If you look at the past six years, Apple has been at the forefront of most everything that has happened in the mobile world. Competing with Google, Apple has helped redefine the mobile industry, introducing the ever-popular iPhone and iPad. Every iteration of its smartphone has remained among the most popular and profitable smartphones during each of their times, and the iPad is still the holder of the largest piece of the tablet market share.

Judging by the performance of the iPhone 5, it's be easy to assess that Apple is doing quite well. By market value, Apple is the world's largest company. And despite blowback from the removal of Google Maps in favor of its own, in-house Maps app, Apple's stock price hit an all-time high of $705.07 per share on September 21, the very day it released the iPhone 5.

But it's not 73° and sunny over the firm's headquarters in Cupertino, California like the stock iOS Weather app would have us believe. Some forecasters are calling for clouds, maybe some showers. One former Apple (also a former Google) employee, Dan Crow, predicts a rocky future for the tech company. Crow explains in a column on The Guardian that we have "passed peak Apple" and "it's all downhill from here."

Earlier this afternoon, Businessweek reported that Apple's stock prices have plummeted 20 percent from the high in September, closing today at just $558.00 per share. This drastic drop is likely due to Apple having trouble meeting iPhone 5 demand. No less, the company is now entering what is known as a bear market.

Stock prices and short supply aren't the only immediate hurdles Apple is currently facing, however. On Monday, TechCrunch reported, according to Mary Meeker, that Android smartphone adoption is "ramping up six times faster" than iPhone adoption. And on the same day, IDC revealed that Apple's prominence in the tablet sector may be lightening up. Down from 59.7 percent tablet market share in Q3 2011, Apple now holds just 50.4 percent of the total tablet market share. This can be explained both by competition heating up – in the form of affordable, high quality Android tablets and the introduction of Windows RT tablets – and slowing sales in anticipation of the iPad mini.

Enough of the two-sided numbers story, though. Crow explains something we all have anticipated. Apple is changing under control of Tim Cook, and the "Maps debacle" is just one tell-tale, says Crow. He goes on:

"Replacing Google Maps with an obviously inferior experience shows how much Apple has changed. Apple's success had been all about offering users the best possible experience; suddenly it is willing to give users a clearly worse experience to further its corporate interests - in this case its long-running dispute with Google. We might expect this sort of behaviour from Microsoft, but we don't expect it from Apple."

Crow also explicates how Jobs' "reality distortion field" we're all too familiar with was justified in its own right. "The reason he could seemingly bend reality to his will was that products like the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad really were exceptional, breakthrough products," says Crow. However, he contrasts this with the unexciting and evolutionary announcements of the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad, both of which were introduced with excessive hype from Apple.

Crow then says two things I couldn't agree with more:

"The problem with over-hyping is that people notice, and over time it erodes their faith. There are only so many times you can be told that a relatively small increment is 'the greatest thing ever in the history of everything ever' before you get jaded. Steve knew how to balance hype and product. Apple today seems much less adept at this."

"Apple has a winning formula - perhaps the most successful business formula ever - yet it seems intent on changing it. The company has shifted away from Jobs's laser-like focus on building the best and most complete user experience, and started putting its interests way ahead of those of its users. It hasn't introduced a truly new product since the launch of the iPad nearly three years ago; instead it's making incremental and overhyped improvements to its current lines."

All of what Crow says is in line with what I've been saying and thinking since the passing of Jobs. And Apple's resistance to change, the fact that iOS has hardly changed in over six years, has me wondering if and when Apple will go through the same turbulence the former mobile giant Research In Motion is currently fighting its way through.

With other platforms rapidly changing and advancing, iOS is beginning to show its age. At what point will this come back to haunt Apple?

None of this is to say Apple will fall off the charts and disappear overnight. Apple is enormous with over $120 billion in cash. It will continue to create high quality products – likely even consumer favorites – for years to come. But its spot at the top has an expiration date, just as any company's reign does. Without Jobs manning the ship, creating and designing new, innovative products, Apple will begin to lose traction and fade from the spotlight.

