Featured user review Google Nexus 4 12-20-12

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| December 20, 2012

After only being on the Official Smartphone Rankings for a few weeks, the Google Nexus 4 remains #4 and ends up featured on a Thursday again.  PhoneDog fan Orlando Grijalva is a supporter of Nexus devices and after using "every nexus with the exception of the nexus one" the review below describes his feelings for the Nexus 4. 

"The best Nexus and the best Android experience available."  By ORLANDO ROGER GRIJALVA on November29, 2012

I am a phone junkie, I've had every nexus with the exception of the nexus one. I came to the android world since the G1 days. I've also had the galaxy s4g, the evo 4g, the galaxy s2, iphone 4s, and my latest before the nexus 4, the Galaxy s3 through T-mobile. 

My first impression on the screen was that the colors did not display as good as the galaxy s3 super amoled screen. However, the text is extremely crisp, it reminds me of the retina display. If I don't have my gs3 around me, the colors and screen on the Nexus look amazing. Its when you start comparing that you see the contrast advantage on the gs3.

When making phone calls the people on the other side sound crisp and clear and I have not receive any negative feed back on how I sound on the other end. The loud speaker is good, yet not as loud as the Galaxy s3.

The battery life is good, BUT not great. I can barely make it through the day with my usage. It reminds me of my galaxy nexus battery, just a little better. It makes me miss the galaxy s3 battery life (s3 has to be my #1 phone with the best battery life)

The design on the Nexus 4 is amazing. It looks amazing and it feels amazing. It is the only way I can describe it. The camera (basing it of my gs3) is good, not excellent. I spent several hours playing with both cameras, and found that my gs3 took better pictures in low light *WHEN THE FLASH WAS ON* However, without the flash on, my nexus took better pictures with less noise on the images. During the day the Nexus took amazing pictures that will make the average consumer happy.

Finally, what makes me happy about the phone. it is the MOST FLUID android experience I have had. this is where it shines. My gs3 with jelly bean all the sudden seemed to stutter when browsing the browser or any other application. For example, the app Pulse is extra buttery on my nexus while on the s3 skips frames and doesn't give you the fluidity the nexus does. Moreover, the glass/screen on the nexus has a smooth feeling, your finger glides through the screen and does not attract that many finger prints. It is weird in a good way, It's something that has to be experience.

Fluidity combined with a good camera, amazingly crisp screen, stock android, and build quality that is great, is everything that I've been looking for in an Android phone, and the Nexus 4 accomplishes to distribute all those features evenly across the board.

Display 4/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 4/5

Overall 4.4

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