T-Mobile no longer offering 200MB smartphone data plan to new customers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 20, 2012

T-Mobile 200MB data plan leak

Way back in November 2010, T-Mobile introduced a new $10 data plan that offered 200MB of data usage each month, making for a rate plan that was attractive to customers that were light data users. It doesn't look like the 200MB option will live to see its second birthday, though, as a T-Mobile spokesperson has confirmed to FierceWireless than the plan is no longer available to new customers. This backs up a document that was recently leaked to TmoNews, which shows that the plan was dropped back on October 10. The doc explains the reasoning behind the decision, saying that "current smartphones consume data at a higher rate" and that requiring a 2GB or higher data plan will help to protect consumers from "unexpected overages." 

While the 200MB plan is no longer available to new T-Mobile customers, the carrier spokesperson did say that customers already signed up for the plan can keep it. Also, any customer that buys a smartphone at full price or brings their own and pair it with one of T-Mobile's Value plans can still sign up for the 200MB rate plan. Now that T-Mobile has dropped its 200MB plan, new customers can choose to sign up for 2GB of data, T-Mo's new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, 5GB or 10GB plans, with the latter two also including mobile hotspot. While it's never good to see a carrier drop one of its rate plans, the good news is that customers that've already signed up for their plan can keep it, and anyone that opts to bring their own phone will still have the option to sign up for the 200MB offering. Are any of you currently on T-Mobile's 200MB data plan?

Via FierceWireless, TmoNews