GoSmart Mobile rumored to be new T-Mobile-supported prepaid brand

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: December 5, 2012

GoSmart Mobile prepaid carrier plans leak

Ready for a bit of a mystery, friends? Some images that've made their way online have revealed GoSmart Mobile, which appears to be some sort of prepaid carrier that's supported by T-Mobile. Our pals at TmoNews have gotten several images showing literature that offers up some details on the service, including plan offerings. According to the documents, GoSmart Mobile will offer a $30 unlimited talk and text plan, an unlimited talk, text and web plan for $35 and an unlimited talk, text and high-speed (3G) web plan for $45.

Details on exactly what GoSmart Mobile is are still in the air, but TmoNews has done some digging and found that Deutsche Telekom is behind the trademark of the name here in the U.S. The carrier's website listed in the document above is currently inactive, and while there is an @GoSmartMobile Twitter account that was registered in April 2012, there are no tweets or anything like that attached to the account.

Judging from the information that's been gathered so far, GoSmart Mobile appears to be a budget-friendly prepaid carrier that operates using T-Mobile's network. With its $30 unlimited talk and text offering and the fact that its high-speed web plan offers data at 3G speeds, GoSmart appears to be trying to position itself as an affordable option, which could help T-Mo grow its total prepaid user base. The good news is that GoSmart Mobile is may be set for a soft launch sometime this week, so it may not be long before more light is shed on this situation. Stay tuned!

Via TmoNews