For week 36, the Samsung Galaxy Note II dominated both the People's Choice Chart and the Mobile Tech Expert's Chart to become the #1 overall smartphone in PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™. Despite being a late addition to the running, however, the Nokia Lumia 920 entered the charts with some momentum. Which smartphone has what it takes to be #1 this holiday season?

MT PLEASANT, SC – PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™ (OSR) sets the standard for ranking the hottest smartphones, allowing both readers and experts alike to vote for their favorite smartphones. In week 36, the Samsung Galaxy Note II was the overall #1 pick. Earning 46 expert points, the Samsung Galaxy Note II bested the iPhone 5 by eight points, sending it back to the #2 position in the Mobile Tech Expert's Chart. And for the People's Choice Chart, the Samsung Galaxy Note II garnered 207 more votes than the Samsung Galaxy S III in second.

Number of votes aside, not a lot changed in the top three for the People's Choice Chart in week 36. The Samsung Galaxy S III took second once again, beating the Apple iPhone 5 by 232 reader votes. The Samsung Galaxy Note II knocked the Apple iPhone 5 with 38 points back to second in the Mobile Tech Expert's Chart. And with 28 points, the Samsung Galaxy S III kept its #3 spot. But the Nokia Lumia 920 is making waves and moving up the charts quickly, taking fifth in the People's Choice Chart and fourth in the Mobile Tech Expert's Chart with 25 points, despite being a late addition to week 36.

“Samsung’s Galaxy Note II continues to dominate PhoneDog’s Official Smartphone Rankings, though the entrance of the Nokia Lumia 920 brings Windows Phone 8 into play with Android and iOS," said Aaron Baker, Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog.

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PhoneDog Media's Official Smartphone Rankings™ consists of two weekly charts voted on by users and a panel of mobile technology experts.  The OSR can be accessed from or directly at /rankings and voting can be completed using login credentials from Facebook, Twitter, or the PhoneDog website.





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"The people and experts agree, Samsung Galaxy Note II is #1. Whick device is #1 to you? "

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George Lake
George Lake So tell me why you can"t take pictures on your Samsung note 2 phone when you are on a call? is there a fix, setting, or am I doing something wrong?
Lance Moyer
Lance Moyer Its nice got it for my wife. I got the HTC 8x windows phone I don't like android.
Dan Dieleman
Dan Dieleman Getting mine at the end of the month I'm super excited. I love my galaxy s3 but want the big brother with the s pen. I like the htc dna but don't like the droid gimmic or the htc ui
Brandon Paul
Brandon Paul Best phone I've ever owned, hands down.
theJerwenJayRN Still thinking whether I'll get Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 5. Are all the smart features of SG Note 2 practical and useful? Is Samsung's TouchWiz better than before? Will it get future OS update? I wanna know. :)
Lawrence Lepes
Lawrence Lepes Its about time that Justice is done! The Galaxy Note 2 is the best phone on the market. How the Iphone 5 got in the top 3; I'll never know. GO SAMSUNG!
Elijah David Kleehammer
Elijah David Kleehammer Galaxy Note II. Getting mine in January. Cannot wait.
Mohd Helmy Mahat
Mohd Helmy Mahat yep! the best right now is samsung galaxy note 2.
Susan Hugus
Susan Hugus Note II is the best Android phone to date. WiFi calling, bigger keyboard, fast, and fun!
Chester Candelaria
Chester Candelaria im a happy note 2 user
Enoch Serna
Enoch Serna There's no phone compared to the note 2. Whoever tries to VS with any phone except the note 3 is a complete moron.
Bill Stewart
Bill Stewart Wow.. That didnt take long for apple to loose its spot.
Jose Sut
Jose Sut The best phone.....
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Apple dick riders everywhere lol
John MacLean
John MacLean Got mine today. Love it.
Chester Candelaria
Chester Candelaria Hmm does the iphone have cool features?
Brandon Moran
Brandon Moran Note II is king. Will be buying one once the hype is gone and price is normal lol.
Terrance Henderson
Terrance Henderson Apple sucks
Michelle DeRosa
Michelle DeRosa My house phone is #1
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Thank you. Finally these guys arent scared of the big green monster called apple. Its about time they realize that they can go with what's real rather than what's popular. I guess they were scared to lose fans until now
Kyle Mezrahi
Kyle Mezrahi Lumia 920 is 5. :-)
Charles W. Y. Wong
Charles W. Y. Wong buying TWO Note II in Jan!
Mitchie Hatton
Mitchie Hatton push all of the bs aside and ask yourself does it work for me.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie this is the best phone out and will be for quite a while dont think any phones coming out anytime soon will be able to match it
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis Every month a new phone comes out, and then that phone is number one lol . Bunch of idiots seating at a cubical and telling us what phone is the best.
Daniel Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter The codec support on the video player is another reason this phone rocks!
??? ????????
??? ???????? I had a galaxy S3 for 3 months, then traded up for the Note 2. Both phones benchmark about the same, the note 2 was just slightly faster. The larger battery, screen size and s pen make the upgrade worth it to me.
Ivan Chong
Ivan Chong ( ?_?)=?-- ¦ <-iPhone5
Jennifer DeAlmeida
Jennifer DeAlmeida I'm still getting a GSIII, the Note is way too big for me.
Joseph Hudson
Joseph Hudson I've had my notes 2 for over a week now and I just love it! Best device I've ever owned.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson It amazes me how immature people that use smartphones can be...
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan Samsuck!!
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan Here comes the Note III in a few weeks!! Haha what a joke!
Martin Láwliet Amuesi
Martin Láwliet Amuesi Note II lol. Not even close. Over sized junk.
Don Clabaugh
Don Clabaugh Sue happy Apple will find away to sue Samsung again I hate Apple and no I do not own a Samsung
Kerri Kershaw
Kerri Kershaw I'm a people and have been using smartphones for about 10 years...and I don't agree. lol.
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail I waited for this day since the days of Evo and Droid X.
Justin Azzarito
Justin Azzarito Here come the iPhag 5 fans.
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail About time.

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