Black Friday sales wrap up: do you plan on phone shopping?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from Kansas City, MO
Published: November 21, 2012



What is Black Friday anymore? The "holiday" seems to start earlier and earlier, with stores like Kohl’s having their Black Friday sales start at midnight two entire days before Black Friday. Many corporations and businesses rely on holiday sales to meet their quotas and make profits for the fourth quarter of the year, so I imagine it won’t be too long before more businesses join in and turn Black Friday into a week-long fiasco.  

Aside from stores opening early, we here at PhoneDog have seen a couple of sneak previews of prices of some pretty awesome phones that will be on sale on Black Friday. Have you made any plans to shop for phones on sale? Whether it’s online or in a store, if you plan on going shopping that day it would be a good idea to make a plan beforehand so you don’t miss out on some of the great deals. There’s a lot of great deals that are supposed to go down on Black Friday so I’m here to break it down for you in one big post!

Amazon Wireless, for a while, had the Nokia Lumia 920 on sale for $49.99. However, when I pull up the Amazon Wireless page it shows as being sold for $69.99. That price was announced about a week ago so I probably missed that sale, but $69.99 is still not a bad deal considering it’s normally priced at $99.99. However, AT&T is supposed to have the same $49.99 deal for the Lumia 920 going on over the weekend, so if that’s a phone you’re looking at I would check AT&T before Amazon.

T-Mobile is supposedly going to have a sale going on for all (or at least a good portion) of their Samsung devices. You can expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S III,  Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and more on sale in T-Mobile stores and at starting on Friday and is expected to run until December 20. But, as with all sales, to ensure you get the device you want at these prices it’s best to go as early as possible in case they run out of stock.

Sprint is even expected to have a sale on some of its top Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Victory 4G LTE. It seems that Samsung is really making a push this year to have the best sales during the holiday season, possibly in the name of justice and to have another successful quarter of having the most profits and sales.

So, if there’s a Samsung device you’ve had your heart set on for a while now seems like a good time to go and buy one, particularly if you’re interested in the Galaxy S III. Not only are Sprint and T-Mobile having decent sales for the device, but Sam’s Club is reported to be selling the Samsung Galaxy S III for just $0.96 with a 2-year contract, while supplies last. Crazy! Of course, you’ll either have to have a Sam’s Club membership or know somebody with one in order to get into the store, but either way, that’s a fantastic deal if I ever did see one.

As usual, I wouldn’t expect Apple to have any iPhone sales. Although, they are teasing some sort of a sale on their website for a one-day event (presumably for iPads, iPods, and Macs only on November 23) so if you’re an Apple fan looking for a new product I would have Apple’s website set and ready for a refresh at midnight on Friday.

With so many sales and deals going on, it’s hard to choose which one you want to go for. It’s best to look up the details for every sale so you know how long the sales event lasts and when and where you should be there to get the device you want.

So readers, are any of you planning to buy a device for either yourself or a loved one? Which deal do you think you’d go for? Let me know!