Some AT&T iPhone users with unlimited data now able to use FaceTime over cellular

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 21, 2012

FaceTime iPad

After originally announcing that only customers on its Mobile Share data plans could use FaceTime over cellular, AT&T earlier this month widened the availability of the feature a bit more, saying that customers with LTE iOS devices and tiered data plans could also video chat using a cellular connection. Now the carrier may be opening up availability of FaceTime over cellular even further. Several MacRumors forum members have noticed that they're able to use FaceTime over a cellular connection on iPhone 5s and 4Ses, even though they've got an unlimited data plan. Not all AT&T customers have been able to switch on the feature, but some report that it became enabled after turning their phone off and then back on.

AT&T has yet to comment on the situation, but it'd certainly be interesting to see the carrier change its mind and open up FaceTime over cellular to all of its customers, and it's a move that'd likely please both its subscribers and groups like Free Press and Public Knowledge. To check and see if you're able to use FaceTime over a cellular connection, head into Settings > General > Cellular and scroll to the bottom of the page. Any of you AT&T customers with unlimited data having luck with getting FaceTime over cellular to work?

Via MacRumors