Our Mobile Tech Expert Spotlight segment

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| November 13, 2012

With new smartphones hitting the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note II remained #1 with the People and now the Expert's on the Official Smartphone Rankings.  Today we highlight a new Expert, Nick Stadler of Best Buy Mobile along with two PhoneDog members who believe the Samsung Galaxy Note II is currently their #1 smartphone. 

Nick Stadler - Sales Lead for BestBuyMobile. Follow him on twitter @njstadler.


The Galaxy Note II is absolutely stunning! Yes, this phone is big, but when you put it in your hand and start to use the S Pen it changes the way you feel about large phones, because of everything you can do! Following behind it is the S III, which is still a beast of a phone. Motorola's RAZR MAXX HD is a great device with its awesome battery life. The iPhone 5 is a definite improvement over previous iPhones due to its enlarged display, LTE, and how could you not love how thin and light this phone is. Lastly, the HTC One X is great due to its partnership with Beats Audio!








Anna Scantlin - Intern for PhoneDog.com.  Follow her on twitter @PhoneDog_Anna.




I believe this is the third week that I've chosen the same phones to be in the same places, and the reasoning behind that is because simply put, nothing that intriguing has been released yet. I'm awaiting the HTC event on November 13 to see what new (and hopefully hot) phone HTC has to bring to the table this holiday season. At that point either the 4S or the One X will drop off, the One X most likely being the unfortunate victim as I would still have a tiny bit of remorse for kicking my dear sweet 4S off the chart when I still carry it around with me today. Hopefully we will see some changes come to us next week!






Aaron Baker- Editor-in-Chief for PhoneDog.com.  Follow him on twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron.


The Samsung Galaxy Note II remains in my first place slot for another week, as it offers a fantastic combination of specifications on multiple carriers in the US. It's going to be too large for many consumers, but things like 4G LTE, quad-core processing power, and a giant 3,100 mAh battery will appeal to a variety of purchasing groups. Samsung's Galaxy S III devices come in second and third for similar reasons, and in fourth place, the HTC EVO 4G LTE - arguably the best HTC device from the 'One' generation (though it doesn't carry the name). Rounding out my list is the LG Optimus G on AT&T, due to the quad-core processor and HD display.