Since the beginning of smartphone time there have been avid fans having shouting matches on all sides of the fence over which operating system was better. Android this, Apple that, BlackBerry has this, does  Windows Phone have that? Sometimes my womanly feelings get the better of me and as argumentative as I love to be sometimes, I just wonder – why can’t we all just hug and be friends?

I have a story to tell. Once upon a time there were two best friends who talked about anything and everything all the time. They didn’t see each other very much, but they were always texting each other. Both of them had iPhones, and they were always using iMessage. Instant text messages, how about that! Until one day one of the best friends traded in her iPhone for an Android. The texts took longer to send, and sometimes the friend with the Android wouldn’t get the messages because iMessage was still interrupting the flow. The number of times a text message was received by one to the other became more and more rare, and in due time neither one spoke a single word because their worlds were just too different now, and they led completely separate lives and never spoke to each other ever again.

That story was fictional (I might have to make a children’s novel out of that one, that’s got New York Bestseller written all over it), but it almost seems like that might happen, doesn’t it? As pointed out before, all of these phones are meant to be for the same target audience for those in the market for a smartphone, but also a different audience depending on which one you want to go with as each operating system offers something different. Sometimes it’s all in good fun to poke fun at one or the other, or to debate the different features, but then you throw in the hardcore fans who sometimes just suck all the fun out of the whole thing.

I love listening to debates about what entices different people to each phone. This could even include webOS if you’re into that. Those phones have a place in the market today for a reason (except webOS anymore, but some people still prefer it) and that’s because quite a few people in near and far away places prefer that UI over anything else and want to use it on a day-to-day basis.  I feel that as a mobile tech fanatic we should respect one another and our choices. It really does seem to lose its luster when somebody else is trying to tell you that your smartphone isn’t good enough, or coming up with unnecessary arguments as to why you should be carrying the same phone as someone else. Some people literally spend hundreds of dollars on these phones and they should be allowed to enjoy them without judgment.

What sparked all of this is last night I was standing in line at the store with my son, and I got out my phone to send a text to my friend. Somebody in the checkout line next to me started telling me all of the reasons I should switch to Android, and how his phone was way better than mine. That’s fine, I’m open for a good discussion, but then he started to throw in the bashing.

“Your phone sucks.”

“Why would you even buy that?”

 And my favorite: “Did you even know what you were buying or were you just trying to look cool?” Yes, sir, I just bought this to look cool. In fact, I wasn’t even sending a text just then. Just flitting my fingers across the screen so it lit up and made it look like I had friends. It just flustered me a bit that somebody was trying to put me down by means of what phone I carry as oppose to something that  might actually affect somebody else. I let most of it roll off my back, but just the fact that somebody was willing to start an argument in the middle of a grocery store line over nothing was a little irritating.

Obviously I enjoy arguing points, mostly with myself, on different phone features and what I like and don’t like about certain devices. If I didn’t, this wouldn’t be my job. But my job doesn’t mean I just get to post articles about why this phone sucks and why this other phone is way cooler. It’s about discovering new technology (and renewing our love for old technology sometimes) and sharing my opinion with other cell phone loving junkies like yourselves and hearing what you have to say about the same subject.

Have you ever had an encounter like mine? Do you feel like some people take the OS arguments too far? Let me know what you think!

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"Do you take the OS arguments too far?"

