What's your next "it" phone?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| Published: October 21, 2012

Kind of spinning off of my article yesterday about how the design of smartphones may or may not be able to benefit from a change in design, I got to thinking about how other changes could positively affect smartphones. Modern phones are always improving with each release in one way or another, whether it’s a bigger battery, faster processor, bigger screen, etc. But what would you like to see in your next dream phone?

In my line of work I ask people about their phones a lot. I ask what they’ve carried before, what they have now, and what they think they’ll go for next. On more than one occasion I’ve heard people who have no plans to upgrade any time in the future, simply because they’re not one hundred percent happy with the selection of phones these days. Basically they are constantly waiting for the next big thing, the “end all” of phones, and will most likely never find it. They end up begrudgingly accept that no phone will be perfect and settle.

While I find that however true it might be that no phone will ever be perfect, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any phones out there that are perfect for our individual personalities. That could mean any type of phone, whether it’s a flip, a messaging, or a smartphone. Although smartphones are the most popular market right now, not every wants or needs one, so while one person’s dream phone could brush your teeth, drive your car, and babysit the kids, somebody else’s dream phone might just need to be easily accessible and easy to use.

For me, a dream phone would be something that has a fantastic camera. I really like the 8 megapixel cameras, but if I could get a 16 megapixel or better that would be amazing. I would also like to see a happy medium between an Android and an iPhone so I wouldn’t have to be so stuck between the two all the time. The last thing I would like to see in my dream phone is an everlasting battery. I can’t even count how many times on one hand how often I’d go to bed and forgetting to plug my phone in. But to be more realistic, a phone that could last maybe two to three days would be sufficient. At least that’s not far beyond our reach at this point.

I’ve thought about other ideas that might be cool for phones, but after thinking about these ideas in depth a little more they probably wouldn’t be that good and maybe even a little scary. I mentioned a phone driving our cars, which sounds crazy but probably isn’t that far-fetched. Google has already created a self-driving vehicle, so I’m sure it isn’t too outlandish to predict that they might program one of their phones to be able to do the same thing. Also, mind reading phones probably aren’t that good of an idea either.  In theory it sounds kind of cool, and definitely futuristic, but that would definitely be overstepping privacy boundaries.

So readers, now it’s your turn to tell me what you’d like to see in your next “it” phone.  Is it new design, a better battery, or something completely new and innovative? (If it’s something completely innovative I recommend patenting it before posting). Let me know your ideas!

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