Surface with Windows RT sales starting off "modestly," says Microsoft CEO [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 12, 2012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft first unveiled its Surface with Windows RT back in mid-June, and after months of rumors and speculation, the new tablet finally made its way onto store shelves a few weeks ago. The Redmond-based firm hasn't revealed exactly how well the Surface has been selling since its launch, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently shed just a tiny bit of light on the matter, telling French publication Le Parisien that sales of the Surface with Windows RT have started off "modestly." Ballmer went on to explain the Surface's modest debut by saying that it's only available online and at Microsoft's U.S. stores.

Ballmer went on to tease the upcoming debut of the Surface for Windows 8 Pro, which is powered by an Intel processor and will run the full version of Windows 8. Microsoft has said should arrive around 90 days after the launch of the Surface for Windows RT. Obviously it's kind of tough to really know how well the currently-available Surface with Windows RT is doing when Microsoft isn't sharing actual sales numbers, but with the company's heavy advertising and the holidays coming up, it'll be interesting to see how many Surfaces start popping up in the coming weeks. Are any of you interested in picking up either a Surface for Windows RT or Surface for Windows 8 Pro?

UPDATE: In a statement sent to AllThingsD, Microsoft says that Steve Ballmer was referring to the company's method of "ramping up supply and distribution." The statement goes on to explain that Ballmer "reception to the device has been ‘fantastic.’" The full comment from Microsoft is as follows:

“Steve’s use of the term ‘modest’ was in relation to the company’s approach in ramping up supply and distribution of Surface RT, which has only been available via our online store and certain Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. While our approach has been modest, Steve notes the reception to the device has been ‘fantastic’ which is why he also stated that ‘soon, it will be available in more countries and in more stores.’”

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