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Jesse Robert Bochek It's mainly just Small Penis Syndrome for most people who like to argue that way.
SmithsLane i suggest cnet for more accurate and un-biast opinions! this site is full of android ass holes....!!
Nano3_ I love turtles
Kyle Krause Its personal preference i had both i prefer android more customizable.
Dylan Greene Bitch please, WP8 all the way. And don't hate, because you clearly didn't try it!
Bobby Moore Jr. Yes they do I have a type of phones system I use but I don't trip just because someone dont like want I like
Christopher Willford The only reason I got a Samsung gs2 and not the iPhone is cuz I didn't want to have learn a new os. Going from blackberry to Android was hard enough. Lol.
Manan Shah IOS OR ANDROID? make a way for it guys coZ number 1 is... "Jailbroken IOS"!! No one comes close!(if u know Wat I mean) 1. Jailbroken IOS 2. Android 4.0 3. Stock IOS M I right?
Huner Mathias iOS is dead
Brandon Moran We are all friends, well some of us lol.. I like both devices and OS's, but I'm picky on what Apple item I buy since its a run around of "Getting the new & latest one" I've only ever purchased one iPod touch. I have an iPad 2 cuz it was given to me. But.. Android people are just pointing out FACTS that the capability is currently MUCH more diverse,innovative, open, and free than the iOldShit.. (0ooo, that was good lol,.. Better patent that before Apple sues me lol) Honestly, When my old 2010 Android Mytouch phone can do more stuff than the new iPhone 5, that's mind boggling to me.. (S 3 features) I like Apple stuff, quality cool lookin' devices.. but they need to catch up, and they REALLY NEED TO STOP RIPPING PEOPLE AND COMING OUT WITH PRODUCTS WITHOUT A RETINA DISPLAY SO THAT THEY CAN COME OUT WITH IT AGAIN NEXT TIME smh.. Example, iPad mini, no retina? Meanwhile they've already figured out that tech for the iPhone and iPods?! There's no acceptable excuse for apple not to do it for ALL their items. Period. (and I've heard apple fans in person justify why it's understandable that they didn't do it) smh.. Hogwash. Only thing good about iOS is that it's pretty easy to use, so thats great forSmart phone BEGINNERS. (for example: i might buy a couple ipods for my parents cuz they're scared shitless of using a smart device lol.. At least it'll bring em to todays technology lol) But the iOS gets boring quick. And it's very limited compared to what Android does. That said, to each his own of course, but fact of the matter is, you can do a lot more with Android. #True Story
Zach Cline Elijah who says iPhone owners can't use an android device ? That statement in itself is incredibly arrogant . I had nothing but android before I switched to the iPhone and iOS is just a better fit for me . If android works for you then cool- But there's really no reason to bash iPhone or windows phone owners and assume that they can't comprehend android . They probably just don't prefer it.
Gordon Christie Always Lmaoooooo
Zach Cline No because fandroids are douchebags . At least 75 % of them
TuCan Dan Define "advanced"
Elijah David Kleehammer I see the advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems. Apple made iOS very safe, because they made a phone that they wanted to be used by everyone (young people, old people, and everyone in between). What Android has done is give power to its users, so we're not all stuck with a few screens of static icons. Yes, iOS is undoubtedly more fluid and has a much better application market. Yes, it is rather dry and stale nowadays. Yes, if you own an iPhone I'll probably think of you differently, just as people would think of me differently for owning an Android powered device. If iOS is your thing, that's your prerogative to use it. Sorry you can't use an advanced operating system.
Khalid Dris this is what we called OS-ist
Chetan Naik i can fuckin get IOS UI on my droid, but i dont want to cos,3rd party launchers Apex/Nova are way better than tat .. forget about Sense UI and TW . i dislike the apple OS , its not for the one who likes customization and flexibity . its only made for them who do not understand computers . :D
Tyler Vieira That's a good point Jeremy I fucking forgot about that haha
Jeremy Koenig It was a war when Jobs said he wanted to destroy Android.
Anonymous I could care less if anybody uses a pos iPhone. I just hate them, will always use Android. I wont try to talk you into android if you dont try to talk me out of it.
Steven Quacoo- Dorby iOS is way better than android and y'all know it. I like it way better
Chester Candelaria the experts you say? well all of the experts are ifans android FTW apple is just for kids
Eric King In fact I'm waiting for that Nokia lumia 920 to drop that phone just looks sexy I just want to see what windows 8 brings to the table from what I see so far it's not to bad but I need to see more !
Anonymous I feel like I'm one of few who know of the best stuff out there, being a Windows Phone fan haha. It's so beautiful. But I do believe people deserve choice. I don't know why people have to force their opinions down others' throats.
Equaknox Knox Its black ppl n white ppl..K...Nuff Said
Eric King Say lol
Eric King Like I said before and I'll see it again ios & android Both have their strengths and weaknesses i like iOS I even like android And I think Windows 8 is going be pretty badass too I just don't like Samsung Why they still keep making their phones out of cheap plastic I have no clue