The question now is: how will Tim Cook handle the situation? Where will Apple go from here? Can it continue to innovate and stay relevant? Already we see Apple following versus leading – creating a larger phone and a smaller tablet.

One thing is certain. It's a rocky road ahead for Tim Cook and Co.

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Daniel Quintero yes it is.......
Jeremy Tan Jun Ming I don't know, I currently own a gs2 but I just don't like it. I had the galaxy tab and I simply hated it. All in all, android doesn't seems to be my thing . I still loved the iPhone and iPad. And now , since Jony I've is taking over the interface, once again I believe in Apple. And the retirement of Scott Forstall is indeed a good news to me
Shawn Sedha yes, steve jobs was the back bone of apple
Lenn Liggins I do think their grip is starting to slip, with Samsung Galaxy 3 and Nokia Lumia 920, these phone are truly innovated. Not just pull out 3/4 of an inch.
Kingofking's Heartbreakkid Yes Slipping due the l leader is Samsung they are producing the Awesome devices like Galaxy S3 & Note
Ve Chai Merc Great Review! I didn't knew that that the US versions didn't have the multi windows feature out of the box , This phone has really great features , Multi windows is the one I love the most , luckily , I bought the International Version
Alexis Bravo Yes. Windows phone is becoming better, and with apps being added everyday, theres no telling where they're going. TeamWindowsPhone TeamBB aswell. Underdogs!
Jamil Cooper yes, with windows coming out with improvement, will slip more.
Matthew Dooley Hell yes
Arvind Katiyar It has already slipped
Adam Vincent Brown In a word: yes.
Nathaniel McCord Going from android tablet to droid bionic to droid three to gs3 to note 2 they all used the screen prety well so I cant say I see w diffrence in optimization of the screen on the phone if they can make use of a 5.5 inch screen and a tablet screen I believe I dont see much of a diffrence. apple dont sue because said they use there screen to its potential as well
Nathaniel McCord @ luis if I remeber correctly they claimed to use the 4 inch screen to its full potential by adding the fifth row of icons I beleve they claimed the made sure there apps to work as well with the 4 inch screen once again claiming to optimise the use of the screen claiming to be the first company to do so there fore I think it was more them hyping that confused people making them think that they originaly came out with these features either way rubish just like the patent system
Elijah David Kleehammer To answer your question, I would say yes. It's very simple: iPhone < almost any Android device Or for a better comparison: iPhone < flip phone That's closer to Apple's level.
Peter Row Goneaway from iphone for the first time since they were introduced to a Galaxy Note2. I think apple lost their mojo when they lost Steve Jobs!!!
Ale Ks Its not about what screen size is, what does the product offer, how does it deliver and after all DOES IT DO THE WORK YOU WANT TO GET DONE??!! ... In my case I love my iPh5 and iPad 2 because it simply does what I need done... Android I think also delivers with few latest gadgets
Steve Coyle I love Android and have been an Android user since the beginning... still have the 1st Android phone ( G1/HTC Dream which is rooted and updated to GB and use it as my fun phone... I currently use Samsung GSIII....but prefer HTC phones).... I love that all my family use IPhones because its simple and because they are all simpleton's from an technology standpoint...
Thomas Boehnlein I knew people were going to go nuts commenting. Apple has to the most polarizing company in tech right now.
Luis Lauranzon What are you talking about Tan. Apple never claimed its the 1st 4in screen ever. Lol. Feel free to provide the quote though.
Luis Lauranzon Ok Zach. I'm wrong, I know what I know and you know what you know, so we'll just have to disagree. And if you're talking to me about the iPad mini, no. I don't know what the heck they were thinking with that. Shouldn't have been released. As far as the GS3. Nothing. I had nova launcher on it. I kept apps open to a minimum. Cleared cache often. Made sure I used settings that optimized the battery life. It was atrocious. The system was ok, but not quite as smooth. It was just slower. I don't know what more to say. Again, that's my experience. I gave it to my wife because she wants the GN2 and I told her to try out the size and OS 1st to see how she likes it.
