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Verizon customers in the market for a new smartphone may want to take a seat, because a new minimum advertising price (MAP) sheet has been leaked to Android Central with the likely pricing for many of the big red carrier's upcoming devices. One of the most notable entries on the list is the one at the very bottom. A device named the "HTC DROID DNA" is listed with the model number HTC6435LVW, which is the identifier that's been associated with the HTC DLX and its 5-inch 1080p display in the past. According to the MAP sheet, the DROID DNA's minimum advertised price is $199.99, with that price's start date set for November 20.

Another noteworthy (*rimshot*) entry on this MAP list is the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The Note II features a MAP price of $299.99 and a MAP start date of October 24, suggesting that a launch is close. Verizon has yet to confirm any availability details of its Note II. Finally, both the Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC Windows Phone 8X are on the MAP list as well. The Lumia 822 shows up in three versions, likely black, gray and white models, with a MAP price of $99.99 and a start date of November 12. HTC's Windows Phone 8X appears in entries for red, black and blue models, and its MAP price and start date are $199.99 and November 12, respectively.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a Verizon MAP list leak, and and while they aren't quite the same as an official announcement, the prices we've seen on them in the past have typically turned out to be similar to what Verizon ends up announcing. The aforementioned pricing for the four new phones on this list makes sense, as the Sprint Galaxy Note II has already been priced at $300, and the Lumia 822 and 8X have mid-range and higher-end pricing that would line up with the specs for those two devices. Now we have to wait for Verizon to come clean with the availability details for these upcoming products, but the good news is that this MAP leak has given us an idea of what to expect from the big red carrier over the next month or so. Any of you Verizon customers thinking about picking up one of the devices on today's MAP list?

Via Android Central

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Brodie Thomas Still lovin' my unlimited data with Verizon...
Jared Dore No thanks
Steve Coyle Yes I do.. I only buy HTC.. I'd love it to be Nexus..but I have been still rocking my HTC G2...... would love HTC kill the Note 2 with a removable battery and a 3100 or bigger battery.. I love HTCs build quality over Samsungs
Eric J. Powers Yes i do, i love HTC. My droid incredible 4g is much better then my razr!
T Louis Michael Will stay with Samsung Sunburst until prices go down.
Jeradiah R Williams NO!! I don't like HTC because of their poor battery life and HTC Sense keeps force closing!! I'll stick with Samsung or Motorola
Cesario Brito Jr. Only if it had a removable battery and running stock android.
Mark Belkowski corey the nexus id overrated.
Anthony Bailey Hell no! It's already DOA and outclassed by the Note II ... a phone I will be getting on Nov. 9th on AT&T btw.
Kizito Nestor HTC will give it a 1800 battery...hahaha
Brandon Worley Been waiting on it for months take these RAZRs...junk
Corey Stock I only want it if its Nexus.
Mark Belkowski no but i will be getting the note2.
Ezekiel Carsella nah. good phones just not my type
Juan Jose Rios Don't they have these already? I've seen a few HTC tablets for sale at a resale kiosk at the mall. They're branded with sprint service logo
Kerwin Sulcer Nope. Burned by the Thunderbolt. Moving on to the Note 2.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. Htc phones are trash.
Devlin Robear Maybe, if the price is right.
Chris Rodriguez Absolutely. This thing looks amazing. And is someone actually complaining about it having an amazing display? Haha, people these days...
Anthony Evans Jr sounds awesome but note 2 ftw
Adam Schulte Maybe, but not with a 1080p display. That's overkill
Chris Robinson sounds like something i wanted to invent years ago, someday everyone will own something similar
Logan Astorga Doesn't sound like a good idea unless you're a business person.

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