John Elizondo iOS for there market of apps and content Android for everything else :)
Dalen Romelien Can't be friends cause people stupid
Diego Schneider iOS = poop Android = super hero
Yasir Sohail The thing is not about the arguement, but its the very stupid Apple fanboys who every year fail to realize that Apple sells the same crap over and over again with very very minor updates and upgrades of their software and hardware. Apple has so much money, if they want they can make something really amazing and innovative once again, but they dont because their customers keep paying for the aame crap. I dont blame Apple for that I blame the buyers, because to be honest if I was Apple I would do the samething, easy money.
Francis Short Jr Who cares its more about personal preferences
Brandon Johnson I honestly don't give a don't which is better if the phone sux.
Tan Chong Ling Android is more customizable as I like the clock widgets and the tweaks available. iOS however is stable and things runs smoothly on iOS. Android and iOS can't possibly be friends as stealing ideas will most likely to happen. So for a tablet software, I would go for the iPad as my iPad 2 is running extremely smooth and never does it shows laggy performance but for phones, I would go for an android device mainly samsung as samsung is catching up on the meaning of innovation. I am still an apple fan though but I truly believe that companies like samsung are waiting for apple to release a killer feature, which is a new thing to the mobile industry to copy and customize it on their own.
Jesus Villena Android really is the better phone... but the only thing im jealous of ios is their fluidity and their app market......mostly their fluidity tho becuase there are aspects of the android market that are better than the ios..and their fluidity is ahead of android... still tho...ANDROID FTW!!!
TuCan Dan What is wrong with you people?!
Howie Eastin I think iOS is more stable but android is more fun
Robby Olko The funny thing iOS conference for there new shitty products always involve trashing android and when android does there's they don't need to say bullshit because there products are better
Tyler Vieira no i dont because im not a fucking 2 year old
Tyler Baile Ios! Android is slow and is hard to use, ios is easy and simple!
Robaire Henderson If they didn't charge over 100 dollars to change a battery, stopped saying they were superior with next to no flexibility, and weren't just cobbling together parts from other manufacturers and acting like they created phones and computers then I wouldn't take it so far
George Cruz They should battle their prices.
David DiPilla Always a war
Jeff Griffith As long as there's some geek who can't get laid, there will be needy little arguments. It's the virgins that insult others for their choice in a phone OS, just like the people who call Apple "Crapple" and others who insult the Android crowd by calling their OS "fragmented", and so forth.
Angel Hernandez @Michael I do too lol, the only thing the iphone has on android is a smoother os. Android can run almost anything, the iphone doesnt compare to android in hardware. Getting an iphone is like getting a car with custom suspensions made 50years ago. Yea it might be a smooth ride but under the hood it doesnt compare to the power of Ferrai regardlessnof what year the ferrai was made lol.. Gs3 FTW..
Luis Robles Figueroa Too certain point... just have fun but not serious.
Zak Raptis Hell no. I like them all!
Leo Alexandrov not really. i just win
Mark Belkowski android ftw... im a fan of webos too.
Møndo Gønzalez I am prob going to stick to iPhone 5 but android is more powerful in capabilities
Marco Zuniga If u base someone's intelligence by the mobile OS they prefer ... U have issues. I'm in the tech industry, hold dual degrees and IT Certifications and using android doesn't make me any smarter than someone who prefers the iOS mobile platform. Yes people take it too far and still don't benefit at all from it
Joernie Berrios crAPPLE had no other choice but to sue Samsung because they were noticing that Andriod was having much better performance and less laggy then before
Brian Edwards No thankfully. I do get a rare GOOD conversation though. Note the RARE part.
Patryk Klosowski Tabib, it is a good point of view, but people who want iPhone to basic stuff should buy 3GS. ;)
??? ???????? I also have a gs3 rooted with Touchwiz Jellybean installed. I'd rather downgrade to a galaxy s2 than touch IOS. I find IOS so detestable that there are likely a number of other more humiliating and degrading things I'd rather do.
Nick Petrizzio No, the iSheep are just butthurt Android is better, and yes, everyone rides apple's dick too
Anthony Bailey Speaking specifically about Apple and iOS... there's a reason why so many people seem to have a tremendous amount of hate for iOS and its users: (1) the constant dick riding of Apple by sites like PhoneDog, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and any other tech website on earth, and (2) most Apple cheerleaders walk around with this unjustified sense of superiority because, ironically, they carry around an inferior phone riding a "cool factor" wave dated back to 2007. If sites like PhoneDog would treat iOS the way it should in 2012... more like BlackBerry — totally irrelevant and nowhere near innovative — most of these iOS wars would be nonexistent. But when we have sites like PhoneDog calling the iPhone 4S and 5 as "the best smartphone ever" and they can't even compete with Androids from two years ago, it's instantaneously infuriating.
