I'm excited for BlackBerry 10 all over again

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| December 8, 2012

Back in September, I wrote a piece about how a music video was starting to make me lose hope in Research In Motion’s future. I wrote it because, simply put, I thought the music video was just ridiculous. It’s a video for developers, where we get to watch a fake band, comprised of RIM executives, sing their hearts about how BlackBerry 10 is all about them, and why it’ll be so great to make applications for RIM’s newest mobile platform. I didn’t like the music video because I’m thinking that those executives could probably be using their time more wisely.

Or maybe I was just jealous I can’t be in a music video.

Either way, my opinion on that particular music video hasn’t changed. It’s still ridiculous, and I’d like to assume that they’ve got better things to do. However, I can understand that they were just trying to have some fun. Maybe let off a little steam. While I’m sure there aren’t any bunkers inside Waterloo, I can imagine how long shifts and (seemingly) endless planning could make an office feel like one. So, letting off some steam and having some fun isn’t all that terrible.

As long as the final product is worth it, I mean. As it stands right now, we’re just being given brief snippets, tastes and teases of what BlackBerry 10 will be like when it lands on store shelves early next year. And, if we’re being frank, then every new “tease” is just a bit more of what we’ve already seen. RIM obviously has plenty still waiting behind the scenes for their BlackBerry event in January, and I’ve still got my fingers crossed that what they do show will be enough to wow everyone.

RIM absolutely needs a “wow” product, and they have to bank everything on BlackBerry 10 being that product.

So when, earlier today, RIM launched their BlackBerry 10 landing page, I was quick to click my way to it and see what they were ready to show. I should have kept my enthusiasm in check, though, as the only thing they’re showing off –at the time of this writing—is the BlackBerry Hub, and the new swipe gestures that the platform will have baked right in. Sure, the features are great, and BlackBerry Hub really is a natural progression and evolution from the Universal Inbox that BlackBerry made so famous in previous iterations. But, I was hoping to see more. Like I said, I should have kept my expectations in check.

I made myself click on the play button for their BlackBerry Hub feature, and I prepared myself to see what I’ve already seen. Sure enough, that’s exactly what I got. The Hub, in all its glory, accessed with just a swipe, giving you access to all the social, messaging, and calendar-specific things you might need to know at any given moment. It really is a sleek way to handle notifications and events. And, despite the fact I had already seen this in action earlier this year, I found myself glued to the screen. In this short demo, everything just seemed to look cleaner, smoother. More refined.

It was probably just a trick of the camera or something, but it had the desired effect. Despite having lost a lot of interest in the platform thanks to a music video, I’m right back where I was before that video started making the rounds on the Internet. That’s right, I’m very curious about what Research In Motion is developing up there in the Great North, and I can honestly not wait to see what the BlackBerry event has next month. With the way that gestures are being incorporated into the devices, and the fact that I love gestures, it should be no surprise that I’d be getting excited about a mobile platform that wants me to interact with the device I’m holding in new, and bold ways.

BlackBerry 10 has to be huge for RIM, and they know it. It isn’t a secret that a lot of people out there expect the Waterloo-based company to fall on their face when it comes time to launch BB10, and even more assume that it just won’t be able to compete with the likes of Android, iOS, or even Windows Phone. But I think RIM is in the race, and they are doing everything they can to refresh BlackBerry OS into the current-gen race.

Will it matter? We’ll just have to wait and see. But, as it stands right now, I’m back to being excited for BlackBerry 10, and I can honestly say that, unless another –worse—music video pops up, that excitement isn’t going to go anywhere until I finally get my hands on the new BlackBerry 10-based devices next year. So tell me, Dear Reader, where you stand on RIM’s new operating system. Has it caught your attention? Are you eagerly anticipating what RIM has in store for us? Or are you set in your ways, and a new OS isn’t something you’re interested in? Let me know!