With the third quarter results of 2012 having been recently released, the numbers are looking hot for many in the smartphone industry. As expected, Samsung and Apple have taken the market by storm with their high sales. Samsung in particular has really stomped the competition by raising their profits by 103.6%, with Apple following somewhat behind it with a 57.6% growth. Sony is steady in third place with sales totaling 8.8 million units.

However, not all companies are sitting pretty at the top with the big dogs. The fourth and fifth place contenders don’t have much to celebrate, as their numbers fall far from the growth tree. HTC comes staggering in fourth with a 36.1% drop in profits, only selling 8.4 million units. This puts HTC at a 4.8% share of the market, only barely topping the steadily faltering RIM, whose BlackBerry smartphones only sold 7.3 million units for a market share of 4.2%.

Although we’ve seen RIM’s demise coming from a mile away now, it’s difficult to say exactly where HTC went wrong. Their attempt at making a household name smartphone (HTC One line) to stand alongside the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5 weren’t exactly futile – I feel that it was a good move and they made good devices. However, it seems like HTC’s primary focus is to sell devices using Android, and in a market where upwards of 15 different manufacturers are producing Android after Android, it’s either an upward climb or a downward spiral – depending on if you play your cards right.

Rumors have been fleeting around about HTC working on a flagship device for North America that would be a 5-inch phone, otherwise known as a “phablet”. A similar phone was announced in October in Japan, known as the “HTC J Butterfly”.  After looking at the differences between the J Butterfly and the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5, it seems that the J Butterfly (which will most likely go by another name here in North America and other locations) has some decent specs to offer aside from sporting such a large screen.

The device is rumored to feature a 5-inch 1080p “Super LCD 3” display, a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage (plus external micro SD slot), LTE, NFC, and would be running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. When compared to the iPhone 5’s Retina Display, the “Super LCD 3” display shows up quite a bit more clearly when zoomed in close up. I’m not sure who’s going to be looking at their phone with it that close to their face, but for comparison’s sake I thought I would throw that out there.

Of course, the specs may vary from what we saw in the event in Japan, but I see the specs more than likely staying on par with each other if HTC wants a fighting chance to up their phone sales this holiday season. I would like to see HTC climb back up the ladder from which they fell, as I love the HTC Sense interface and I would like to see it stick around. However, I said the same thing for Palm and webOS and that just didn’t work out like I had hoped.

Regardless, HTC is still (barely) keeping its head above water this past quarter, and until you sink below RIM and BlackBerry, I say you still have a fighting chance. HTC is set to hold a press event on November 13 in NYC, and I for one will be watching it like a hawk. I haven’t had any problems with my previous HTC phones and I would like to see them flourish once again in the smartphone world.

So what do you readers think? Do you think HTC has the means to make its way to the top again? Or at least salvage its numbers back to a decent amount? Let me know what you think!

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"Will HTC's rumored new smartphone help the company this holiday season?"

