Waiting for a certain trend to catch on can be unbearably painful sometimes. We’ve watched as the large screen trend has caught on like wildfire, which was only bolstered by the bump in screen size with Apple’s iPhone 5. We’ve watched phones get thinner, even if Nokia is bucking that trend with the Lumia 920. There have been other trends as well, some of which have made an impact and others that are still trying to show they matter, but there’s one that I’m still waiting for. One that, I think, all of us are still waiting for: bigger batteries.

What’s odd about this, is that this seems like it should be the most obvious trend to jump on. This IS the bandwagon that every single cell phone/smartphone owner is ready to jump on. We live and breathe from our phones these days, so having a battery that can stay charged all day, without the need of a charger, is a huge thing that many people actively crave.

Instead, we’re forced to buy accessories, or extra batteries, or simply make sure that we’re next to an outlet (whether it’s the car or inside a building) to make sure that we get the juice that we so desperately need. It’s a problem, to be frank, and unfortunately our smartphone features are outpacing our batteries, and it’s just making it all that much worse.

I wrote about how the Lumia 920, despite some issues, is a phone that I’m genuinely pleased with since I’ve owned it, and that hasn’t changed. Nor will it anytime soon, to be honest. However, there’s one thing that I have noticed, that I didn’t put in that original article. The battery life on the Lumia 920 isn’t as good as the battery life on the Lumia 900. I can’t blame the apps, either, because other than a few games, I have the same exact applications installed on this phone that I did the previous version. The Lumia 920’s battery just eats away at its life bar faster than the Lumia 900.

So let’s compare: The Lumia 900 has a battery measured at 1,830mAh. Target life for stand-by is 300 hours. Talk time is “up to 7 hours,” and music playback is set for somewhere around sixty hours. The Lumia 920’s battery comes in at 2,000mAh, and its stand-by time is tagged at “up to 400 hours.” It’s supposed to be able to get somewhere between 10 and 17 hours of talk time, and up to 67 hours of music playback.

So the Lumia 920 has a bigger battery, technically, but the phone has a drastic difference in actual battery life. And, I’m pretty sure I can safely point my finger at Windows Phone 8. The new features, like the new, far more detailed Live Tiles, are great to watch and they seriously make a huge improvement versus Windows Phone 7.5, but I can’t help but connect the dots. So, I get these cool new features, but I am led to believe that they are actually killing my phone faster, and that may as well put me between a rock and a hard place.

Samsung and Motorola are trying to buck the trend of small batteries/cool features, by shoving huge batteries in their phones that have (what they hope are) cool features. Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has a battery measured in at 3,100mAh, and Motorola’s DROID RAZR MAXX HD’s battery is pegged at 3,300mAh. Those are ridiculously good batteries, and guess what? They get the job done. All I hear from Taylor at this point is how great the Galaxy Note II’s battery is, and how it just seems to go on forever no matter what he does on it. A buddy of mine has the DROID RAZR MAXX HD, and he boasts about the battery all the time.

Hey, I’ve got Live Tiles. So there.

But, in all seriousness, the only thing that the Lumia 920 is missing is a bigger battery, especially if it is the new features in Windows Phone 8 that is causing my battery to die faster than I’d like. I want Nokia, LG, Apple (yes, even Apple), and every other manufacturer out there to start giving us bigger batteries, please. Because I hate letting my phone die, but I also hate always having it plugged into a charger, too.

Let’s make it happen!

