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Been jonesing for a Nexus 4? You'll soon get another chance to pick up one of Google's new handsets to call your very own, as the search company has announced that the Nexus 4 will be made available for purchase today, November 27, at noon PST. For those on the other side of the country, that means that the phone will go on sale at 3:00 p.m. EST. The 8GB Nexus 4 is priced at $299 and the 16GB model's price tag is set at $349.

The Nexus 4 first went on sale on November 13, but both versions of the device quickly sold out, leaving many interested customers without an opportunity to buy. Considering how quickly the first batch went, anyone thinking about trying to snag a Nexus 4 today may want to practice being quick on the mouse or trackpad while waiting for the devices to actually go on sale. The product pages for both Nexus 4 models are available below.

Thanks, Bryce!

8GB Nexus 4 on Google Play, 16GB Nexus 4 on Google Play

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"They're BACK! Are you going to try to order a Google Nexus 4 this afternoon?"

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Furqan Kadri
Furqan Kadri LG aren't good manufactures but it's the OS that matters which obviously google make
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski simply put, no. lg sucks.
Jared Dore
Jared Dore Happy with mine camera adequate. Speaker adequate but its as fast as snot off a chickens beak.
Odale Watkis
Odale Watkis i feel your pain
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat WTF bullshit. it didnt go on sale till 6min after. then it would never proceed to check out and eventually would empty my cart. re-add to cart, cant proceed to check out, cart gets emptied again. then out of stock in a total of 7min.
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister Nope. Had the Note 2 for almost a month now and I adore it. Once you have 5+ inches of space to play with it's hard to go back.
Michael Herman
Michael Herman Got my Nexus 7, and love it. Guess only issue with N4, is that its only slightly larger than android phone.
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Nope, the back of it cracks too easily
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas if it had lte i would... doesn't work on Verizon :(
Shyam Sundar
Shyam Sundar Lte is the show stopper. I will wait for DROID dna on at&t
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly They can have the LG Nexus 4...especially with tht glass back crqp...didnt they learn with the stinking apple devices???
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly and its already recieved the 4.2 upgrade
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly Im getting a Galaxy Nexus....way more functionality!! and now cheaper too
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Yes and when they come out with an update, 4g will be unlocked, unless you root it and learn how to do so
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross sold out!
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
Albert Ioiart
Albert Ioiart Someone knows when will the nexus 4 go on sale in Europe???
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun Waitin on the Nexus 10
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. you buy one Android you've bought them all
Matthew Hart
Matthew Hart No. Bought a Droid DNA last Friday and now a total HTC convert. Now I'm a believer!
K.j. Littlejohn
K.j. Littlejohn Disagree
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Enough with the Nexus 4 crap already. Google and LG failed with the little storage and non removable battery.
K.j. Littlejohn
K.j. Littlejohn Uh oh time for Aaron's review on it
Furqan Kadri
Furqan Kadri With a S4 chip the phone is a beast, although the phone has a 4g chip built in which seems odd because the phone only on 3g
???S??? S???????
???S??? S??????? and they┬┤ll be gone in 5 minutes again...
Noe Zuniga
Noe Zuniga I already have mine, best phone I have owned no lag what so over ,beautiful hardware ,fits perfect in my hand .Well worth my $400
Dave Yaeck
Dave Yaeck I'm sorry but I'm dissapointed in this one. I'm going with the Note 2
Eric Huxtable
Eric Huxtable How could LG manage to produce a horrible camera and speaker quality like that? Smh very disappointed and had to return mine.
Shahbaz Memon
Shahbaz Memon i'll

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