Tan Chong Ling I'm moving on to android phones now. apple's iPhone doesn't allow widgets and customization where as android does. Even if the google play store seemed to be lacking behind of the App Store, I think it is changing between these 2 months ever since the launch of the iPhone 5. The play store now had 600 000 apps which is something I gotta hand it to google. In fact, waiting for the jelly bean update is exciting other than waiting for the OS upgrade by apple.
Elvin Burgos Best lines of the article. I think this sums things up "The problem with over-hyping is that people notice, and over time it erodes their faith. There are only so many times you can be told that a relatively small increment is 'the greatest thing ever in the history of everything ever' before you get jaded. Steve knew how to balance hype and product. Apple today seems much less adept at this."
Zach Cline Pretty much . The innovation at apple died with Steve jobs
Tan Chong Ling Yes! Samsung is way ahead of apple. In fact, a 4 inch screen is used by other smartphones company few years ago and they are explaining it like it is the first time, a bigger screen is used. And don't get me started on iPad. Apple lost their innovation, samsung and HTC gaining them.
Zach Cline You probably think the iPad mini is innovative too. Seven inch tablets have been around for two and a half years already lol.
Craig Paterson Yes thank goodness.
Zach Cline Luis I did read what you wrote and you're wrong. With all of the resources they have they could have put the A6 processor in the iPad 2. The iPad 3 is what the iPad 2 should have been but no- They release incremental upgrades because they know people will line up and buy it just because its an iPhone / iPad . And I don't know what you were doing on that galaxy S3 that slowed it down because when I had it it was just as smooth as the iPhone . There are better processors out there other than apples A6 and A6 X such as the qualcomms S4 And samsungs exynos 5 . What they made the battery thinner and scrunched things down a little So what ? That's nothing that these other manufacturers haven't been doing the past three years but when apple does it its magical and revolutionary. Give me a break dude.. I like Apple but they are three years behind everyone else
Adam Cuong Tran @luis say that to their AAPL shares lol plunge +20% in a matter of 40 days, for a company that big to be taking that kind of dive is very abnormal
Luis Lauranzon You didn't read what I said. The tight integration between the os and hardware is way ahead. Yes there are specs out there that are "better" on paper, but I'm sorry, my experience with the GS3 shows it does not matter how much hardware you pack in there. Android is out pacing because of the hundreds of phones that have android. It's just like Windows vs Mac. More windows hardware out there compared to Mac. I'm not making excuses for apple, but they have continued to make big changes under the hood and that's where it counts. The engineering they've done on this last phone with the chips and such, thats not innovative? C'mon. Android is great and they have some good things going, but to say apple isn't doing anything is flat out false.
Zach Cline That will be apple if they don't give iOS an overhaul . Bet on it , But with jony Ive in charge of it now I think we'll see something different. I would hope so at least
Chris Kang I see this analogous to the once popular Palm Treo that didn't really do anything overly radical until it was too late.
Zach Cline Even scott forstall said the iOS team has no big ideas am it's obvious
Dewayne Sims They are definitely loosing it. They act like there afraid to push the bar. They are not creative, bringing anything new to the table. The only people who but their phones are the same people who bought the first one. They are not attracting any new customers.
Zach Cline I don't use mine for that lol
Ian Baylon All you see now a days is people using iPhones to take pictures of food, gay.
Albert? Klein Still Hoping. haha
Zach Cline Luis they aren't "Years ahead of android" How are they ahead when the iPhone 5 has 2010 specs? Lol. The elongated 4" inch screen right ? Yeah the droid x I had in 2010 had a 4.3 inch screen then . Most android devices now are packing quad core processors more RAM and larger batteries than the iPhone . I'm an iPhone owner so I don't have that elitist attitude that you're speaking of but I'm not going to act like the iPhone is the greatest. Thing out there because it's not It's a solid device but that's it and yeah you can't customize iOS . Why do you think android is outpacing the iPhone as fast as it is ? People want choice man . Why do you think people jailbreak their iPhones? It's to gain added functionality and customization that honestly should be there out of the box. Quit making excuses for apple not innovating
