Jealous of Jelly Bean

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| October 18, 2012


There’s something that’s becoming increasingly more enticing about Android lately, and I’m not sure if it’s all of the cool stuff they’re coming out with or the fact that their software is named after desserts. It’s hard to tell. One thing I do know is that every time I watch a video review, or walk into a store to explore new devices, the Android devices are what make me start coming up with excuses to keep loving my iPhone 4S.

It’s no secret that my iPhone 4S is now officially outdated since the iPhone 5 came out, even if the iPhone 5 really didn’t come out with anything so extravagant that it’s hardly worth calling it an upgrade. LTE connectivity is great and all, but that’s really just Apple being a good sport and finishing the race even though they’re in dead last. But hey, at least they tried, right? Phones like the Galaxy S III, which was released before the iPhone 5 was, can still do more than the iPhone could ever dream of doing, and it’s clear to me that although my phone is sufficient and can do its job, it’s quickly losing its limelight in my eyes.

One of the things I noticed myself drooling over today was when I was watching the Samsung Galaxy Note II review, I started thinking that it would be very bothersome to have a phablet. I already don’t like the idea of having a “big” phone like the Samsung Galaxy S III, but the Note line is even bigger. Why would I ever want that? But aside from the fact that I’d probably always have to use two hands for it, it does have one very important factor – it comes with an S-pen.

Now, you all are probably thinking, “Really? You want that phone for the stylus? Have you been living under a rock? That’s nothing new.” It’s not, that’s true. But one of the things I loved most about my palm devices was the fact that the stylus had a special slot built right into the hardware. If there’s two things I miss about old phones, it’s a stylus slot and a good physical keyboard, but I digress. Aside from being a writer, I’m also an artist. The main reason I purchased a tablet was so I could work on my digital drawings, but sometimes it’s too much for me to be able to carry my tablet with me. So secretly (although not-so-secretly anymore) I wondered if a larger phone could be the answer to my artsy-problems. The iPhone 5’s 4-inch display would simply not be enough space for me.

Aside from the stylus, however, I loved how the devices (both the Note II and the Galaxy S III) ran smoothly. I’m a sucker for smooth transitions, as I assume anyone is, and that was one of the things that lured me into the iPhone 4S at first, but now many devices have better processors that make phones run even better. With the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III, the graphics look great and the animations are… well, actually there. I like that there’s things going on in the screen. The widgets move, the lock screen is that cool water-drop design, and of course you can always add live wallpaper. The con to all these pretty designs is naturally going to mean less battery life, but honestly I’m not even sure I use my phone enough anymore to where that would be a problem. Or maybe I’ve just gotten so accustomed to the decent battery life of my iPhone 4S it just doesn’t seem like I use my phone as much anymore. I’m still thinking of the days where my EVO 4G was married to its charger and I had to bring it with me everywhere.

I was already becoming very interested in the Samsung Galaxy S III, but now that I’ve gotten a good look at the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I may just have to give it a visit when it comes to Sprint on October 25. The deciding factor here is whether I will be able to comfortably hold the device, something that only the iPhone has been able to do for me since I’ve entered the smartphone world. If it turns out the device is just too big for my every day use, I’ll simply have to admire it from afar.

So how do you feel, PhoneDog readers? Do you think the Galaxy Note II, or even the Galaxy S III, is worth switching to from an outdated Apple iPhone 4S? What do or don’t you like about the design of these two behemoths? Let me know in the comments!