For those of you using iOS: How important are Google Apps to you?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| Published: December 13, 2012


With Google Maps returning to the App Store on iOS, many plan on making the switch to iOS 6 from iOS 5. The Google Maps app disappeared from the App Store after the release of iOS 6 due to Apple attempting to branch out on its own and creating their own Maps – and receiving negative backlash for doing so. There have been several news articles on the buggy Apple Maps system, including Australia (yes, the entire country) warning tourists to turn off iOS Maps while visiting the country out of fear of it leading them into the wilderness. It’s been a crazy ride for Apple Maps but the return of Google Maps seems to have given many iOS users a reason to rejoice and update.

It’s almost like we were all stuck in a dark and lonely place and suddenly Google reached its mighty hand down and pulled us out of it. Hurry Google, Apple is stuck in the well! After seeing these positive reactions for the return of Google Maps I realized that a lot of my important apps that I use on a daily basis are from Google. If I look at my day-to-day app usage I know that I use Gmail for my e-mail, Chrome for my browser, Maps for my navigation, and YouTube for my source of cute cat videos. With so much Google integration, some might wonder why I even have an iPhone in the first place.

I’ve explained many times why I like and dislike my iPhone 4S, so I will do you all a favor and spare you the repetition for just this one post. However, with some of the hatred I see that goes between Android and iOS users, I wonder if the people using and defending iOS as if their life depended on it use Google Apps as much as I do. I realize they are both completely different platforms, but do you think Apple would be just as well off if they didn’t have Google App support in their App Market?

I guess the real question here is: where is Apple going since their first official move of “breaking up” with Google fell apart?

It might just be the Maps application for now, but will Apple start to eat their words when it comes to targeting Android in their infamous lawsuits? It seems that Apple needs some help from their friends at Google, even if only for a couple of things right now. I remember a time where it seemed like Android and BlackBerry were borrowing innovative ideas from Apple, and now that Apple has slowed down their revolutionary ideas, Google is in the hot seat when it comes to hand-outs... unless, of course, you’re Microsoft.

Regarding that statement, there are recent reports that Google doesn’t plan on building apps for Windows  8 or Windows Phone because the company is “very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8.” It seems harsh, but not untrue.  Perhaps the users aren’t using Windows Phone or Windows 8 because there is no Google app support? Google seems to be influencing where a lot of the users go. Would Apple even have the same following if we didn’t have Google App support?

That takes me back to my main question, my fellow iOS users: do you use Google apps on your Apple products? What do you think of the basic stock apps that come with your Apple device? Would you rather just use a different third party app for your basic smartphone elements? I’m interested to find out what apps you guys use for your day-to-day usage, so let me know in the comments!

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