After two major events, why do we still not have a launch date for the Lumia 920?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| October 30, 2012

Yesterday, Microsoft took the stage to officially announce Windows Phone 8. Again. This is the second event Microsoft has held for their brand new mobile operating system, but unlike the first one, this event was geared entirely towards the consumer. As Microsoft put it, it's all about the people who use the platform. Yesterday's event also provided something else:  even more vague release dates.

Both Taylor and I have weighed our thoughts on release dates, and the lack thereof. But I think this particular situation is very unique. Because while one event from a major manufacturer which doesn’t include a release date after the unveiling is bad, we’re looking at a phone that’s now seen the limelight twice! We’ve seen two events for the Lumia 920, and we still do not have solid, definitive release date.

We got a bit closer, yes, for some devices on some carriers. We know that Verizon is indeed picking up their own Nokia Lumia device, as well as the Samsung ATIV Odyssey and the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Prices were even displayed! But, no exact date, other than, in the case for the Windows Phone 8X, “by Thanksgiving.”

T-Mobile is also planning on offering up their own Windows Phone 8 devices, and even if AT&T is the carrier of choice for the big brother of the Lumia family, the Magenta carrier was the only one that had exact dates to provide. Come November 14th, T-Mobile subscribers will be able to pick up the Lumia 810 and the Windows Phone 8X. So, thank you, T-Mobile, for actually providing a solid date.

So what about the Lumia 920? The device that has so many people interested in Microsoft's platform? It was featured at Microsoft's event, too. But, you already know where this is headed. No release date.

We've known for a long time that Windows Phone 8 would be launching at the end of the year. We've known for a long time that, come December, we'd have Windows Phone 8 devices on shelves. And, ever since Nokia’s official event earlier this year, we’ve known that the Lumia 920 would be on shelves “later this year” as well. And yet, a day after the phone’s second major event, we still don’t have a date to circle on our calendars.

How on Earth can this be okay? To anyone? Especially Microsoft. Or Nokia? We're supposed to be getting answers at these events, but we seem to keep missing the very important one.

I asked over the weekend if you think Microsoft missed a perfect launch window, and I think this just cements this for me. I know that these companies aren't Apple, but is the suggestion at this point that consumers don't care about official launch dates?

Apparently so.

What do you say, Dear Reader? Do you care about official, announced launch dates? Or are you perfectly comfortable waiting for an unknown amount of time? Let me know!