I have a tendency to go through phones pretty quickly. It doesn't even matter if I really like the phone I have at the moment. There's a chance that something new is going to come along and I'm going to want to get my hands on it. It's one of the reasons why I'm not a fan of the technology and mobile industry moving so quickly. But, at the same time, it's one reason why I love it.

I love new stuff. Especially if it's shiny. (Own up to it!)

With that being said, I'm honestly in awe with people who can manage to keep phones for an "extended period of time." I mean, six months is the longest I've gone. And I'm not necessarily talking about the folks who've kept their phone for seven months, either. I mean the people who really stick it out. The ones that actually sign a two-year contract and keep that phone for the duration.

Back when I was selling phones, times were different. There were software updates for our phones, but no one cared about them nearly as much as they do now. Now, it can make or break a purchase, or it can mean that someone gets rid of their phone and goes with something else simply because they don't get the new software in a reasonable amount of time. This is one reason why I'm shocked that people hold out for one, or two years to get a new phone.

Because the times have changed. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's just a reality.

I recently met someone who has had their phone for one year and three months, and who does not plan on picking up a new phone anytime soon. I was so shocked by this, that I couldn't help but ask the seemingly most obvious question: what's the longest you've owned a phone? They responded with, "Three years" and my jaw dropped open.

Three years. That's pretty incredible. In three years, there are so many different new phones released, new software announced and published, that it would be seemingly impossible for me to stick with a phone that long.

The phone that this person owns is a simple flip-phone, so I may try to convince them that switching to something more . . . Touchscreen-y is way overdue, but based on their phone habits I'm thinking that I may not get very far in that conversation. Here's to hoping, right? They are missing so much!

So tell me, Dear Reader. How long have you kept a phone? One year? Two years? Three!? If you've had a phone for an extended period of time, please let me know why you decided to keep it (any particular reason, other than the contract?), and if it's something you'll stick to for the foreseeable future.

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"What's the longest phone you've ever kept?"

