T-Mobile promotion to offer free Samsung phones on November 16 and 17 [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| November 13, 2012

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T-Mobile today announced an upcoming Samsung smartphone sale that will give customers the opportunity to pick up a new handset for the low price of free after rebate. The sale will be taking place on both November 16 and 17, just like we'd heard, and includes devices like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S Relay 4G. Unsurprisingly, the Note II doesn't appear to be part of the promotion. Both new and existing upgrade-eligible customers can take part in the Samsung sale. Once a subscriber selects a device, he or she must pair it with a qualifying unlimited Classic or unlimited Value plan. A mail-in rebate card will be given for the out-of-pocket cost/down payment that can be sent in to make the net cost of the device $0. Sample pricing can be found below.

While I'm sure that some folks will be disappointed that the Galaxy Note II doesn't appear to be a part of this sale, there are still some worthwhile devices that are available, including the Galaxy S III. T-Mobile customers in the market for a new handset will just have to choose whether they want a free device from this sale or if they want to pony up for something else, like a Note II or Nexus 4, the latter of which will be available from T-Mobile on November 14. The good news is that with the T-Mobile sale kicking off on November 16, those folks still have a few days to make a decision. Anyone thinking about taking part in this Samsung smartphone sale?

UPDATE: According to images leaked to TmoNews, the Galaxy Note II will be on sale this weekend, but it won't be available for free like other Samsung devices. The shots show that the Note II will have an in-store down payment of $299.99 with a Value plan and will include a $200 mail-in rebate, bringing the price down to $99.99 along with 20 EIP payments of $20 each. Classic plan customers will need to pony up $499.99 in-store and will receive a $300 rebate, which works out to a final price of $199.99 on contract.

T-Mobile free Samsung smartphone sale Classic

T-Mobile free Samsung smartphone sale Value

Via T-Mobile, TmoNews