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William Tang maybe if its released in the world for samsung haters, since htc is now in good terms with apple surprisingly
Oussama Tajjiou i admit that samsung have awesome prods but htc also have great devices like FLYER,JETSTREAM,ONE X,DESIRE C...
Jeremiah Gmiah Millan 5" phablet good idea HTC
DeejayNicho Serrano Global launch same phone for every carrier like gs3 I hate when they do exclusive carrier example Verizon
Jacob McClure I really don't know why Samsung fans are hating on HTC fans, we all have the common goal of making android better, HTC and Samsung make amazing phones, there doesn't need to be so much hatred between the two. HTC One X is my current phone, I love it. If I want software, I'll just download apps/roms that do the same thing.
John Luttrell Htc need to advertise more, no one buys phones they don't know about.
Tan Chong Ling Yes! The HTC one x is the best phone they have ever made. Cant wait to see their own phablet.
Mario Jacob Have an htc one x would not change it for anything not even for the s3
Warren Saunders I hope so, they make quality devices, an this rumored Phablet has specs to make Apple bow
Anne Brooks No it won't help. Does it have multi window? No. Does it have s pen capabilities? No. Is it going to be available in every country on every carrier? No. And on top of that it still has the awful looking HTC UI
Kenneth Cypret I had the first mytouch back in 09 , that was an awesome rock of a phone. Then HTC decided to start putting sense on their phones and I haven't purchased another one of their phones
Steve Hartsock Not if it's only Verizon.
Sean Watson it's gonna help me. or it will once im due upgrade in february, cuz this is the phone i'm gonna get then..
Daisy Natalia Wijaya I couldn't find the camera information. How many megapixel will be?? Front n back...
Luis Robles Figueroa They need to have it on every carrier. Like Samsung mobile. That way more people can get the device. It equals to more sales.
Justin Azzarito I'll buy it on Verizon!
Cary Mompoint Jr No, because HTC still believes in this stupid idea of carrier exclusive phones for their flagship phones. This is one of the reasons why they are behind the curve. They should take a page from Samsung and release their flagship devices on all carriers. I want HTC to succeed, but if they keep up this carrier exclusivity deal, then they are going to fail.
Cesario Brito Jr. Unless HTC takes a page from Samsung's success, they are doomed to fail. When its all said and done, they only have themselves to blame.
Nichson Tiang 5" 1080p screen with small battery....epic fail.... Htc, LG and Sony are in my blacklist for useless battery life....pls we DUN need fancy looking super slim phones...we need phones with super battery life to enjoy the hardware goodness.....
Lanh Nguyen one device exclusive to a carrier isn't going to save them......(Y)
Jose Be Julme No. Samsung company FTW.
Neville Hayfield If it is the Droid DNA (J-Butterfly) then I for one will be trading in my ONE-X as it will be twice as nice and the screen is said to be the best on any device , anywhere , Ever. As for an SD Card,I don't care, if it support's OTG cable (like the nexus 7) then it doesn't matter.The ONE-X + (ONE-X on 4.1) supports it so I'm sure it will.
Daniel Ayala wyane u forgot the tiny battery !an htc phone is all looks with nothing to show for it!
Amie Lee Greenway I agree with George. Samsung has really outdone themselves this year. Probably will be moer S3s bought this holiday than any other smartphone, even iPhone.
Michael Balk Samsung has the original "phablet" and just realeased the game changing "phablet" Note 2 is the phone to have
George Millhouse nope too late samsung has really killed them
Alfred Johns IV Its about software now. Every phone is powerful, noob.
Wayne Nowacki Does the software really matter? The hardware is she to be killer... crushing whatever the galaxy note 2 even hopes to bring to the equation. Better processor, check. Better screen, check. Better housing, check. Complain about the software and use xda to dump aosp 4.2. The real argument is what phone can dare touch this thing right now?
Stuart James Baucum holy crap! lol
Odin Johnson It will take more than 5 inches and a big battery. It will need to have software features that are on par or better that what Samsung is currently doing. Samsung's current lineup of devices packed with tons of software features has Apple worried. HTC should be worried too, or try something similar. I would use the features on the Galaxy Note II in so many ways to help with productivity. I could even get rid of my iPad.
CeeGii Borels with a 7.7 Galaxy Note N5100 coming? nope
Stuart James Baucum am I the only person who finds phones with 5" screens stupid??? lol I thought 4" screens were big-enough for phones, smh
Wayne Nowacki Yes especially if it were with at&t but unfortunately Verizon has it
David Bauer no... i had an htc and it sucked.. they didnt do anything about it.. i emailed and talked to them for 5 months solid.. no results to speak of.. i got a samsung galaxy S3.. screw htc.
Huy Pham someone need to do a huge petition and send it to HTC to get them put a bigger battery in
Krishnan Srinivasan wow. i just realized why the call them phablets. its because they are a phone + a tablet. For this entire time I thought the meant fab-tablets... which doesnt make any sense
Johnny Nguyen htc goes ASOP they will be back!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis HTC phones are trash.
Willie Lucero Sadly no, a quad core processor, 1080p 5inch display with only a 2200mah battery, battery life is gonna suck, and they need to start all over with sense..
Daniel Ayala not with that small battery!
Octavio Gomez I don't know... HTC has let down alot of people... Not sure if a phablet will be their come back. I have an amaze 4G for sale, anyone? :-D lol
Jeff Hammond Htc's problem is marketing, or lack there of. If it's $199, I think it would be a great option for people who don't want to spend $300 on a Note 2.
Ignacio Gonzalez HTC makes beautiful hardware, while I no longer hate newer incarnations of Sense...it could use some more streamlining. I'm anxious to see this phablet...
Tim Cristiano HowardMorris Doubt it everything they put out is full of glitches, and incomplete
Steve Johns Nope sorry with the note 2 being the boss that it is it will still be the best phablet out in a couple months :) htc sense is just ok I don't see it happening with ok
??? Better hurry up before everyone buys the note ii on the holidays
Enrique BigPapi Martinez No its not about the size, its always been about the software. Thats whats been hurting them. HTC sense needs to lighten up the software.
Josh D Pads htc rules!!!!
Jason Bonin I think yes!
Corey A. Mayo Only if it's PHABULOUS! :-P

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