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Amber Mushtaq Lg Viewty Smart gc900 2 years....Loved it's camera
Jose Daniel Lara Perez Xperia play almost 1.5 years. Before a Sagem x2 from 2002-2004.
Bub Baoo one amonth and 22 days as of november 13
Tyler Kirchman Palm per plua
Marcus Samual Winchester Hmm a terribad Blackberry Curve for 18 months, no better yet, one of those flippy Motorola Phones, only ever used the thing as a personal alarm clock
Jacob Weber BlackBerry Curve 8330 had for 3 yrs! Loved that phone then got a samsung gs1 lasted a year and a half now I have the gs2 looking to get the gs3! #android4life
Brandon Moran I may have the longest time, not sure lol.. I had my SIDEKICK 3 ! 0_o ! FOR 6 years! lmaoo.. Didn't even pay attention to technology for a WHILE.. Then, that whole data/contacts loss happened with their network lol.. I can't remember how much longer I stayed with that, but then 2010 I finally started looking around and got my MyTouch 4G which I still use today. I've had Tmobile for 14 YEARS. Tomorrow I'm making the break up call.. = / Sorry T-Mo, But no point paying $110/month when I can pay only $50/month Today, I've ditched the whole cell phone plan and just going Data Only with Verizon's 890L hotspot. No more call/text contracts for me. Not worth it since I can call & text online lol. Paying for talk&text is just like paying for a gym you don't go to lol.. It's a waste. The savings can enable purchase of Any device contract free too.. #StickitToDeeManLOL
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad This one: http://9.mshcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/iPhone-10.jpeg
Jamil Cooper Palm Treo 18 months
Shahid Daud samsung D-500 using it last 6 years my favourite phone now i have gn2 but still using d-500.
Shahid Daud samsung D-500 my favourite phone now i have gn2 but still using d-500.
Cj Espiritu Samsung gravity smart for 5 months
Darrell Wax nokia n8,3 years and counting
Michael Staley Sidekick lx blue. 5 years
Paulie McLovinn Samsung u510 5 months, samsung instinct 1 year, blackberry 9700 1 year, blackberry torch 1.5 years, samsung galaxy infuse 4 months, and now using samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket since dec 2011
Nick Speth I had the Tmobile HTC G1 from when it came out till when the G2 came out. Ive had the G2 for around 2 years now and Ill be upgrading to the Note 2 here soon
Aaron Tillery First phone envy 6 months since then 60 different cells note galaxy note abs iPhone 5
Matthew De Persiis blackberry 9700 had it for a year and a half
Dylan Thomas IPhone 10
Josue Herrera iPhone 4S; from launch day till present.
Ryan Rodriguez Nexus one
Paul Alexandru 4 years...Nokia 6234
Joel Espino Motorola RAZR (the first mp3 phone) for 6 years
Katy Djambazian Blackberry, different ones, but the berry none the less... ;)
Jarvis Cooper OG EVO, 2 yrs and counting
Jim McDuffie II Every two years, I get a new phone no matter what!
Roger Rodriguez Phone Dog, I never really paid much attention to the length of my phones. Regarding the length of time of owning and using a phone, I still have my HTC HD2. Yes, it's running Android. Specifically, Hyperdroid by pongster.
Jonathan Kalm Galaxy nexus - 10 months
Austin Benson I.had the env3 love it miss it
Leticia Serrano Juarez My HTC G2, upgraded from G1 which would of lasted just as long. Still have my G2 and love it!
Kachas Belmonte Lopez My droid x for about 2 years rooted and running ics leaked rom
Rani Hinnawi Droid X, about 22-23 months (almost two years), way beyond its life expectancy imo
Tejwant Singh iPhone 4 for a year and still using
Angel Hernandez HTC evo,had it for 8months lol. Shortest phone owned,galaxy s3,3 weeks lol..
Dani Hayes Sanyo Scp 8100
Kyle Mezrahi LG Vu. 2 years.
Nick Strite My current phone is about 5 inches, I think my razor though was much longer when it wasn't flipped closed.
Rob Watkins Hmmm, I guess it would be the OG Droid, though I've had a GNex since last January.
Juwon Donte My galaxy s2 had it for a year now..still love my s2 even tho I have an s3
Alberto Garcia Flores It was a Tmobile MDA Windows smart phone it was the best phone. It had nows phone technology http://www.mobiletechreview.com/T-Mobile-MDA.htm
Robert Mathias The HTC ppc-6700 on Sprint. Two and a half years. Was a great phone for its time.
Jonathon Gillis EVO 4G 2 years
Jessi Taylor Audiovox cdm 130 - got it in college (2001) and loved it so much i didn't want to upgrade when my contract was fulfilled - had it active until 2005... kept it as a "play phone" for my kid til 2007 and it was still operable up until the day my kid lost it :-/ they surely don't make em like that anymore!
Yedavalli Rakesh Nokia E72 for 2 years. lustrous metal beauty with brains. Now it lies in my lack with wrecked motherboard. :-(
Jeremy Koenig HTC thunderbolt. Everyday is a day too long.
Joe Yarger I had my Audiovox 6700 Windows Mobile phone for 4.5 years.
John Garbo BlackBerry 9000 that I used for 2 years
Kevin Schomer None of my phones have been notably long, just about 4 or 5 inches
Desmond Cook IPhone 5s
Antoine Everette I own a blackberry and a Motorola citrus
Carlos Muñoz HTC EVO 3D! Had it since day one and have yet to get rid of it, love the 3D on my phone specially dark of the moon and the amazing Spiderman, outta this world
Ryan Mueller Droid 2, 2 years and counting.
James Vincent Used a v3m razr from November 2006 to may 2011
Jacob Grumbles Gsm galaxy nexus 9 months.
Joel Manjarrez Motorola slvr. Loved that phone!
Anthony V Cannata Nokia 8210
Rob Currier Tmobile HD2 for 2.5 years running Android
Isaac Castillo Samsung gravity... 2years
Zohair Rajput Galaxy s3
Carlos Ventura Tmo sidekick id 2years
Joel Agterbosch Razr V3, 5 years!!!
Bill Miliski I still have my Motorola Razor it will be my goto phone when the zombie apocalypse happens , just for the battery life.
Dee Nazario Nokia 5110 for 1 year and 9 months
J.c. Gomez Motorola Rocker 3yrs. Always got wet but i would blow dry it back to life
Joel Moran N95 for two years.
Johannes Riitijoki Samsung SGH-X 640 for five-six years
Kong Yang A T-Mobile Dash for 26 months.