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Chase Boone What is that clock/weather widget in the picture at the top of the article?
Arvind Katiyar When your phone tells you to plugin the charger that is when you start charging.in some manuals it is written let your battery discharge completely before charging it is good for the battery.
Rysheen Wilson Letting your. Battery die is bad for the lithium battery
Shahrukh Lalani Sometimes but my Nokia flip phone is a pretty old model i think it is but sometimes it does die and i don't know then when i check i gotta charge it ;e
Paul Alexandru I let my phone battery die 3 times in a row when i first buy it but then when i reach 10% or 20% i start charging it, once i was on 1% LMAO and still too lazy to put it on the charger but luckily i reached the charger in time
Gibby Garcia not intentionally....
Ibnul Sharar Who cares if you have a phone which is 1.5 years old? :P #nexusone
Eugene Yap My phone is 4 month old (nearly all) drain bout 15%, because of ics update, xperia sola and sony tablet s
Silvana Ramirez Definitely No!!!
Eugene Yap Of cuz not
David DiPilla It's not good to run your phone dead all the time if you run it dead atleast once a month your phone will last longer if you run your phone done to 50 percent everyday it will last twice as long
Kimberly Johnson I try not too.
Eldon Ong when i 1st beought phone, i took care of the battery level. now almost 1.5years, i dont give a damn whether it dies or not.
Howie Eastin No I do not
Rickyo ODaniell Most of the time. But it seems to last forever on the Note II.
Luis Robles Figueroa If I no choice and once in a blue moon. It is good for the phone.
Angel Miguel Peguero all the time
Jeff Jones No, because there's a bug with the HTC Rezound that if you let it drain all the way it can sometimes brick the phone.
Orlando Soto With my Note 2 its impossible it last all day, right now I have 64% of battery since this morning and I charge it every night
Aaron Dean 15% to 10%
Devin Martinez I have an iPhone, so I don't know what that means
Vicente Reyes I let mine get to 10% and then after a bit I charge it. My phone lasts for the most part of the day till bed time. ;-) atrix 2.
Vicente Reyes Just once a yr, why? Because I clear the battery cache and let it recalculate itself again. Like a new battery
Arturo Cifuentes Never ever I always carry with me at least two extra batteries and and wall and car charger
Azwang Jurangpathy No. But I'm gonna do it now, is at 14%
Aydemir Ilker About once a week on the DROID RAZR maxx HD
???S??? S??????? if u dont let your battery die. then u are ruining the life of your battery. in 6 months your smartphone battery will behave like it is 1 year old. meaning it will last less and less every month. but people will never understand or care why.
Jami Sims Hell No!
Juan Jose Rios Yes all the time. I'm at 3% now and gonna keep using it till it dies. I don't care what it does to the battery. I'm rich bitch
Amie Lee Greenway It's better for the battery if you let it die once in awhile. I usually run mine down to the last 5% before I plug it in.
David Lima I usually let it get down to 5% and then I charge it
Larry Hanks Phones generally shut down before battery damage can occur. The nominal voltage for shutoff is 3.2V, however my idiot phone shuts off around 3.4V
Anthony Bailey I just let my new Note IIs battery die, last night, to see how long the battery could last. 37 hours later, I gave up and put it on charge lol. Otherwise, I never let my battery die.
Kris Sinclair All the time
Larry Hanks Yes occasionally, and you should occasionally so the phone can accurately gauge battery life
Lawrence Lepes Only once. I checked to see how long it will last
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich if u drain completely more than twice a month you r killing the battery charge at 15-20%
Justin Cartier Also my phone is on all the time.
Justin Cartier never, my Galaxy Nexus goes just about all day with the extended battery. (I get up at 5:30) I just plug it in on the way home, and I'm good till about 10 or 11.
Mark Belkowski stevey theres no proof that would kill your cells.
Audrey O'Donnell Not unless I can't charge it
Maria Izabela It is recommend to let the battery completely die say once a month and charge it to the full to preserve its strength and capacity
Paul Vanderbear Letting it die kills the cells, It's best to plug it in or swap the battery around 15-5%
Mark Belkowski i let it get to 1% before i charge.
Don H Ashfield I've been down to 7% with my Galaxy III
John Blount Jr Why would you?
