Verizon Video service set to close down on December 15

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 3, 2012

Verizon Wireless logo CTIA

Less than a month after it was revealed that Verizon will be shutting down its Verizon Apps store for Android and BlackBerry devices, the big red carrier has revealed that it's getting rid of another one of its services. Verizon has announced that it'll be closing down its Verizon Video service on December 15. The carrier will still offer its Viewdini service for 4G Android and iOS devices, which allows users to search for and browse content from other services like Hulu Plus and Netflix.

The Verizon Video service has kicking around for quite a while, kicking off in 2005 when it was known as VCast Video, but it looks like Big Red has decided to pull the plug before the service gets to celebrate its eighth birthday. While it may have been a nice way to get some video on your LG Chocolate back in the day, though, many smartphone users are now likely to turn straight to the source (like Hulu or Netflix) on their smartphones for video.

Verizon notes that Smart Phone App Pack customers can have that feature removed from their account online or through customer service if they feel don't want the bundle without Verizon Video, and customers interested in watching NFL games can still do so through the NFL Mobile app. The full announcement of the Verizon Video shutdown can be found at the Verizon Wireless link below.

Via AllThingsD, Verizon Wireless