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Time to cross another carrier off of the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update wait list, as T-Mobile today announced that its S III is now getting bumped up to Android 4.1.1. A support page on T-Mobile's website has revealed that starting today, November 14, the Galaxy S III's Jelly Bean update will begin rolling out over the air and will also be available through Samsung's Kies software. The update will bring users to software version T999UVLJA and weighs in at 344MB. Along with the usual, butter-flavored Jelly Bean enhancements, this update also includes goodies like improvements to Wi-Fi calling and the camera. T-Mo's bulleted list of details about the update is at the bottom of this post (with typos about the Android version).

Samsung announced in mid-October that the U.S. Galaxy S III variants would be receiving their Jelly Bean updates "in the coming months," and Sprint's version was the first to be bumped up a little over a week later. There are still more models that are waiting for their own update, though, as the AT&T, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular and Verizon S IIIs are all still on Ice Cream Sandwich. Considering Samsung's broad "coming months" update timeframe and the fact that some carriers are known for taking their time with releasing updates, it'll be interesting to see when those variants receive Jelly Bean.

As for you T-Mobile folk, you can head on into Settings > About device > Software update on your S III or fire up Kies to get your Jelly Bean on right now. Be sure to let us know once you get Android 4.1.1 up and running!


Android version 4.0.4/Baseband version T999UVLJA - current version


  • Android version 4.0.4/Software version T999UVLJA
  • Approved 11/14/2012

New Features:

  • Jelly Bean


  • Wi-Fi calling improvements
  • Camera enhancements
  • Keyboard improvements


  • OTA and Samsung Kies update
  • T999UVLJ4, T999UVLH2, T999UVLG1 or T999UVLEM
  • Device software is not rooted
  • 50% battery life
  • Data connection
  • File size of update is 344 MB (it is recommended to connect to Wi-Fi to complete the OTA)