Kay Yon I really hope so haha.
Luis Lauranzon So Juan you don't think internals are important upgrades? Weird.
Luis Lauranzon Thanks Miguel. Very mature of you.
Luis Lauranzon Zach how can they be behind? Because you can't customize it? That's form over function. Sorry but the tight integration of os and hardware are years ahead of android. And other than minor improvements ICS to JB is not much different. Like is said earlier, I had the GS3 and it was sluggish for me. That's MY experience. Everyone can use what they want, whatever works for them. Android didn't work for me. I'm not looking to show off my iPhone, I work from home and don't go out waving my phone around, never seen anyone do that either. I know my technology and I'm not "simple" nor a sheep. I use what works for me. I think most of you people here are the ones who are showing the elitist attitude.
Anthony So Great article! Apple need to change and evolve otherwise they will be left behind in a few years time like rim
Afnan Sultan apple, hurry up and die. stop the brainwashing.
Nathaniel Hull hahaha... iwhat lol
Miguel Sahagun iphone users are so stupid that the only one button on the phone is used to activate a fucking robot to do tasks for their dumb asses!
Zach Cline They better give the next version of iOS an overhaul if they don't want to. Churning out the same old thing with minor upgrades can only carry them for so long. Software wise they're three years behind android
Jamie Lynn Johnson Jr. I enjoy iOS! I hope apple doesn't end up like black berry...
Kyle Krause Iphone fell off
Keenan Ochoa Geez I hope so.
Zach Cline iOS is very stale
Juan Gonzalez It's been a long time coming, iphone and Apple in general is stale. It's been the same old stuff since the original one in 06. There's only so many times you can give a "phone retina display" and a all new totally redesigned camera and a revolutionary chip.
Zach Cline Galaxy S4 will rape the iPhone 5 and 5S when it comes out next fall , Bet on it.
Jeff Griffith And Almer fucks his goat.
Jeff Griffith Richard is a retard.
Camar Green IOS lol IOS lol. I live in Vegas I work right next to the World Market Center I see what people from China Jpana Korea Thailand Austrailia ...etc... use for phones and they range from iPhone to Samsung to old Flip phones and Nextel type devices. so like i said 3 out of 4 have Apple Products. like i said show me results and ten Ill be a believer and Ill buy myself and my mom a GS4 next year. <3 my apple until then thanks
Richard Allen Yarrell Plus the Htc Evo 4g shitted on the iphone over 2yrs ago. Today the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 pisses all over apple all day long. Iphones are for losers..
Richard Allen Yarrell Plain and simple Iphones are for clueless joe's people who are uneducated simpleton's from an technology standpoint. They have no knowledge of technology or exactly what the overall capabilities of their smartphone can accomplish. Apple is useless very boring and offers no opportunity to learn something from an technology standpoint. It's platform is closed which is pretty sad you couldn't offer me a iphone 5 for free i wouldn't want it. Android /Google is and will always be my life. The overall chance to learn is so much better than walking around looking like assholes like the iphone crowd does...
Ahmer Madani Iphone is for idiots android (note 2) is for real men and smart people
Zach Cline Comments from around the world would say the same thing about iOS lol
Camar Green Apple Owners are all over the world or did all yo Americans forget..... I see Tourist all day where Im at and 3 out of 4 own a Product of Apple inc. iPhone iPad etc.... show us results of comments of Facebooks from around the world. Oh to say HTC is competition for Apple is like saying a Donkey kick to the Nads doesnt hurt. Only Competition Apple has right now is Samsung. I may switch if the GS4 catches my eye and WOW's me.
Zach Cline Apple is definitely following rather than innovating .
