Apple has been through many ups and downs, starting somewhere in the 80’s when it was doing quite well for itself until Microsoft came around and steamrolled Apple. Many people thought it was the end of Apple – until it wasn’t. Apple kept on keeping on, and eventually rose back to the top with its line of “iProducts”, including the ever-so-popular iPhone. Now that Android is a comparable competitor, and with Apple’s less-than-willing to change attitude regarding their interface, should Apple be worried about Google?

Former Apple engineer Patrick B. Gibson points out on his blog that “Almost anything Apple does which involves the internet is a mess,” and cites a few examples to support this statement. He mentions that iTunes and Apple’s infamous App Store is “a mostly dead framework written almost 20 years ago,” and also that Notes still requires an e-mail address to sync. He points out that Apple still needs to take down its website in order to update its online store (which I thought was a “mysterious” business tactic for releasing new products for a while, little did I realize it was just the result of shoddy framework. I mean, they only update their store once every six months or so anyway, right?) This could just be a case of a bitter ex-employee, but I feel that some of his points here are pretty valid.

Gibson does go on to say that Safari is Apple’s pride and joy, and the one thing he mentions they are doing right. He also shared a colleague’s insight that “Google… is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services.”

Google constantly changes Android at the drop of hat, but always for the better. They are constantly improving, revamping, redesigning the way their interface looks in order to stay ahead – something Apple seems unwilling to do. It just seems that BlackBerry went through the same dip at one point once people realized that BlackBerry just released new phones with basically the same software time after time. If something doesn’t change on Apple’s end, I fear that they might meet the same fate, especially when companies like Google are willing to keep their interface up-to-date.

Safari hasn’t changed much, and although it is a nice browser, I don’t feel that a simple internet browser can save an entire phone line. You have to take into consideration that most platforms with app stores offer several different browsers and you don’t have to stick with the stock one. I hate Android’s native browser, and I hate BlackBerry’s native browser. I like Opera Mini and I like Chrome, though. At least one of those is offered in each app store. Even Safari isn’t my browser of choice on my phone, but I know many who wouldn’t use anything else.

Although Apple is starting to make way into what’s considered “modern” now, it still took them more than two years after 4G had been introduced to release a phone with 4G capabilities. They only release a phone once a year, and it’s only a matter of time before they are so behind they’re not even in the running anymore. If things keep going the way they've been going, it’s likely that Google will monopolize the industry sometime in the future. I think Apple is afraid of changing because at the moment, they do have a extensive fan base. After all, they do still control the majority of the smartphone profits, making around $17 billion per quarter as opposed to $4 billion for Google per year. So they’ve done something right, but I think they’re living on borrowed time. I don’t think Apple’s fire will burn out anytime in the near future - but it might only take a couple more years of this minimal change for people to start wanting something else.

What do you think? Do you think Apple should be concerned about Google, or do you think they have it figured out by sticking with what they’ve got? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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"Will Google be the company to shake Apple's dominance?"

