Up until today, I have positively refused to turn my phone off unless, of course, it shut off on its own due to excessive usage. Even then I had time to mentally prepare myself for the fact that I would have no phone. But today, for some strange reason, I just didn’t feel like having my phone on. Maybe it’s because it’s cloudy, or because I’m feeling angst-y, or because my friends can’t seem to stop fighting over political standpoints on Facebook – a site I frequent often. I just don’t want to deal with it today.

It’s a strange feeling, but also relaxing. I’m near a house phone so if anything should happen that I need to know about somebody can call home. I feel less distracted because I’m not tempted to pick my phone up and start browsing websites (a problem I tend to have while attempting to multitask). There is a sense of clear-headedness about not having to worry about everybody’s every waking move all the time.

I guess I was wrong about having my phone turned off after all. This whole time I thought I would freak out, and on any other day I think that I would. But since today is probably one of the least busy days I will probably have for the rest of the year, I’ve decided to take it easy and just shut everything down. I plan on reading a book – a real book. With pages and “that book smell” and everything; I’m not even going to use my Kindle.

It’s funny to me, because when people would use the same words that I’m using now to describe what it’s like to not have a working cell phone (whether they broke their phone, lost it, etc.) I never believed them. I don’t know why I didn’t; probably because I felt I could never feel that way when my phone was turned off. I couldn’t relate. But now I can see that it really does feel like another world. I mean, I feel like I could do anything! You know, as long as it doesn’t require using my phone. So I guess it’s more like “I feel like I can do a lot of things!”

Of course, there are things I can’t ignore with my phone turned off. Things I would normally do from my phone, like checking e-mail (work, specifically) is still important and can’t be avoided. For that, I have to go old school and listen for my computer to ding with the notifications. Or just come back to my computer and check every once in a while if I happen to be away from it.

In a way, I feel like a hunter-gatherer, working with raw resources to survive the day without the use of most technology. Some technology. Okay, I’m still using a lot of technology, but my main source of entertainment has been shut down, so that should account for something right? Maybe not. But I do feel somewhat empowered by being able to actually bring myself to do this. It feels good, man.

Like I said, I’m not exactly sure why I decided to do this, but today just seemed like a good day for such an experiment. Have you ever felt like just shutting down your phone for the day? If so, did you feel better after doing so, or did you end up turning your phone back on sooner rather than later? Let me know how you handled it in the comments!

P.S. Should I relapse; dishonor. Dishonor on my whole family!


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Eugene Yap
Eugene Yap Just now
Patrick Matteson
Patrick Matteson Usually on the weekends unless leave the house..
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey I restart every night. Just part of a routine.
Tyler Saddington
Tyler Saddington Every night before I put it on charge I restart it... I am paranoid that not restarting it will reck my SGS3 :P (even though I know it's not true!)
Justin Lindland
Justin Lindland I only restart maybe once a month and never completely turn off my phone.
Jared Augerot
Jared Augerot like yesterday, so I can send and receive text messages...... Never get the Pantech Crux.... ever.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz you can change the battery without turn it off. just plug it and chnge quickly. s³
Ola Folarin
Ola Folarin do that every evening before I go to bed.
Julian Scott
Julian Scott A minute ago cause it died
Anonymous 2 Days ago
Travis Robinson
Travis Robinson I turning off on the weekends when I'm not on call. Mon thru Thursday it's running full speed. Gs3&iphone5
Stuart James Baucum
Stuart James Baucum i turn mine off every night before bed
Jesse Huertas
Jesse Huertas Well, not sure if it counts, but I powercycle every midnight
Brian J. Moore
Brian J. Moore I restart my phone daily.
Matthew Mascarenas
Matthew Mascarenas Last night to calibrate the battery..... Droid razr
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling Last night when I was banging yo momma.
John Oliva
John Oliva Never
Larry Ivie
Larry Ivie If I turn my phone off my heart will stop beating. Duh!
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Whenever i flash a new rom.
Oliver Antonio Fajardo
Oliver Antonio Fajardo 2 months hmm more or less but who counts X )
Steven Basso
Steven Basso When I dropped my note and the battery fell out which was yesterday
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero When I went to jury duty
Marvin Oubre
Marvin Oubre I turn my phone off 2-3 times everyday, when I switch batteries.
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway I don't turn mine off too often because it takes so long to reboot when I turn it back on.
Eric Mitchell
Eric Mitchell Been a few years. Lol.
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Atrix 2
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Once a week, just because.
NavRaj Bhatt
NavRaj Bhatt Yesterday when my phine died
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail I restart my phone every 2 to 3 days.
Kerri Kershaw
Kerri Kershaw I have a WP8, so it's stable AND the battery lasts...hasn't been turned off since I got it!
Kerri Kershaw
Kerri Kershaw Off? It has an off switch?
Kerri Kershaw
Kerri Kershaw Rock solid and booooring. I don't find iPad too stable lol.
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson 7H 34min 40sek
Han Lee
Han Lee Everyday to change battery
Olivér Dunár
Olivér Dunár never? :O
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores That's with an iPhone rock solid quality there baby!
Mario Sauceda
Mario Sauceda Very very very very seldom .. SG3
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores Been like 4 months i think
Nasko Petrunov
Nasko Petrunov i was with my last phone - Samsung I8910 Omnia HD, and it was when i was putting back everything in the box so i turned the phone off :D and i sold it and got a SGS III
Fabian Fabu Floran
Fabian Fabu Floran I turn my cell off every night around 10pm.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Yesterday when it froze
Rose Voluntaryist
Rose Voluntaryist I have a nexus, so every 5 minutes when it dies

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