Joernie Berrios Theres is much more innovation in Android...IOS is just lame and boring
El Desaparesido Never ever will I buy a apple product again!!
Michael Beastmode White @jevon real talk. At one point I THINK it was the creator of the AOL software openly admitted that it was designed for stupid people. It needed to be simple. Same with Apple going on about simplicity, to me that's calling your loyal customers stupid. "IPhone simplicity, even a cave man can use it" Apple's new slogan....
Kenneth Moody I have a gs3 rooted on cm10 and I feel that android is overrated. I will be switching back to iOS.
Nick Petrizzio iOS is only good for stupid people
Jevon Sebastian Peoples Hahahaha, my asthma!!!! MICHAEL SAID IOS IS THE AOL OF OPERATING SYSTEMS!!!!! CTFU!!!!!
Mihai Lung BlackBerry? Lol
Joel Valladares Yes i do, and I lost my friend that friend in Facebook but we still friend on real life
Mihai Lung Mark Beynon you just went full retard
Javier Delgado one side we have android fandroids that think they know everything and talk only about spec of the phone and other side we have fanboys who think that apple its from another planet..something divine just cuz it has a damm apple logo...and the company say its created by angels... o,o windows phone ...im starting to like it.. gonna drop android for a while..
Rodger Samiie Myers Cause we are americans...peace confuses and pisses us off..
Eric Mitchell Though @TylerTresenrider won't be able to give us reasons to how the iPhone 5 is way better than the GS3 overall, other than saying ask the experts (which is what an idiot would say), I favor both OS's in many ways, but choose to side with Android at the moment. But yeah, I do think people can sometimes take these arguments a little too far. Every one don't have to like an OS because you do and the OS doesn't suck just because you do, not everyone is going to think it sucks.
Michael Beastmode White I'm android all the way. But tend to recommend iPhone to stupid people who have a hard time figuring things out. ios is the AOL of operating systems....
Nick Chimento Oh yes I do lol
Steve Johns I tried apple for a month then I it my first android phone the HTC rezound not the best but I loved the customizable set up and its just getting better and better. apple is staying the same. We will see if they finally get smart and steal good ideas for the iPad and iPhone 10 ?
Tyler Tresenrider Iphone 5 way better than gs3 overall ask the experts
Jose Be Julme Yes I do. Android ftw!
Mendez Roy android the best
??? ???????? The fight is not stupid but a matter of ethics. If you believe in the American way, you understand the concept of free market capitalism. Why should you become a felon for wanting to install another market on your phone? Would you be a felon for wanting to shop at a different shoe store, if the store you were in didn't have shoes you liked? Apple is a bunch of communists using sweatshop slave labor to manufacture their inferior products.
????????? ??t???? ???sta?t????-??e?a??? Yes. Especially with Android fans. The comments they write are so childish and so pathetic.
Ascended Alteran Hardly use my iPhone 4s now, ever since I bought the S3. Honestly Apple has lost it and its about time they realize it.
Nick Petrizzio I want Tim Cook to stay in charge of Apple, no more Apple and iSheep
Elizabeth Griffin We cannot be friends. Android came after apple, PERIOD. Everything that Android has done came after Apple took the risk with a revolutionary product. Dont understand why people say Apple stifles innovation. Innovation is inventing something new but all android and all these companies do is wait until apple does something and when they see it gets successful then they make their own bootleg ass product and people buy it because its cheaper. Apple knows their worth like Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana while android is like a rainbows with the same look but bad quality
Dylan Thomas it will never happen, because apple fan boys make their products out to be better then they really are.Ever since Steve jobs died, apple is just going down hill. it will stay like that unless they get some one who actually knows what their doing, and not this tard "Tim cook"!
Stephen Wagner Because most people that own Apple products are arrogant just like the creators
Tabib Rehman I love android and find ios boring but still recommend ios it to people who want a phone for basic stuff
Nick Petrizzio We take it so far because sheep don't know a damn thing about a good phone
Kristopher Davis It wouldnt be a problem if it wasn't for Apple's " we are god" tactics. Lying in ads, sueing for everything, trying to patent air basically, etc. Whereas Android is open n free....
Møndo Gønzalez The fight is plain stupid grow up. They are all good and bad in there own way.
Mark Beynon Their not there
Eduardo Solis Fucking hipsters and there apple products
Don H Ashfield Android is the best !!!!
Cathrin OToole Not really.
Tim Moore I think both are good just depends on what you like. They are pretty equal now.
Anthony Evans Jr everyone does. One side you have apple arrogance the other you android users who are sick of ios people flaunting there devices.

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