What was the last phone you purchased, and why?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: November 15, 2012

Not too long ago, I asked all of you how long you’ve kept (and used) your phone. What was the longest amount of time you’ve managed to keep one phone? Was it a few months? A year? Even longer? The answers ranged just as I’d hoped they would, and I have to admit: I’m proud. You’re able to do something that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do, so kudos to you. Especially if you’ve managed to stay in love with your phone over the extended period of time with it.

It’s all about the phone, right? We choose the phone we want based on all sorts of different variables. Size, memory, operating system, maybe even the carrier. We take all of these things into consideration and we clump them all together to try and make a logical purchase for what we need, right then and there. We can all admit that our wants and needs will change over time, which is one reason why I asked how long you’ve kept your phone. Things change. So does which phone we own.

That’s truer now for me than it ever has been before.

When I look at a new phone, I take into account more now than I ever remember thinking about. Screen size, for one. Way back when, I could have cared less about that. Now? Now I’m all about the larger display sizes, but as long as they aren’t too big. (I haven’t jumped onto the “phablet” bandwagon yet, and I’m not sure I want to anytime soon.) But, with the larger display size comes a top-tier display in itself, too. I hate seeing pixels on my display, so I will actively look for better screen technology.

I also need a good amount of memory on board, especially in today’s market where microSD card support isn’t all the rage anymore. The size and weight of a phone doesn’t mean that much to me, as long as it feels good to hold, and it isn’t a brick. But, the big question? The OS. Yes, that plays a big part, too, because I have to look at how that mobile operating system fits into the digital world I currently inhabit. Does it mesh well with my computer? How is the application situation?

All of these things matter.

That’s why when I was looking at the Lumia 920, I took all of those things into consideration. I looked at my computer, I looked at my Xbox 360, and I had to weigh either going all-in with Microsoft’s brand new, bold vision for a multi-faceted Windows platform, or consider switching to something I’ve tried and used in the past. I picked up the Lumia 920 because of AT&T’s aggressive pricing on the device, along with the large on board memory, the big, crisp and clear display, and, yes, Windows Phone 8. So far, it’s been a great relationship me and this Lumia 920 have had so far.

But now it’s your turn, Dear Reader. I want to hear from you, and I want you to tell me which phone you purchased last. Was it the iPhone 5? How about the HTC One X? Or maybe Samsung’s Galaxy S III? Maybe a bit further back, and you’re still rocking the iPhone 4S, or the Galaxy Nexus? Either way, I want to hear which phone you purchased last, but most importantly I want to hear why you chose that phone over any other phone. Why did you throw your cash at that particular device? Let me know!

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