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Niels Ejlersen Everyone should check out the video on Youtube called Project glass: One day... Apple should be scared... very scared...
Arvind Katiyar yes Google is fast changing the game in its own way,the more people buy Android devices Google becomes more powerfull.
Shyam Sundar Already shaken
Ricky Quinones YES, especially if Google starts making their own chips.
Daniel Quintero It already has......and android fans use custom roms cuz they can freedom yall only do what apple says you can do
Manuel Mercado apple pray to my God Google and ask forgiveness. my best advice! by me: google boy :-)
Tyler Kirchman Microsoft and nokia will
Javier Segura No. Maybe in 100years....if my prediction that apple will one day make an iPhone.....that's in fact shaped like said apple, comes to pass.
Zach Cline That's what they've been doing so far . I'm not getting another iPhone I can tell you that much . This iPhone 4S is my last one.
Travis Rector they'll probably just sue
Brandon Moran My parents DONT KNOW JACK between Android and iOS.. Took them out today and spent about 7 hours shopping around to test run different phones and ecosystems.. Its THEIR VERY FIRST smartphone, So you can imagine how many WOO-SAH pills i took lol.. After playing around with the phones and both platforms, Android first, THEN iphone.. (And to be honest, I thought they'd get lost with Android stuff, finding Apple to be easier to use since there's Only so much to do on it.. ) But after trying both, they said "Wait.. this kinda sucks.. I liked the Galaxy phone MUCH MORE.. There was alot more to do on it, and i liked the bigger screens." I really was trying to show them more on the iPhone since it WOULD be much easier for them to pick it up and go, But I guess i'll be showing them the Android ropes for a bit.. lol..
Marlo Maddox Boone @Onix: Before you call Android fail, try going into different carrier stores and play around with all the different phones they have on display. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is pure Android, no sense or touch wiz, I have not rooted or flashed custom Roms and this phone screams! Android 4.1 Jellybean is flawless!
Marlo Maddox Boone Google products usually have a fair low price and a lot of their software is free and has significantly more functionality baked in as well. I got an iPhone 4 when it first came out and I sold it after 3 months of use, because it was so boring! Apple should be VERY afraid of Google! Apple should fear Samsung too, because they make all the critical components, such as the CPU and the screens on the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad!
Zach Cline They would be stupid not to be . I'm going to be dumping my iPhone for the galaxy S3 or galaxy note 2
Cesario Brito Jr. Apple is worried about anything better than them.
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Google means YouTube, gmail, google maps, google+, google now, google search, google translate, chrome and too many more applications that every company would like to have so obviously apple has to be scared tell me what they has to face google
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Lg made the first touch screen phone....so that means that apple copy lg right ???
Randy Walker Sr. Be worried be very worried Apple. Hopefully someone will put the rotten apple in its place.
Bruce W. Thomas Jr. Apple isn't open sourced so yes android will dominate... apple feels that way already that's why they're going around bringing up petty lawsuits!!!
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell Some one sure needs to!
Susan Hugus After having the Galaxy Note II for just 2 weeks, now the iPhone really looks like an antique. Google has allowed others to add improvements to vanilla Android which brings a creativity that Apple would never allow. It doesn't matter whether Apple should worry since the public will decide what is best; however, I vote for open creativity.
Lewis Wong Yes looooong time ago
Anonymous Apple should be worried about Microsoft given the success of the Surface. Demand for the Surface Phone will be nothing short of phenomenal when it is announced. Apple's days of being king are numbered.
Joernie Berrios Thats a good point Onix....is just that Sense and Touchwiz sucks....but not custom Roms that are AOSP based...at least with Android you can flash custom Roms
Felix Tran Here comes the never ending war between Apple fanboys and Android loyalists.....have fun "keyboarding" each other to death guys.
Michael Schneider Nope Windows 8 will
Timus Maximus @ Andy...oops wrong guy. Sorry bro, was meant for Knox or whatever the dweebs name is...Lol
Timus Maximus Andy...lmao YOU'RE the idiot... too funny.
Jae Streets Betrayed Google and went with a iPhone 5....the only thing I liked was the camera(can't lie) Traded my iPhone 5 for a nexus 4.....I only mess with nexus devices
Onix Rodriguez Yup! If it wasn't a fail why so many people replace their OS with customized versions? Yeah just say it, cause it sucks!
Miguel Placencia On a phone.
Miguel Placencia Who was the first company to have a touch screen?
Andy Chen you are an idiot Onix, Android OS is a fail? wow
Afnan Sultan I need more popcorn! :( btw google is a much better company...
Onix Rodriguez Yikes! Reading comments from droid fanbos makes me conclude many are ghetto by the way they write!
Juwon Donte I see apple dick riders lol
Onix Rodriguez Besides the google search engine and google maps, the rest is crap or a copy. Just like google tv everything is a FAIL, don't even mention android OS.
Juwon Donte In to all the isheep please stop ridding apples dick seriously
Juwon Donte Apple should of been worried about Google a long time ago while android continues to grow the iPhone stays the same the only things That's changed with the iPhone is a 4 inch screen which android did some years ago iPhones are dull and boring I should know I've had one..with android phones your free to do what you want no restrictions like the iPhone
Jim Messerfish Sweet, thanks buddy! Good luck with your pizza delivery career! That's not just a job, it's an adventure!
JerryandAudrey Smith Loud resounding YES
Anthony Tat hmm you're doing it again... guess this is over then ¯\_(?)_/¯ twas fun while it lasted sir
Michael Spotts Glad to say NO. Apple has pure douchebag dominance.
