Gmail for iOS updated to version 2.0, gains new look and multiple account support

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 4, 2012

Gmail 2.0 iPhone, iPad

Google launched its native Gmail app for iOS in November of 2011, and a little over a year after the app's debut, it's reached version 2.0 and has been given a visual refresh. Announced over on the Official Gmail Blog, Gmail for iOS 2.0 is now available with a new look and several new features. Included in the update is multiple account support (up to five), a feature that many users have been dying to have, as well as infinite scrolling in message lists, autocomplete predictions for search and the ability to respond to Google Calendar invites and +1/comment on Google+ posts from within the app.

While Gmail can be used with Apple's built-in Mail app on iOS devices, many users like using the dedicated Gmail app because of its support for features like labels and starring. Multiple account support is something that many heavy Gmail users have been asking for since the app's launch, and now that it's here, some folks may feel that they can switch to using Google's app full-time. The Gmail 2.0 app can be found using the App Store link below. Google has said that it's still rolling out and has said that anyone seeing errors when trying to download the app should try again later.

Via Official Gmail Blog, Gmail on the App Store