Milton Aguirre even if Apple had "invented" the smartphone, being an inventor does not mean you wont fall behind. Being an innovator is what will set you apart from and ahead of your competition. Apple is really lacking in innovations lately while the android platform is booming with innovation, it's only a matter of time before more people move away from the increasingly boring iOS ecosystem.
Eric Quach lol, They've been slipping for a long time
Vicente Reyes Yes its slipping. Have you seen their stocks fall bellow google
Zach Cline Apple did not invent the smartphone Jesus Christ. Smartphones were around long before be iPhone . But yeah from what I've seen iOS 6.1 is going to suck too. No new features really . Redesigned lock screen music controls and you can buy tickets with Siri . So yeah iOS beta one = Fail
Steve Johns Even with proof that apple tracks there phones and gives info to 3rd parties people are still dumb enough too buy them buy the flock. All cuz its a simple os :( people are getting dumber while phones are getting smarter its really sad
Stuart James Baucum if only Steve could come back and help Apple get back to the top! i think Steve did a better job of running the corporation than Tim Cook's doing right now.
Jonathan Onuluk Well the average IQ is not increasing so I doubt it.
David Otero Yes the first time ever too!
Anthony Tat Gotta admit, Apple does a good job of integrating the OS with the hardware for a smooth experience, but I'd rather deal with the occasional lag on an Android than to have my phone dumbed down and restricted of many needed functions and customizations
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes... cause lack of features in the software. Hardware is phenomenal.
Eduardo Ordaz Could be. But I think all these OEMs should learn something from apple though. They should focus on one line of phones for a year then the following year a new line. That would be better. And has long has there are brainwashed people out there they will continue selling. My sis told me that I her school everyone has iPhones because everyone else has them. Just for that reason and that reason only.
Chris Grillo Not on your life! How could apple be BEHIND android when it practically invented the smartphone?
Faseeh Pervaiz absolutely , apple was always behind android , the way samsung and htc are making there new products with higher and higher specs and outstanding features , very soon it will be game over for apple !!
Bradley T. Cheskes The iPhone 5 upgrade was warranted given that it added LTE. You won't really know if they are on a downward trend until you see what their next phone is like. I think that will be the test.
Tony Lollis @Zach Cline, I was jail broken and I did have video wallpapers an OMG DO THEY INHALE THE BATTERY!! I wen and bought a mophie juice pack, problem solved lol
Tony Lollis I will say this though, what apple is able to do with their software and hardware is nothing short of Jesus like! They somehow manage to make their software work with the hardware, not just on the hardware.
Angel Hernandez Totally,androids are taking over. :)
Zach Cline Juwon most high end android devices are just as expensive if not more so than the iPhone. That argument is moot.
Zach Cline Apple is way behind in software no doubt . They don't like people jail breaking but they don't give iPhone owners any options as far as customization goes. You can't even theme if you wanted to which I don't understand . I think they should include at least three or four stock themes with toggles to switch back and forth within settings and offer more in the App Store . And at least include live wallpapers in iOS 7 . They keep saying they affect battery life but so what? Just because they're there doesn't mean most people are going to use them all the time but at least give us the option to choose.
Juwon Donte Apple just over prices their device with little to no invitation people are getting tired of buying the same device over and over..
Haldi Kuniqi iphones dont have flash
Marc TaylorMade The iPhone is for a simple person who seeks validation from the "in" crowd. These simple people like the iPhone for its external appearance & nothing more. Anytime we hear Apple fans mention what they love about he phone, they 1st thing they mention is the sleekness of the phone lol. Since when is appearance more important than performance? Makes sense if you dont think about it. But Android is for people is who like to do everything on their phones...people who would agree that productivity means everything. Whats so revolutionary about a product that is falling behind every other smart phone manufacturer as far as specs. Apple JUST added led flash to their phones in 2010 & now a 4 inch screen? LOL Apple is still playing "catch-up."
