Currently with around 33 million subscribers, T-Mobile USA is the fourth largest phone company in the nation. Recently we’ve been seeing an influx of news articles relating to T-Mobile and their future changes, including plans to start selling Apple products in 2013 and making a switch to be 100% Value Plan in 2013 as well. Overall, it sounds like next year will (hopefully) be a great year for T-Mobile.

I’ve always seen potential in the company, and despite it only being the fourth largest in the U.S. they must have been doing something right if they can keep that many subscribers without selling the iPhone up to this point. There have been talks of T-Mobile being bought out by other companies, like AT&T and Sprint, but personally I like the way things are now. Four major carriers to choose from gives people options, and from what I can see, people like options. T-Mobile has always had decent priced plans and has always seemed very flexible when it comes to up-front payments, and it looks as though they are expanding on that concept plus broadening their horizons by finally adding the iPhone.

I’m not sure if this will catch them up to the third largest company in the U.S. (Sprint, with around 52 million subscribers) but it would definitely get them closer than where they would be otherwise. I’m not sure if T-Mobile is doing this in an attempt to surpass any other phone company, or just to stay afloat. Deutche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, is currently the third largest company internationally, so they’re doing something right somewhere. I don’t see them going down without a fight.

T-Mobile’s move to being strictly Value Plans is said to include Equipment Installment Plans, upgrade flexibility, and even the option for customers to bring their own devices. All three sound like good plans, but I think the last two are what’s going to draw in the most new customers. People like having more options than just what the company offers, so if they’re allowed to bring their own device (assuming this means any device that uses GSM technology – which will exclude phones tailored for CDMA companies like Sprint and Verizon) that gives them more choices. Prepaid plans like Straight Talk and Simple Mobile have already implemented these programs to see a pretty decent success. Upgrade flexibility, just judging by the phrase, will hopefully mean you won’t necessarily have to wait 22 months for an upgrade. I’m sure the flexibility all depends on what plan you have or what features you add, but regardless, the option will supposedly be there.

It’s always interesting when a company makes big changes like this. I always hope that it’s for the better, but just because it looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually work the way we want it them to. With only minor details available to us about these new changes coming to T-Mobile USA, we can only speculate exactly what these changes mean, and on what terms and conditions they will be applied to. I can say that - from what I can tell - these changes can only help move T-Mobile forward. Making the decision to sell Apple products alone will give them a whole new set of prospective customers. Coupling that with the fact that they’re going to attempt to give customers the best bang for their buck, I could see this going very well. Or it might all blow up in my face and I could be completely wrong. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

So readers, what do you think this means for T-Mobile? Do you see this going well for the European based company, or do you think there’s a catch behind all of this? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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Ross TheBoss Rosetsky
Ross TheBoss Rosetsky its good cause your bill is cheaper but phone is still a bit to high in price...
Josh Avondoglio
Josh Avondoglio Great move...As long as it's marketed correctly, the employees are able to make it understandable to customers, and T-Mobile's network improves.
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Wow. I have signal everywhere I go. You're generalizing, Dimitri.
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis
Dimitri Charmy Mikhael Margaronis Over all Tmobile sucks both ways. No matter what plan you get, still they have bad signal no matter where you go. I was a customer of Tmobile for 6 years and just had it with the garbage. Customer service is worse. Just switched to Verizon and they have rock solid signal everywhere you go . You get what you pay for . I know it's premium service more expensive , but I will take less advils. Cheers
Lawrence Lepes
Lawrence Lepes T Mobile may have the flexibility, but it doesn't have a 4G LTE Network. That is one thing that most cell phone customers look for.
Lakeshia Malone-Turner
Lakeshia Malone-Turner migration fees???
Eaton Haughton
Eaton Haughton Wow that good thing
Aaron Tillery
Aaron Tillery It's an ok deal not as great as it seems though you figure your monthly service is 65 about after taxes plus 20 for phone that's 85 about ten dollars less then Verizon's or atts lower data plans
Jeremiah Gmiah Millan
Jeremiah Gmiah Millan I agree man.
Glenn Rubio Urrea
Glenn Rubio Urrea I can't imagine anyone picking the classic plans over their value plans. I was with Sprint for ten years and just switched to T-Mobile using their value plan with my Nexus 4. I'm very happy with my decision. I get unlimited 4G and I have a true Nexus phone. The download speed went from less than 1mbps to 8-10mbps. The difference is night and day. I also took advantage of their $20 for twenty months deal for my wife's GS3. I think T-Mobile has got it right. Its a win win. The money you save on a 24 month contract will put a smile on your face.
Brandon Kilpatrick
Brandon Kilpatrick I think it's a great idea!
Enrique BigPapi Martinez
Enrique BigPapi Martinez Tmobile already had the most iPhone customers to begin with. I they are only proving who apple should have gone with in the first place, 1 of the best smartphones, with the cheapest plans. How can you beat that? I plus they had to do something to get the customers that left for the iPhone 5.
Bobby Delaney
Bobby Delaney Would rather have the pay your phone outright model. Then people will be better consumers and understand how much things really cost. Also, i have a feeling that bad cheap and phones will go away. At retail, those that are not considered flagship are only $75-$100 less in retail. Makes more sense to get a better user experience if you know you won't buy another phone for 3-4 years because that initial payment will keep you away for a while. Plus the cases market for phones should go through the roof since no one wants to break their phone with the high replacement cost.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Been with TMobile UK for six years prices have shot they roof and signals gotten worse since EE took over going elsewhere once contract ends
Ali Raja
Ali Raja I think what Tmo is doing is great and if they keep their data/voice plan low. I have no doubt that others will join T-Mobile and ditch other highly priced carriers. I have been with Tmo for 6yrs and I am not going anywhere.
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa So far I am liking what I am hearing. Let see how it turns out when it comeas. Which they are something similar now. Put some money down and $20.00 for twenty months.
Bill Gillespie
Bill Gillespie They need to be kicked in the face
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Ahhh.....cell phone company wars.
Tim Moore
Tim Moore Not sure yet. Not a huge fan but I'll read up on it more.
Robert Kerry Vick
Robert Kerry Vick Well, you can already get the value plan with the payment installments. They are just moving 100% to that model. I think it is a great strategy. T mobile is really stepping up their game and that can only be a good thing.
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr agreed. Pay 100 down and 15-20 a month will help out. But when do they start? Becasue right now the employees are clueless
Justin Dabney
Justin Dabney Hopefully this will be competitive with what Verizon, AT&T and to some extent Sprint are offering. I don't think it's enough to pull me away from Sprint, but with competition at some level the consumer wins. Verizon and AT&T need to be humbled a little bit and rethink their pricing and offerings. Unlimited data is not overrated and shouldn't be pricey.

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