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Sometime last month I asked if you were one to personalize your device, but now I’m here to ask – what are some of your favorite phone accessories? With so many to choose from for each type of device, sometimes it’s hard not to want all of them. Personally, I use quite a few accessories for my phone.

One of the most important accessories for me is a Bluetooth headset. I have about three different kinds. I have a stereo headset for when I exercise or listen to music; a regular headset for when I’m driving in the car or needing to multitask; and an in-car system for when I want to play my music through the radio (or forget my headset). Multiple Bluetooth devices help make it easier for me to multitask and not have to worry about cords yanking my phone around when I’m not paying attention. 

A good stylus is always nice to have, but the problem I encounter is that I often lose mine. It used to be that many phones with touchscreens would come standard with a stylus slot, but since pressure-sensitive touchscreens are for the most part phased out, it’s hard to find a phone that includes a spot for a heat-sensitive stylus since they generally come in large sizes. This is why I’m so intrigued by the Samsung Galaxy Note II, or even the original Galaxy Note, both of which come with a stylus slot. I feel like somebody needs to invent a smaller stylus for these devices so that more phones can make use of them.

Naturally a case is very important to anybody who has a device made of fragile materials – like glass. Especially for those of us carrying iPhone 4’s or 4S’s, a case is a must-have if you want to have an unbroken phone for more than an hour. Even then, anybody carrying a phone with a touch screen should be using a case because these things have a tendency to break when you least expect them to. I recommend either a hard gel case or something tough (i.e. Otterbox). Silicone gel cases tend to bend out of shape too easily and the snap-on cases snap-off just as easily as they snap-on.

My last favorite accessory I will mention is a mobile stereo system. I used to have a stereo that played cassettes and CD’s, but since all of my CD’s have since been moved to mp3 format on my iPhone there’s really no need to have to switch out CD’s anymore. I only spent about $20 on my small stereo system, and it actually produces pretty decent sound. However, there are more expensive systems out there that have more functionality (like serving as an alarm clock as well) and have even better sound quality than the one I purchased.

With the holidays coming up, phone accessories can make a great gift. There are a plethora of accessories out there to choose from, but these are the four that I use most frequently. What are some of your guys’ favorite accessories? Is there any accessory that you’ve seen that you’d like to have for your phone? Let me know in the comments!

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"Do you use a case on your phone?"

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Jeremiah Gmiah Millan Silicon and neoprene cases must haves.
Charlie Ebner Incase for my 4S, but I hate it.
Osvaldo Hernandez Hell yeah I got a case, My mom would kill me if I broke my phone. Lol
Surya Peddi Case mate TOUGH
Demahj Hook I hate cases it jus take away the feelin of the phone..
Roger Penn Otterbox commuter all day on my iphone 5...when I need a change just throw on a bumper case and I'm good to go
Joe Keener Otterbox commuter glacier white Galaxy Slll.... awesome case
Joe Yarger Otterbox rox, but ballistic case rules!
Josh Avondoglio A case? I have many. Which one I use depends on my mood and practicality.
Frank Zambrano Leather pouch for my gnex
Juwon Donte Otter box commuter case for my s3 the blue case looks good with my pebble blue s3
Matan Arkin Nope, I have a Nokia as of now so...
Devin Martinez I usually use the lifeproof but since the iPhone 5 is so beautiful, I feel it should be a crime to cover it up. So zagg front & back
Sean-Michael Campbell I do not. I used to, but no longer.
Dominique Ingram I just got the Samsung s3 haven't gotten a case yet but I will
Sebastian Gomes TPU cases only
Dan Daniel no case pouch my fave accessory is by far my Plantronics BT headset
J Alberto Garcia Flores Yeah, I bought a samsung case from samsung which is really nice for my GS3
Marti Ruiz some sheeps use a superthik case to protect their c..
Aaron Lane Yes my One X needs the love.
Tony Abiama I hate otter box for any phone. TPU cases are the best IMO
Jim Sowell Otterbox Defender, best case I've ever had, definitely worth the extra money
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Only an idiot wouldn't..
Brian D Buckley Otterbox commuter case HTC Sensation 4g
David DiPilla For my iPhone 5
David DiPilla I do I have 2 see though cases green And blue really nice they are thin and not a hard case or soft in between but we all know the phones look better with out the case but its better to protect the phone in case something happens
Jose Be Julme Of course I do on my Galaxy S3, iPod T 5th Gen and Asus TF 300 tablet. I need to keep them scuff & damage free.
Daniel Quintero I don't drop my phone but if I do it's with grace and elegance
Marlin Steel Robinson I do. If it's one thing that I hate to see is a raggedy beat up smartphone. Take care of your personal devices, people!
Ricky Bonilla I need a flipcover for my note 2 :(
David Hansen Always use an otterbox commuter and a screen protector. Mint condition smartphones sell better online.
Said Issa Kickstand case for my S3
Anthony Lasam Why don't the Best case makers work w/ phone companies to make a better case from "jump-street?"
Carlos Mendoza Yes otterbox defender case work in construction love it
King Ebora I believe engrs design htc/nokia phones to be case-free, enjoy your phone in their orginal cover
Joanna Enrique Ramos Love my clear and pink case for my galaxy3!!!
Eko Budi Prasetio Yes, but it make my device hot!!
Angel Higuera I do to protect my investment, but I hate them
Biraj Patel Yup 24/7 365 days a year... Lol rarely comes off... Speck Cases FTW
Zach Cline Nope I hate cases
Kenneth Bernales sometimes i do and sometimes i don't
Mauro d'Angelo Flip Cover for GS3 :)
Zachary Ente Always!! To expensive to be replacing.

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