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Nobody is saying that apple is failing but they are falling behind in their stuff lack of new ideas
Brent Legendre It is if you say it is.
Sebastian Gomes There will be those that will only see the iPhone as the best device. However, the iPhone's improvement gas been so miniscule with their past 3 devices its kind of funny. My phone is a 1GHz single core cpu/512MB of RAM now there's quad core cpu/2GB of RAM phones in a little over a year's time. Now that's improvement.
Devin Martinez They say apple will fail every year...still hasn't happened. What else is new
Marco Pratt Doesn't matter..Apple will still be an amazingly profitable company..iPhone or not.....so shut the he'll up Milton
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Man I love my iphone but its is time for something more out the box.
Mamun Chowdhury iPhone don't excite me anymore.... I m selling my iPhone 5 unlocked to get Nexus 4..!!! Can't wait for it to come out:)
Zach Cline And the galaxy S3 laggy and sluggish? Ummm that could not be farther from the truth.
Zach Cline I don't think they'll end up like Nokia or RIM. Apple will always have that customer base that will buy an iPhone just because its an iPhone . I think they'll be in a tougher spot this time next year if they really don't change iOS . By that Time android 5.1 or 5.2 will be out
Kristoff Lewandowski Now Windows Phone can replace IOS and Android should remain.
Tito H Dominguez I think the only reason why iPhone has dominated the market is because of how easy it is to use, just apps, no widgets, no customization, and it seems people are getting smarter where they can get something more advanced and fun...
Luis Lauranzon It doesn't matter. Look where they've been sitting with PCs for a long time. I had a GS3. I gave android a chance and I just didn't like it. Too sluggish and unstable. Just wasn't for me. So I went back to iPhone and got the 5. Couldn't be happier. The tight integration of the os and the hardware is a great experience.
Aiden Lees Yep, android is better as a OS, and as actual phones, Google, HTC and Samsung are making better at the moment Android wise
Milton Gfl Williams didn't know they had it in the first place
Zach Cline Even Steve Wozniak said that apple has gotten too arrogant and should have made two versions of the iPhone 5
Stephen Wagner Hopefully
Daniel Gomez Great article.
Madelene Patricia Keech @Ronnie.. true but the android os is much better than Iphone...the only thing apple changed was the hardware, nothing else really changed.
Jimmy Mulligan Ppl r comparing the iphone5 to DROID x lololol really 2009 technology vs 2012...ur hysterical...how bout what I have the RAZR maxx HD vs iPhone5...not even close razr maxx HD murders it
Ravin Schmidt I have a galaxy s 3. Never owned an iPhone but I own other apple products. Android is just a better fit for me. My mom on the other hand loves iPhones and I think they look really nice and was considering going to iPhone when I had my upgrade. I think apple just needs to think of better improvements. It really only seems like apple upgraded the screen size and the chip in it.
Francisco Aceves Ask Sammy!!!! Bet that billion doesn't taste so great after all....
Terrance Henderson Hopefully its the end.
James Kendrick if Apple are losing the market then expect more lawsuits to get rid of ANY competition. Bunch of patent trolls.
Corey Hockett Well, 3 out of every 4 smartphones are Android phones so I would say your delusional for just asking a stupid question like that.
David Recarey Yes, androids killing them from the samsung galaxy phones like the s3 and note 2. also the htc evo 4glte all are superior to the iphone.
Brad Opphile With iPhone 5 having record sales and a lot of people migrating to iPhones and Apple products I would say no. I personally went from a droid x to the iPhone 5 and I'm never looking back. Yeah iOS might be a little more boring than Android, but I enjoy the ease of use and how well Apple products work together.
Jody Warrick YES.. they lost me a LOYAL Apple fan when they elongated that ridiculous 3.5 in. phone.. LOVING my SIII!
Rolly Tuvera No more Steve Job no more iphone...
Guillermo De León I've lost respect for them!
Akshay Kumar Yes ofcourse ! Apple is way expensive nd droids are giving killing features on affordable price..