Marti Ruiz samsung black jack 3 year but i upgrased to galaxy s , black jack has the best battery life i. 2 day one charge , heavyly use
Willie McFly Beamen My tmobile G1
Fabio Pontes HTC HD2 a phone legend...probably one the best phones ever considering it holds 5 different OS
Cristhian Urquilla Evo 4G 25 months...
Edgar Borrero iPhone 4 and moto razer 2 years
Stephen Adams Nokia 3650 - 4 years. it was the first phone with all the bells and whistles: mp3, video camera, Internet, etc.
John W Burdette I had one (Moto Razr Flip Phone) used it for a year and a half, then had cancer treatments for another 9 months so 27 months
Greg Ward iPhone 3G S, 2.5 years
Steven Bauer Droid X. Got it almost 2 years ago on my bday (Dec 9th)
Luis Robles Figueroa Samsung Galaxy S T959
Souf Zed A Red Nokia 8210 over 3 years !!! http://www.extragsm.com/images/phone/big/Nokia/8210/Nokia-8210-02.jpg
Jacky On iPhone 4 for 20 months. My first phone got stolen and it was the second phone I had. Now I have a Lumia 900 for 7 months.
Naga Appani Nexus One, 8 months.. lol
Don Cunningham OG EVO 4g, 1yr, 2 months.
William Howser Samsung R210. Bought in my 20s. Still use as a back up. Now 38, and that sucker STILL works. Even without an antenna.
Ezekiel Carsella 2 years Samsung smooth
Michael A. Lococo HTC HD2 x 5 for 3 years running WP 7.5 now
Ignacio Gonzalez BB Pearl 8130...almost 2 years...ONLY because I wasn't aware of my upgrade availability.-_-
Carmen Jessica iPhone 1 for two years, loved it and still do, best looking iPhone ever in my humble opinion
Jayson Levin Tmiphones.com
Jayson Levin Www.just1call.biz
Jayson Levin I can remover
Richard Kalva Nokia 6600... still have it
Jayson Levin Flip phone
Aaron Porter HTC incredible first edition 2 years 9 months
Shawn Towle My GSIII is probably the longest phone at about 6 inches.
Jacob B Dupuy Until the next big thing came out
David DiPilla Imm I think my iPhone 3G that thing fell apart after 2 years lol
Joseph Couture Tmohile G1...for 5 months...only because I was too poor for a better phone...lol
Visal Zaidi 10 years...nokias fatest phone still goin nice.
Carlil Ares Jean Phone that I had to keep around? LG Versa. Kept for a year and some change. Phone that I wanted to keep? Nokia Lumia 900. I've had it since June.
Eyad A. Mojahed Sony Ericsson k750, more than 4 years, i switched to LenovoA60 early this year....
John Elizondo G2X 10 months
Brian Rodriguez 4months iPhone 4
Vincent Del Pizzo I had the phone you show above for my first one in 2006. I guess I can say I've had my HTC Thunderbolt for the longest, and I'm using it now. I've had it for 1 1/2 years, soon to trade up in March (:
Terrance Henderson T mobile g1
Bogdan Onofrei Nokia 6300 for 5 years :)
Andrew Brown sony ericsson w600i...used from 2006 for two yrs solid...every time i lose or break a phone i use it. i take it w me for a spare when traveling...almost 7 yrs
Boris Shoostien My xperia play i guess. Today's phones are alot bigger than thoes 5 years ago.
Bryan Lawrence LG Dare...I think I had that phone for over 2 years
Tim Springer Does a Michigan Bell landline count? (24yrs) lol
Robert Miller The HTC EVO 4G. The original one. Still going strong. Broken screen and all. Like it to much to get rid of.
Romi Max nokia N70
Tyler Vieira A nice 12 incher
Jaime Espinoza Samsung Galaxy S3
Rohit Oberoi BB 7230 - still working.
Cheryl Davis Samsung Fascinate....2 yrs. Getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in a few weeks!
Susan Hugus The old G1 from Tmobile.
Tim Ryberg I'm not your usual usage case I that I changed phones often and have several. I don't sell or otherwise get rid of old ones. I used the LG Voyager as my main phone for just under a year and a half. My original Droid Incredible was active as a secondary line for just over 2 years and the same is true of my blackberry Bold 9650.
Huner Mathias lg xenon for a year and i loved it
Tim Moore Motorola RAZR I had it for over 3 years and it was still going. Just wanted to upgrade for a smartphone.
Jaimie Gauntlett 2 years. I've upgraded every time my contract ended. (every 20 months with Sprint)
William Officer Sidekick 2 From the day it came out till the day the Lx was dropped early for the existing costumers
Tyler Walker HTC merge for us cellular I had it for 4-6 months
Tanmay Burde I've only ever had one phone.... Not a very good one.... But it worked....
Sean Johnstone Motorola DROID RAZR - year and a quarter. Still miss the phone:(
Angel Jewels My HTC Sensation 4G had it for over a year & would still have it, but I broke it...hopefully I will have my SGSIII for at least 2 years or better
Stephan Simon LG TM510, 2000-2003 It was a Durable Flip phone that SURVIVED IN THE SNOW for 3 weeks, found in the mud and kept it for another 8 months without problems.http://joedruda.com/cellphones/lgtm510.jpg
Aditya Ghante nokia 6120classic
Jeremy Carter Verizon Iphone 4 16 gig. I had it for 9 months til I had to cancel service. Ive had a galaxy s3 for 2 months. Im not particularly satisfied with it but I wouldnt want anything else right now. Samsung couldve done a better job with. The way it was made. It seems kinda rushed. It shouldve came out with a quad core processor
Miguel Leonce Bb 9700 over 2yrs
Mike Nguyen Nokia e71
Tobi Rascovez Sony Ericsson K750i... only because it's finally a phone i want and wasn't passed down to me.
Chanuka Viduranga LG optimus 3d -1year
Gibby Garcia a Nokia C5...I still have it though I rarely use it now.
Ian Baylon I forgot the name but this old Samsung Slide-up phone for 2 years
Jeff Hammond Epic Touch. Almost a year lol.
Miguel Leonce My bb9700
Gregory Hess Motorola i700plus
Kizito Nestor Nokia n8
Roger Schubert DeOliveira the G1 about a year and a half
Alexander Dewitt Me? One year. Virgin optimus slider. My bro? Probably three weeks...
Tim Fleming The original Blackberry Pearl for 4 years. Thank god the trackball broke and forced me to Android lol
Tyler Frodl My blackberry pearl for 2 years! Loved that phone
Shin Wolf NOKIA 3210.... Classic..!
Marek Kora Alcatel one touch, samsung galaxy S
Blass Reiter Samsung Omnia HD( i8910)
Tim Springer My iPhone 4 - 2 years
Kang WeiKang Nokia 3100

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