Kenneth Bernales definitely not, maybe 1 percent but i charge it right away
Kevin Loughrey Not Iintentionally
Ronnie Cave I do, once or twice a month, keeps the battery healthy
Cameron Walton Once a month
Chanarith Lach Yup, I let it die then charge it overnight.
Rodney Willis I let it get to about 10 % before I put it on the charger
Rock Roche About to buy a new battery because the stock battery for my galaxy nexus can barely hold a charge anymore.
Eric Mitchell My phone's battery hasn't died in years! Will never let that happen. Lol.
Elijah David Kleehammer I don't when I can help it. If I'm out for too long and it dies, I can't help it; if I'm at the house, I take it to 2 percent, then charge it.
Marcos A. Gutierrez I let it die once a month and then charge it all the way back up to calibrate the battery.
Ken Sogamoso I get nervous when it gets below 50% haha
Janet Revell Smith No 15% life left is lowest
Anne Brooks I don't often have that problem. I have a note 2 with a HUGE battery in it. It really will last pretty much all day.
Nathan Wright Once a month
Yasir Zuhair Al-Sammarraie not usually , but sometimes i forget about seeing me missed calls , so how about the battery!! :p
Christopher Stowe iPhone batteries don't die
Matthew Hart So the answer is no. I never allow the battery to drop significantly because with a combination of Motorola Smart Actions and a large battery, the battery life is retained until I come home at the end of the day.
Thomas Boehnlein Only if I forget to charge it at night. Which does happen every once in a while.
Matthew Fleisher I just pop a fresh one in when it says 10%
Matthew Hart As the owner of a new Motorola Smartphone on Verizon, I know Motorola is King of the Hill when it comes to battery life and everyone knows the battery powers the whole show.
Dietrich Brown sometimes but i have 3 batteries for gs3
Ca Martin Once a month.
Jose Hernandez No.....lithium batteries need to be frequently charged. When lithium batteries deplete completely crystals form inside the battery and this takes up realestate in the housing. So when the battery is charged again, it will never fully charge but the phone will say it's fully charged.
Michael Balk Kinda hard when our phone won't die... galaxy note 2 has amazing battery life
Cody Walk Not with my Samsung Galaxy S3
Marcus Wallin I have a RAZR MAXX so I never really have to worry about charging my phone. Sometimes when I get ready for bed and think about putting it in the charger, I look at the battery indicator and it'll show like 50-60% and I'm all like "aaah, fak it. I'll charge it next night" and won't even bother charging it that night, because I know it'll still get me through the next day. My friends are always like "hey, do you have a charger with you". and I'm all like "chill, we can use my phone for Spotify... my battery can go all. night. long". I love it and dont' see myself going back to a "normal size" battery ever
Dale Tucker Previously, my HTC rezound with its standard battery often came close to depletion by days end. I opted for a larger battery and very rarely worry about this battery dying often getting nearly two days use.
Jesse Ling WRONG!forcing it to run all day long,for days consecutively is bad for it.
Noor Mahmoud Letting it die is bad for the battery.
Frederick Suleiman It's harmful for your battery if you let it die completely.
Sean Watson I try not to, but even with an extended battery sometimes I'm out too long without a charger anyway
Grashan Austin Jr. maybe once in a while
Jaime Espinoza NO I Like letting it go down all the way to 1% and then Turn it off then charge it back up to full.
Nick Truskowski I've had about 50 good phones, never once lost a man(phone)
Ignacio Contreras B. neither, charging regularly makes it last longer (in terms of useful life)
Gladys Devant Nope! Always have a charger with me.
Ed Covert Rarely but it happens.
Jesse Ling if i have to
Ben Belhorn I don't let it die, it does it all on its own.
Mark Fisher Jr. My phone only died two time since i had it. And i had it for a long time.
Rigel Tong Sometimes
Howard Abraham Definitely not. No way. Never.
Nain El Fuego Romero I usually charge at the 5% mark =\
Stephanie Wall Sometimes to make my battery last longer its good to let ur phone die just not every day
Tabib Rehman I let it die every night
Alfred Johns IV This thing has died about 4 times in 4 months. #galaxys3
Josh Lazenby I don't even like it getting below 60%....lol
Brandon Thompson No...try to take it down as much as possible though
Siu Fung I do not either

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