Spotify Premium tipped to become carrier billing-enabled for Sprint Android users on Nov. 11

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 10, 2012

Sprint Spotify carrier billing leak

Android users on Sprint already have the option of charging Google Play purchases to their monthly bill, but if a new leak is accurate, some customers on the Now Network will be able to consolidate things even further. An image sent to Engadget shows that starting tomorrow, November 11, owners of Android devices on Sprint will be able to bill their monthly Spotify subscription to their bill as well.

As with carrier billing in Google Play, the ability to charge a Spotify subscription to a monthly cell phone bill can help to cut down on the number of different payments a Sprint customer must make, allowing he or she to just place Google Play content and Spotify on their Sprint bill and pay for it all at once. It'd be nice to see this option extended to other services like Rdio or Mog, but Spotify certainly is a nice start, and I'm betting that there are several Sprint customers out there that'll be jumping on this ability soon. How many of you have ever billed things like app purchases to your monthly phone bill or would be interested in doing so with a subscription fee for Spotify or a similar service?

Via Engadget