Victor Brownwell When you flood the market with as many phones as Android has in the last couple of years, your eventually going to own a majority of the market. Apple will never be able to compete with the number of Android phones that are realised each Week/Month that's a lost cause. The quality however that Apple uses in its product are still unmach as Is the ecosystem and consistancy of the products performance.
Anthony Bailey Well, duh. Do you think the sky is blue or the world revolves around the sun??? PhoneDog seems to either get a rise out of trying to stir up controversy asking asinine questions or you all just refuse to accept the fact Apple has been losing it for many years now. Samsung has had a higher marketshare than Apple, for about a good two years now, maybe more. There's a tremendous amount of data out there to back this up.
Jason Vanderhyde Absolutely!!
Zach Cline If jony Ive left apple Not saying that he ever would. But if he went to design for Samsung or HTC it would be game over for apple
Zach Cline I'm going to see if jony Ive does anything different with iOS 7. If not this iPhone 4S will be my last iPhone . Why stick with a company that keeps churning out the same freaking thing with small upgrades that the competition has had for at least three years now?
Mauka Side Not quite. The iphone is still very good on quality. Android phones are always cheap in exterior design. They don't attract based on how the exteriors are made and hence the need for me to know specs only for all Androids before I buy.
Nattawat Veerajintsiri It always fun to talk ..about Apple lol
Lorne Shaggy Sloan I hope it is the fall of Apple and their overpriced products.
Lawrence Lepes Definitely! The Iphone 5 doesn't even belong in the top 5. You have Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Butterfly, LG Optimus, HTC One X, Nokia Luumia, Windows Phone 8, Droid Razr Maxx, and more. In the best phones out there, I would rank the Iphone 5 at number 9 at the highest.
Mike Johnson Um how many iPhones have been sold in the last 6-12 months? The answer is A LOT. Diff strokes for diff folks. Android and iOS are both amazing. Android needs their own true iTunes ecosystem still. Music etc...
Zach Cline It has the new aluminum back so it won't lol
Nattawat Veerajintsiri Moto should have banned Apple as they copy its original thinness of their droid razr. note# exactly 7.1
Dayan Inclán Has been...hope it drops to the floor and shatters
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez Just like blackberry... nuff said.... as a side note... nevermind..... RIP black berry... RIP Apple.. sorry the truth is the truth... apple has a great technology.... but like a ship on dry land... if customers can't set sail... eventually they will go else where... apple is the guru in selling its products... but once u get there you only have the ship.... but no sail... apple iPhone is like 3 years behind... and every year they fall 2.5 months behind.. so by 2018... apple will be over 4.5 years behind... you know how they say time waits for no one.. well apple... here is a hint... nor does technology....
Zach Cline Umm Gordon the iPhone 5 was one of the last products that Steve jobs worked on , So he knew it was a dud
Matthew Hart It's been slipping, and now going down, down, down!!
Colby Fink The iPhone is going the way of the original Razr.
Gordon Christie bet if steve jobs was around the iphone 5 would have been awesome it maybe would even have outshone the galaxy note and note 2 which are the new thing even lg have made a Phablet
Sonu Billi brand value,this is the main point of apple marketting ,u knw the resell value of iphone much more than the samsung S3,but the choice depend on people are who are still choosing the Apple rather than the latest note 2. sometime it's showoff as expensive life style brand.
Desi Swaggerz apple is going down....... i repeat,, apple is going down !!!!
Jesse Ling in the near future i predict windows phone will fall to LAST place in the main 5,Android will be 1st,BlackBerry10 may possibly revive them to second place
Rock Roche R.I.P. Steve Jobs & Apple #droidlife
Scott Sanstad Apple's grip on reality is slipping, and with it goes their market share.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos if we had a Samsung store or any other store im sure there would be lines galore
Zach Cline They're hurting their own cause by trying to ban and sue the competition . People are sick of it
Colin P. Collins yes. its aboot time they were taken down a peg...
Ahmed Idrees Steve Jobs :(
