Samsung Galaxy Camera stops by the FCC with Verizon-friendly LTE

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: November 30, 2012

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera FCC EK-GC120

Samsung's Galaxy Camera is currently only available on one carrier here in the U.S., but an FCC filing has revealed that it may be headed to a second, complete with a bump up to 4G LTE connectivity. Engadget has found a new FCC entry for a Galaxy Camera with the model number EK-GC120, which is higher than the existing Galaxy Camera's EK-GC100 identifier. The documents included with the filing show that the EK-GC120 packs support for Verizon-friendly LTE on band 13, its lone option for cellular connectivity, as well as the usual batch of Wi-Fi support. 

As usual, it's worth noting the appearance of a device's FCC documentation shouldn't be used as an indicator when (and on which operator) that piece of hardware will actually be released. The fact that this Galaxy Camera only supports Verizon's preferred flavor of LTE certainly seems to suggest that we could see a Big Red version of Samsung's connected camera at some point, though, so anyone that likes the idea of snapping some photos and uploading them using Verizon's LTE network may want to start saving their pennies now.

Via Engadget, FCC