Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II available for $99.99 for new customers on Amazon

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| December 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Titanium Gray

Earlier today we learned that Amazon is offering Sprint's flavor of the Galaxy S III for just $0.01 for new customers, and now it's been revealed that Amazon's got another significant Galaxy sale up its sleeve. The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is being offered for $99.99 with a two-year contract, which is $200 less than the $299.99 price tag that the device features on Sprint's website. Both the Marble White and Titanium Gray models are priced at $99.99, but the bad news is that they're both backordered, with shipments expected to go out in one to two weeks. That $99.99 price is also only for new customers, though existing Sprint subscribers can still get a discounted device, as upgrade-eligible users can snag a Note II for $199.99.

Sprint's Galaxy Note II is still a fairly new device, having just hit the market at the end of October. Considering that Sprint is currently asking $300 for the Note II, Amazon's sale prices are pretty good for anyone that's been eyeing Samsung's new phone/tablet hybrid.

There are also some good deals to be found for Sprint customers looking for something a tad smaller than the Note II and its 5.5-inch display, though, including the LG Optimus G for $49.99 for new customers and $149.99 for existing subscribers (compared to $199.99 at Sprint). Both the black and white versions of the recently Jelly Beaned HTC EVO 4G LTE are also on sale. New customers need only pony up $0.01 for the EVO 4G LTE while existing subs can pick one up for $79.99. So, how many of you Sprint folk are reaching for your credit card to take advantage of one of these sales?

Via Unwired View, AmazonWireless: White Galaxy Note II, gray Galaxy Note II, Optimus G, black EVO 4G LTE, white EVO 4G LTE