Will you buy a 10 inch Nexus tablet?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona
Published: October 20, 2012

As we near the end of October, we’re looking at a pretty eventful wrap to the month. While Microsoft is gearing up to unveil the new features within Windows Phone 8, as well as officially launch Surface and Windows 8, the house that built Android is looking to take some of the excitement out of the Redmond-based company’s parade. The very same day, on October 29th, Google is gearing up to unveil some new things, and the word on the street suggests that we could be looking at a couple of different Nexus devices.

First, I’d like to say that if Google does indeed unveil a new Nexus tablet, as well as a new Nexus smartphone, then that would indeed “confirm” those rumors pointing to multiple Nexus-branded devices launching this year. After all, we’ve got the 7-inch Nexus tablet from earlier this year, and now potentially we’ve got a bigger tablet and the new smartphone coming down the pipe. So, multiple devices.

No, it’s not exactly what we were expecting, but it still fits the bill. More or less.

I can’t figure out if I’m excited about the new Nexus leaks, to be honest. While the new handset is interesting in its own regard, mostly because it’s LG and they finally get to take a crack at making a Nexus device, I’m wondering if it will be able to swell the masses to purchase one. Is this the Nexus device like that of the Nexus One by HTC, way back at the start of the Nexus program? Meaning, is this the Nexus phone that will start stealing attention away from other Android manufacturers, like Samsung or HTC, and propel potential customers away from devices with proprietary software, into the loving arms of a vanilla Android handset?

Only time will tell. As far as the rumors go, the LG Nexus “4” is worth taking a look at, sure, but I’m holding my judgment until I see the final version, and get a real feel for how the specifications stack up against the competition. Mostly, I’m hoping that the LG Nexus comes out from behind the curtain not looking so much like a Galaxy Nexus. (It looks like a Galaxy Nexus.)

But, it may not be LG that gets the lion’s share of the attention at this month’s event, if the rumors of a larger Nexus tablet are true. Not just a memory boost, either. The rumor mill has been spilling out the idea that there could be a 10-inch Nexus tablet coming down the line here soon, and that would indeed put a nice twist on the Android tablet market for the better.

However, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a point to a 10-inch Nexus tablet. If one does exist, I think it’s Google making one to make one. I don’t believe that a 10-inch Nexus tablet, if it is indeed just a larger version of the Nexus 7, accomplishes anything other than providing a bigger display. Why? Because I think the Nexus 7 is the very definition of the perfect 7-inch tablet. It’s built for media consumption, but also offers up quick ways to create if that’s your thing. Its main focus is consumption, though, and even has a bonus Google Now feature, which will help you plan your day without you even realizing it.

Yes, a 10-inch Nexus tablet can certainly exist and I have no doubts that there would be plenty of people out there who would find a use for it. I just think that the 7-inch model is where it should start and end, and Google should simply provide more options for storage. Pulling out the Nexus 7 to interact with Google Now is easy, simple, and without hassle because of its size. Depending on the design of a 10-inch tablet, withdrawing it just to glean a quick dose of information just doesn’t seem worthwhile in the long run.

Then again, both the LG Nexus and the Nexus 10 could be overshadowed by Google’s announcement of a Nexus 7 tablet with 32GB of built-in storage and a ridiculously cheap price tag. No matter what they announce, or how they do it, it’s looking like it will be an interesting event, to say the least.

Tell me, Dear Reader. What are you looking forward to Google announcing at their event later this month? If they do unveil a 10-inch Nexus tablet, would you be willing to throw money at it to make it yours? Or are you content with a 7-inch tablet? Let me know what you think.

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