Would you purchase your phone again?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from Kansas City, MO
Published: October 31, 2012

This intriguing question just popped into my head the other day: what if you had the chance to go back in time, with all of the knowledge you have of your device now, and purchase a phone again? Would you purchase the same device, or would you switch it up?

I think I would still purchase my same device regardless. I don’t remember what possessed to me to buy it in the first place, as I was taught to loathe the Apple demons and praise the almighty Android overlords.  Then Sprint turns around and tells us “Wait! Apple’s not so bad! Look how shiny this phone is!” and half of us stood tall with our arms crossed and said “No way!” while the other half, including myself, flocked towards it like ants on sugar. I don’t know why, but I wanted it. I saw it, and I wanted it, and I was going to have that shiny, glassy, easily breakable device no matter what.

I would actually have to say that this is the longest running period that I’ve used the same device. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more cautious about spending money, or because I enjoy how stress-free it’s been for me. Well, mostly stress-free. I do feel like I check my purse for it more often than I would any other phone because I’m always hearing stories of stolen iPhones, and once you get your iPhone stolen you’re pretty much out of luck (and $700) if you want another one. I mean sure, you have Find My iPhone, but what are you going to do when and if you find it? You never know what kind of person might have stolen it, and I’m generally just not in the mood to risk myself sitting in the pit of someone’s house and putting the lotion on its skin just for a phone.

I will say I had a really hard time initially choosing between the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Epic Touch 4G. After all, I already knew what Android had to offer and I was really excited for that phone when it came out as well. Internal memory plus a memory card slot was probably the real selling point for me, but I only just barely got to filling up 8 GB on my HTC EVO 3D beforehand. I figured 16 GB would have been plenty for me. It might have been, but since I’ve been carrying the phone for so long I’m actually about to run out of space on this device as well. The bigger screen is what I think strayed me from the Samsung Galaxy S II as the iPhone fit more comfortably in my hand. I still believe I made the right choice when it comes to my current device.

I would have to say I don’t think at any point in time would I have rather had a different phone than the one I was carrying unless it was a device running on Windows Mobile. The lag was unbelievable on those phones and I would always get a text message late or completely miss a phone call and receive a voicemail message hours after the call had been missed. I gave that platform three tries before cutting myself off from it completely. However, even including my blunders with Windows Mobile it was still a good learning experience and gave me the knowledge to form my own opinion about it today, as all my phones have done for me.

So readers, if you could go back in time with the knowledge you have now, would you buy it again? Why or why not? Let me know what you think!

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