Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade shown off on video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: December 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Marble White

Earlier this week, the international Samsung Galaxy S III began receiving an Android update that brought with it Multi-Window, a feature first found on the Galaxy Note II that allows users to run two apps on-screen at the same time. Samsung has now revealed that that feature is part of the Galaxy S III's Premium Suite upgrade, which includes several other goodies that S III owners can look forward to. For example, Page Buddy will allow the handset to predict what the user would like to do after performing a certain action, like opening up the music player after headphones are plugged in.

Another feature that Samsung is touting as part of the Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy S III is Contextual Menu. This allows a user to have his or her apps list display the most frequently used ones first. Also included in the S III's Premium Suite is the aforementioned Multi-Window feature, a Reader Mode that lets users resize browser text and click a web page to share it, and a Facebook Lock Ticker that will display a Facebook News Feed on the S III's lock screen.

While different users will get excited about different parts of the Galaxy S III's Premium Suite, it looks to be a pretty feature-packed update for S III owners, and it ought to help users looking longingly at a Note II for its Multi-Window feature a bit happier with their S III. There's no word yet on when those of us in the U.S. might see the Premium Suite hit carrier-branded S III's, as Samsung notes that availability of the update will vary by country and carrier. We'll give you a shout once we hear anything from the operators. Until then, a video demoing the S III Premium Suite upgrade is available below.

Via Samsung Tomorrow

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