T-Mobile 1900MHz HSPA+ coverage now live in Kansas City

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 15, 2012

T-Mobile logo CTIA

Less than a month after T-Mobile officially lit up Las Vegas with its refarmed 1900MHz HSPA+ network, the carrier has announced that the service is live in another city. This time it's Kansas City that's getting in on the refarm action. T-Mobile has confirmed that customers in the Kansas City area will now see improved coverage and faster network speeds on unlocked devices, including the iPhone. The enhanced service covers several major Kansas City areas, such as Arrowhead Stadium and the Power & Light District, and also reaches the surrounding areas in Jackson, Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

T-Mobile announced earlier this year that it planned to begin refarming some of the 1900MHz PCS spectrum being used for its 2G network and roll out HSPA+ service with it instead. Doing so means that customer that would traditionally be stuck on T-Mo's EDGE network will instead be able to hop onto its speedier HSPA+ network. Both Kansas City and Las Vegas are now officially covered with the 1900MHz HSPA+ coverage, and T-Mobile notes that customers in portions of Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and the New York metro area are also seeing the service flicker to life. More 1900MHz HSPA+ markets are expected to be announced later this year. So, any of you Magenta folk in Kansas City seeing improved coverage today?

Via T-Mobile Issues & Insights Blog