Nika Khachidze they should have started worrying when they first heard the fuckin' name !! totally USELESS Apple !!
Andres Castañaza I Hope so!
Mark Belkowski apple hasnt been on top for quite some time.
Thomas Boehnlein Google has finally gotten all their ducks in a row thanks to Matias Duarte evolving Android from an OS obviously designed by engineers to the OS it is now. The fact that he killed the original Honeycomb design shows how committed he is to doing Android right for the masses. Right now I think they have the best chance. If Microsoft's one UI to rule them all ever catches on (ie Windows 9 since Microsoft follows this every other release pattern), Microsoft could end up being the one to do it. They are taking incredibly huge risks right now. And the potential payoff is huge.
Jim Messerfish Are you a child? What is wrong with you? Is it hugs? Do you need hugs?
Malik Valbrun Definotely
Anthony Tat good job facebook creeping and also reproving me right. you fail to find success in a debate so you find some bullshit with which to come out on top. i delivered as a summer job while i was in town from college. oooo YOU GOT ME, mr. billionaire successful man, who changed his default picture mid-argument from a fat shadow to one where it looks like you and your goatee are doing professional work LOL gg
Said Issa Google already dominated...
Vishal Nandre DEFINATELY....
Daniel Djønne Lund If someone should do it, I hope it will be Google. If Samsung did it, the world would be filled with idiots. Google is a great company, and specially to their workers.
Ian Walker Maybe but not yet sorta depends on the way apple goes with there devices. I think they have to refresh the iphone design to keep dominance.
Jose Pablo Islas They already are lol
Jim Messerfish Oh, wait- I am arguing with a Domino's pizza delivery driver? Sorry, I apologize. I see you are much smarter than me.
Clemente Miklavchich dumb people, they are bot cooperating with each other and making this commercial for bit
Anthony Tat @jim messerfish no wtf where did you read that? see this is exactly what i was talking about: ignorant sheep. constantly sucking apple's dick while dismissing all logical arguments. that's the difference with a phone person and an apple person. youll defend apple, regardless. ill get an iphone when it becomes the top phone in the market.
Dino Dimakopoulos definitely. - from a former iPhone owner of four years
Juan Gonzalez Paul bosley are you high ?
Gerald Mccrae The reason why Google sales more phones is because they give their software away where as Apple they designed their own software and hardware
Jim Messerfish So what you are saying, Anthony Tat, is your hate for them is because they are succesful?
Paul Bosley Google makes a LOT of money off apple I read they make more from apple than they make off their own stuff so no
Anne Brooks I think Apple do need a big shake up in exactly the same way that BB needed it except they didn't wake up until too late. I don't hate Apple but I do hate the way that their products won't "talk" to anything else that isn't Apple. itunes is an awful mess of screens and sidebars and is a complete resource and space hog on a laptop. Any of my android devices will cheerfully communicate with each other and my laptop and even with gaming controllers without the need for anything resembling iTunes.
Anthony Bailey Too late. Google/Android already has a much higher marketshare dominance. The difference is, this is being done across many different Android devices in total. Apple is hedging alone with just one craptacular phone. But in terms of marketshare and how many phones are currently being sold, Google has won quite a while back. Only the media continues to try and paint this fictitious picture that Crapple is still on top.
Anthony Tat and there's also enough competiton without apple. you know that apple makes significantly more profit per phone than any android manufacturer, right? android makers are constantly competing with each other, driving down prices and profits, while apple sit alone in its own segment of the mobile market, making bank off brand loyalty
Gerald Mccrae We need apple in fact If it wasn't for Apple we would all be still be kind BlackBerries and palm phones Google haven't changed anything they're just masters at copy what apple Does. The reason BlackBerry palm and windows phones aren't as successful as Apple is because they haven't learned how to copy or steal apples ideas.
Romeo Cyril rimm could be the DARk horse
Robert Centennial They should. People will always chose available mediocracy. Apple is the Ferrari and android is the mustang of mobile os'. Sure there is a 500hp mustang but its still a plasticky piece of junk.
Jesus E. Garcia Yes it already has!!!! Google and its products are a lot better and less expensive...
Anthony Tat @jim messerfish the hate stems from iphone's over-simplistic UI and its mass following of ignorant sheep. majority of them will desire and brag about a retina display without knowing what it is. the hate towards android is the exact opposite. people hate android because it's "confusing" and the users always find things over which to express superiority.
Daniel Quintero most definately
Tristan Randomstatement Sergent Yeah it's already happened so I'm not understanding the question.
Arslan Tahir Definitely especially in the app-system
Simo Fatih hell no
Jim Messerfish Can you tell me why you hope that? What makes dominance a good thing? Wouldn't you want competition? I get hating a company, but this would do absolutely nothing to grow new products, innovation or new and better technology. If Apple or Google have a formidable opponent, they will continue to thrive. I simply don’t get the completely unmitigated hate for Apple other than the fact that they are successful.
CeeGii Borels no Apple can screw itself up without google or anyone's help
Yasir Sohail As much as I like Google and Android, I still hope Apple comes back with a bang, they need to give iOS a new look, a new design for iPhone from ground up and they can still make it happen. Their Macs, Macbooks, iPads and iPods are still perfectly fine.
Isaiah Marshall I hope so.
Austin Jae Apple's dominance in what? Certainly not mobile OS marketshare. lol
Balázs Kruppa yes of course! :D
Dalton Davis Apple sucks!
Gary Bowling Uhh, they allready have.
Dominic Jessup Reid Was that a rhetorical question? Lol
Jason Ramos Let's hope

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