Jesus E. Garcia Yesss!!!!! Even Windows Phones are seteping up and leaving apple way behind....
Jim Sowell Apple is definitely circling the drain.
Sonu Billi brand value,this is the main point of apple marketting ,u knw the resell value of iphone much more than the samsung S3,but the choice depend on people are who are still choosing the Apple rather than the latest note 2. sometime it's showoff as expensive life style brand.
Dawn Thieme @Ronnie: keep up? iphone 5 doesn't have NFC.... no removable storage.... and they added a new connector so everyone had to get a 'cool' adapter.... keep up my foot.
Brent Showtime YES ANDROID!!!
Zach Cline Robert is a fanboy lol. I'm an iPhone owner and I personally love HTC's designs . Especially what they did with the HTC 8X
John Smith Why do people wait in lines for new iPhones? Because the only come out with one every year or so. Android phone are constantly released throughout the year. So we don't have to wait in lines! Go wait in line for a phone that isn't much better than the last while android is already one step ahead.
Rushil Vig YES! Let android take the marketQ
Jose Be Julme Yes it is, very good for them.
Hunter AB Rose apple has brainwashed many of my friends with iphones
Julie Rybowiak-Healy Cannot wait till my upgrade, switching back to Android!
Dan Daniel The circle of life. They will slip someone else will step up for a few years and the cycle continues. Remember when the Moto RAZR was the iphone of its day. Then Moto disappeared for a few years
Jason Ramos Let's hope
Jesse Robert Bochek Lawl.....grip.
Zach Cline Looks like it is. People want more customization and apple is still refusing to change . iOS has stayed the same for almost six years now with minor upgrades here and there . Geese Louise ... I mean the iPhone STILL doesn't have live wallpapers , Real multitasking or any kind of widgets except for the weather and stock widgets in notification center which they could have done so much more with. Intelliscreen X is a perfect example of what notification center should have been
Christian Brown hellz yea!!!
Saz Addictedd Only if Job's was here ... He would reply something like .. Stfu !!!
Nahuel Francisco Aguilar iphone is for girls!!! Android is on top of the world!
CeeGii Borels because those who dont sleep overnight for a phone outside a store are not idiots
Angel Higuera If they made an 4G LTE iPhone with dual sim slots, retina display, 5.5" screen, beats audio then we would have something.
Miguel Sahagun Apple finds it more important to maintain a form over function approach, allowing the competition to creep up on them..
George Millhouse the iphone 5 was a dud of an upgrade and some people are finally getting smart
Shin Wolf android ftw!.
George Millhouse um Robert stop sounding like a fan boy
Robert James Leyden Plus no other phone when it launches has customers waiting in lawn chairs overnight to get their hands on it except the iPhone!
James Norwood It's been slipping hence the lawsuit against superior samsung.
Angel Higuera Theyre design of the OS is boring.
Robert James Leyden I don't think so. I work in the cell phone industry and while I feel android and windows are good ecosystems and work well there's "little things" that apples does the best- good looking design, not too large a screen, a charger that u can plug in no matter what direction, the best cloud backup service for your data and awesome tech support.
Jesse Ling Is that a serious question?its already lost its "grip" on anything,let alone any kind of market
Ronnie Cave Not at all, they still only make 1 phone a year, where other companies have to make 1 every 3-5 months to keep up
Keith Windiddy YEP! #crapple
CeeGii Borels since the iPhone 4
Nain El Fuego Romero Severely, some of my friends are apple fan boys. Like hardcore, and they're ditching apple, ones getting the nexus 4 and the other galaxy note 2...and this is something they said they'll NEVER do, but iPhone 5 was too much of a disappointment....
Anthony Evans Jr it began back in the iphone orginally came out hell just took this long for people to realize it lol
Yaasiin Oozeer Seems like it!
Rob Marriage Just dumped my stock.
Aditya Saky Its overdue...
Janel L Longoria definitely-then again im biased lol
Jesse Castillo nah, there are still plenty of people stupid enough to buy an iphone because it's an iphone and they think they're in the "in" crowd by having one.
Ashley Spencer Yes, finally
Gordon Christie thats why they have been suing

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