "just a guy sharpening his skills" in 3D modeling and also that he wanted to show Google that there is demand for a Nexus device from a company like Sony. You can read the whole thing for yourself right here.

Sony Nexus X front leak

Via Xperia Blog, Picasa, Tumblr