Via T-Mobile

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Chris N Kat Rodgers got my unlocked nexus 4 on Monday and lovin it.
Robert McGraw Sr. When is AT&T update? That's messed up......
Mark J F Makinika nope... Hate samsung!!!!! its end of nov. already... haist
Shawn Sedha screw att
Edward W Flemming I just updated my galaxy s3 you jelly bean 4.1 .1 from T Mobile. I had voice commands turned on, which is awesome for camera use all you have to do is say cheese and the phone will take a pictur automatically. after installing T Mobile's update to jelly beans. I reset my phone. And the Voice Command Option has disappeared but it was working in jelly bean before the reset. Is anyone else having this problem
Anthony Bailey Jelly Bean out-of-the-box on my Galaxy Note II!
Juwon Donte Nope still on 4.0.4 but really nobody cares anymore we all know android is horrible with updates lol
Sean Mccoy Nope stuck with 2.3.4 DROID 3 :,(
Thomas A. Kautz Jelly bean is old news,whats next?
Elijah David Kleehammer LOLOL no, I've got a Galaxy SII... Don't nobody cares bout this! It's outdated to them!
Douglas M. Smith Ha! Still waiting and Motorola is NOT going to give me ICS on my Electrify!...So have to use Holo Launcher!
Taihron Heaven This ish is the bomb baby. Am I the only GS3 user whose soft keys dnt vibrate anymore since receiving the update
Geoffrey P. Spicer Still waiting.for galaxy 111 jelly bean.
Marcos Perez Note 2 I have jellybean already. It taste like harry potters jellybeans.
Jeremiah Gmiah Millan Where is mine? I miss my galaxy tab plus.
Brandon Holley Hahaha been had that, nexus or nothing.
Adrian Bordoy No, awaiting my ordered nexus 4
Daniel Benavides Canchola As soon as i saw "phonedogs" post, i immediately checked my updates and "BOOM" Jellybean was installed. Love it, Samsung Galaxy S lll
Alberto Garcia Flores I've always had Galaxy phones since the S on tmobile till the same II after that I switched to Verizon to get the S3 JUST because I thought I'd get updates faster... Now I'm passed...
Patrick Shirley Still not available on Verizon, this should be a crime `_ยด
Chris Northcutt I've got mine with Sprint
Chris Northcutt Waiting on mine to be updated, although I thought it was supposed to happen awhile ago.
Justin Cartier oh yeah, Galaxy Nexus baby
Michael Alvarado Castellano Up dating right now
Carmen Jessica Yup last week, Jellybean on the Samsung Galaxy SIII
Ismael Sergio Molina now update the Relay 4g Samsung!
Christopher Stowe Yep iOS 6.0.1
Jose Be Julme Just got my OTA update @11:30am! Now time to explore.
Jose Sut I XD got Jelly Bean in my sg 3 by air.
Jason Dickman Sandy Barbosa Austin Gerleman Nate Gilles
Mario Sauceda Sg3 got it!! Jelly bean yum!
David Cipollone EVO 4G LTE... NOTHING...
Peggy Coe Brooks Yep. Have CM10 on the Exhilarate.
Jeff Seaver Yes On my Galaxy S 3
Mason Fant Got it on my Droid RAZR M
Dzwinner Djazair SGS i9000 Stable Android 4.1.2 CM10 :)
Jacob Grumbles Yep got it on my sprint gs3 about 3 weeks ago and my gsm galaxy nexus got it a few day after it was released.
Zevyn H Prather Just got 4.2 last night
Sean Watson Still on gingerbread. Can't get an ics update
Tautvydas Lagunavicius nope. still on ICS :(
LaTroy Applewhite Just received it ......
Mark Belkowski i have a note2 so it shipped with jb.
Lance Hill nope I have the original Droid Razr Maxx and don't know for sure when but i do know it will be getting it some say spring and some say summer of next year but by that time I should have a new phone with jelly bean out of the box
Chad Huneycutt Yep I also have HTC one x and still waiting
Marlo Maddox Boone Yep! And from my understanding GNexus users will be getting 4.2 as well!
Nikki Dvorak Does anyone have any idea when Verizon will "roll out" the JB update for the SIII?
????????? ????? ive got 4.2 already... lol
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez i have motorola atrix 4g and im happy with ui motorola has for gingerbread... i had the atrix 2 and the ics update... it was so smooth but missed my social widgets from motorola jeje so i switch with my sister
Jack Hutchinson Just got it via this message!
Ian Burns I'll have Jelly Bean tomorrow when my Nexus 4 gets here!
Nick Guerrero G HTC one x still waiting
Nakai Flores CM10 right now
Chilly Will I still haven't got the update yet
Josh Billingsley Clean rom 4.5 gs3 verizon. You know it baby.
Devin Martinez Lol the majority are still on ginger bread & android already released another update lol. Now that's retarded
Paris Coke just her luck i went to the update and i dont have to go home lol
Robert Futty Nice to know this is about tmobile and half of the comments are for Verizon phones. Btw I didn't get mine
Austin Jae Via CM10. Not really much different
Noe Zuniga No but I am sure it will be there as soon as my nexus 4 arrives in my door step =D
Paris Coke omfgggg im at the hospital withmy fiance and im about to leave her here just for this update!!
Armand Vasquez Got it. Love it.
Leemarc Asistin Currently on DL as I type!
Luis Robles Figueroa Nice to know people are getting there Jelly Bean.
Jeff Cross No I don't, Motorola fucked the ATRIX 2 owners so we aren't getting JB. Fuckers!!!!
Chad Allen No but i will has soon has the Droid DNA drops bye bye gs3
Henry Lavender Flashed it on my Galaxy Note
Eze Uba Got it, unofficially(?)... CM10 toro stable, last night
David Birney yes got it Tuesday night for my razr m, pretty nice but I still use Apex launcher.
Cory Musselman I'm still on ICS.
Peter Lindner Thanks to CyanogenMod ;)
Douglas Prevo Not officially, but unofficially... its awesome.
Prathamesh Zore yup unoffficial update.............
Martin Smeaton Two words. Task and Ktoonsez. *Puts on sunglasses and walks away from explosion*
Dietrich Brown got it almost feels like a new phone
Craig Coyner I believe I'm now downloading it for my Droid Razr M! YES!
Wayne Nowacki Running a custom variant of 4.1 jelly bean and some 4.2 features on my Inspire 4G
Aaron Summers Not yet Droid X2...will I?
BobieTwitch Agnes Got mine already out of the box.. note 2 rules!!haha
Branden James Kahler Of course..I have the Verizon Nexus, so after Verizon tests 4.2 about 54,393 times..I should get it
Coman Rollins Galaxy Note 2 yeah baby
Mauro dAngelo Living in Italy, I got Jb on my international (obviously) Galaxy S3, about 2 weeks ago... awesome update.
David Brown Got it on my Droid Razr M yesterday.
Ian Baylon Nexus 7 4.2 :P
Branden James Kahler Yes...Thats why I LOVE NEXUS!!
Mitchell Taylor Samsung Galaxy Nexus. *BOOM*

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