Apple has a way with patents

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| November 17, 2012


Here we are once again to discuss the strange and peculiar ways that Apple works. Known as one of the most powerful leaders in the tech industry, Apple has paved its way to success by stomping on the hopes and dreams of weaker competitors, and patenting almost everything that crosses their mind. Today, The New York Times reports that Apple now owns – get ready for it - the page turn. That’s right. The page turn.

Not that you won’t be able to crack open a good old fashioned book and be able to turn the page without being in fear of getting sued – hopefully – but when it comes to e-Books, if you’re not on an Apple product you probably shouldn’t be having that function! It certainly seems that one is able to patent just about anything these days, doesn’t it? Hasn’t the “page turn” been around since the creation of books? Or even small essays?

The New York Times reports that “Apple argued that its patented page turn was unique in that it had a special type of animation other page-turn applications had been unable to create.” Oh my goodness, they’re right. At first I thought it was just me, but have you ever noticed the way their page turns, the way it smoothly glides over the screen and ever so slightly curls at the bottom right hand corner and… oh wait, no, I can’t tell the difference, because I’m not insane.

According to their article, that’s not the only strange thing Apple has patented. They’ve also got dibs on glass staircases. Didn’t they have one of those in Cinderella, too? Maybe it was just the slipper. Either way, how can you patent a staircase made out of a certain material? Shouldn’t we all be able to enjoy fragile staircases? I guess not, because Apple (aka “Buzz Killington”) has to come rain on everybody’s parade. I can understand a couple of the others regarding their music icon design (although the original iPod design would have made more sense rather than the current musical note) and their iPhone packaging. iPhone packaging could have easily been copied otherwise and it would have been even easier for thieves to trick people into buying faux iPhones.  

I’m slightly annoyed that every time you turn around Apple is in another lawsuit with another company. It seems like the only way to get them to stop is for other companies to just stop making phones altogether, does it not? I mean, it’s not even “Apple vs. Samsung” anymore. It’s “Apple vs. Everybody And Their Mother” now. I just wonder how many times we’re going to have to go through this before they just live and let live and just focus on Apple, but I’m not getting my hopes up for that any time soon. It’s a business tactic, and although it’s not a business tactic I like, it’s working for them.

While we’re on the subject of patenting everything, this seems like a good time to go get my laugh patented. There’s a special ring to it, the way my vocal chords are designed are just revolutionary and extremely innovative in mechanics. It’s a laugh nobody else has ever heard before. It’s a giggle, a cackle, and a chortle all rolled into one. Get ready for - the aLaugh.

How do you feel about Apple's new patent? Do you think they're taking it too far, or taking advantage of a good business tactic? Let me know what you think in the comments!