How have you embraced the second screen experience?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: November 11, 2012

When I get a chance to catch TV, the only thing I've begun to notice on a regular basis is the push to use the second screen experience. Whether that's from your tablet or phone, or your laptop, some networks and shows are hoping you'll want to further your experience by accessing additional content from another device, while you're watching.

It's a great idea, and we've seen Microsoft take a stab at their own proprietary software with Xbox SmartGlass. I've talked at length about how Microsoft's effort is a great way to interact with the games and movies you enjoy through Microsoft's online services, and the more this concept is fleshed out the better.

The adoption rate must be pretty good, if companies are looking at the second screen option and jumping on board. It can't be all that easy to come up with a bunch of extra content to go along with a particular story, especially if the story is something you don't want to give away right out of the gate.

Which is why I've been excited to see people using it in real-time. For me, I've been using it mostly with Xbox SmartGlass and *Halo 4*. The experience has been pretty great, too, especially if you're someone who's involved with the multiplayer aspect of the game.

But, earlier tonight, I watched someone at a local sports bar (mostly a restaurant, I guess) using their iPad to play around with their fantasy sports team while watching the games. It was pretty cool to watch him track his points and what not, even when he started getting angry at one particular player.

With the second screen experience, the doors are really opening up. It's no longer just about what you're watching on your TV, or playing on your console, or even watching on your tablet. We can use these devices to actually interact with the things that we love and enjoy, to learn more about it, or just simply wander around in the experience itself.

Finding out more about the universe in your favorite show, the characters themselves, or even the actors that play them, for instance, is great when you can find out right when you need to, while watching it.

So I want to hear from you, Dear Reader. I want to know how you've accepted the second screen experience into your life, or if you've done it at all. Is it something that interests you, but you've just never tried to use before? Or are you someone who can't live without the experience anymore? Let me know!

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